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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

2CWís ď11th HourĒ-11/11/11
First Class vs. Steve McKenzie/Loca Vida vs. Dewie and the Beast(ELIMINATION TAG):**1/4
-Match didnít start as well with Dewie and the Beast in there but once they got eliminated the match had a chance to flow
-Accomplished the goal as a 2CW opener with some big dives from the top rope onto the outside and got the fans on their feet
-Loca Vida and Kevin Graham probably stood out the most in this match

ZS3 vs. Sean Carr vs. Muscle Marcos(FIRST ROUND MATCH OF THE 2CW GRAND PRIX):**
-ZS3 is a 2CW original yet a heel technically hear so he gets a little bit of a mixed reaction, Sean Carr is a young local wrestler that the fans really get behind, and Muscle Marcos is indeed Marcos from the Ring Crew Express
-Traditional 3-way really which comes with all the flaws and strengths of it. Get the heel double team and then the face removes one and is able to go on a flurry, heels eventually turn on each other
-Basic stuff but not terrible. Everyone got some stuff in so thatís always a good thing
-The finish wasnít great by any means but with the way it was handled was at least buyable with ZS3 hitting a Claw Slam on Marcos, going straight to taunting/pandering to the fans and Sean Carr quickly gets in there and gets the pinfall. Simple yet down quick enough where you donít end up going ďWHY THE HELL WOULD HE LOOK THE OTHER WAY SO LONGĒ

Tommassa Ciampa vs. Cheech(FIRST ROUND MATCH OF THE 2CW GRAND PRIX):***
-This is the match that Ciampa would begin to show the 2CW fans what heís got. Sadly as soon as he is about to become one of 2CW's main guys he gets injured. Can't wait to see him when he comes back
-Cheech is the most underrated heel on the American independents HANDS DOWN!
-This match was clipped a little but I donít really remember how much but it didnít affect the match
-I liked how Cheech had Ciampa in the abdominal stretch a few times but the one time Ciampa is able to fight it off is when the finish comes

Nigel McGuiness vs. Eddie Edwards:****
-So youíve probably seen this match before. Not because you invested money to see it but because it was free and Nigel. Most people Iíve seen rate this match between ***-**** with most in the middle there. I am at the high end
-This match is impossible for me to take bias out of since I was there and it was a pretty special match as a fan of Nigelís. Itís not every day you get to see one of your favorite wrestlerís last matches live. You certainly donít usually get that at a smaller show like this. Knowing this match was the first match on his retirement tour was amazing to see and I actually got comped seats to this show to see it which I will forever be thankful for
-This match was sort of segmented with their being points where it almost feels like two different matches. Nonetheless it felt alright
-Nigel was able to deliver a fantastic performance without his signature lariat
-The ending was a little sudden and usually I donít like that but it didnít take away from what I had just saw

Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Mike Bennett(FIRST ROUND MATCH OF THE 2CW GRAND PRIX):**3/4
-Pretty sure after watching this match that Mike Bennett could fit in most companies outside of Ring of Honor
-Bennett played a face here and he was pretty darn good at it
-Pretty decent stuff from these two
Jason Axe vs. Jay Freddie(FIRST ROUND MATCH OF THE 2CW GRAND PRIX) :***1/2
-Well I donít remember this match being this good but it sure was
-Long and storied rivalry between these two in 2CW. They have been in absolute wars and Axe even hung Freddie at a show
-The crowd is behind this match in a big way since 1)the big rivalry between these two and 2)Freddie is in front of his hometown
-These are probably two of 2CWís most prominent local talents with Axe being a former 2CW champion as well as a main heel and Freddie being the current 2CW champion and a main face
-With Freddie you see a little bit more of the indyness because, even though he was trained by ZS3, he has had good number of matches against Eddie Edwards so at least his crispness has improved
-This was a pretty darn good back and forth match and with the crowd it elevated it a little more

Paul London/Brian Kendrick vs. The Olsens(2CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH):***
-This shall be remembered as the good London/Kendrick match in 2CW
-The Olsens are the tag team champions coming into this match
-Lots of fun. London and Kendrick did their thing and The Olsens did theirs
-There was a pretty impressive wave of moves at one point in the match which included a standing SSP, an overbomb and a running kick to the face and it was awesome and gave the match a little bit extra oomph
-Despite that fun sprint the Olsens botched a few things in the end which took a little steam out of this match
-Not a bad way to end the show

OVERALL:First I would like to say that these 2CW DVDs look a lot better since the last time I bought one. This show does not have commentary but in latter DVDs they would bring back commentary, I believe at Big Event II. The best match on this show is available for free so I donít think Iíll see anyone rushing out to get this show but outside of that there arenít any truly bad matches. It was interesting to watch this show after remember seeing it in person and I donít remember a few of these matches being as good as they were. Axe vs. Freddie delivered. Cheech vs. Ciampa was enjoyable since itís a whole lot of fun to see a guy who is heeling it up to no end get his chest chopped to pieces. The main event did not disappoint which is nice since there was about a 50% chance that London/Kendrick would decide to get drunk and/or high before this match. The bad of this show is about every single ending in this match. None of them were clean in the sense that either the heel cheated or the face got a rollup. That gets annoying after a while. If I remember correctly 2CW had a bad tendency to do these sorts of finishes at this time. Good show by 2CW here overall though and a solid first round to the Grand Prix.
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