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Re: The best heel in last four years of WWE Television? (2009 - 2012)

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Lol, you're more concerned about it offending a few religious people more than anything else. And if it wasn't for HBK, his skinny fat ass would have been dropped way back in 2006, plus it's just a myth you have created for yourself. If HBK was willing to go along with the "God" storyline in the feud with Vince, I doubt he would have a problem with some douchebag going around, running his mouth about how he's your "savior" and is better than you.

As for me enjoying it... I did enjoy the way he jobbed to Rey Mysterio and the Big Show, I give it that. Otherwise, his one-dimensional boring promos made me go to sleep. (no pun intended)
Yes actually I am concerned about it offending religious people more than anything else as I do enjoy watching religious people get butthurt over somebody mocking their funny religions,Its like pissing off a homophobe by forcing them to watch two men kissing its extremely delightful to see the butthurt and disgust in their eyes.

But enough of what I think as in this case it doesn't matter,The majority of the WWE are if I'm not mistaken Americans and most Americans are christian if I'm not mistaken.The majority of the WORLD are religious and most of them are christian.The idea of getting somebody mock Christianity would instantly get heat and the SES did get plenty of heat,So much heat that Punk actually got slapped by a woman who shouted "You're not Jesus!".Almost everybody despised him in the SES and thats what all heels should have as gimmicks,Like Vickie for example.

Oh so you did enjoy watching him lose? Then he was doing his job perfectly as a heel,Typical Punk doing his job fantastically eh? Yeah thats why we love'em!
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