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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Wake me up when November ends :'()

Originally Posted by The Arseache Kid View Post
I'm not putting no blame on Dalglish. Downing, Henderson and Adam are still shit. However, I don't think, if he had his choice, he would have paid the same money for them. He didn't control what we paid. He didn't control who we scouted either. He told Comolli what type of player he wanted and Comolli brought him back a list.

I don't give a fuck who we played in the competition, we still won it, I still got to go to Wembley for the first time. We were in three competitions last season, won one, came 2nd in the other and did poorly in the league (in part because we ended up focussing on the cups). But trophies don't matter anymore apparently because now we must all bow down to the God of Fourth Place and all his monetary promises.

For the Cup runs alone, Dalglish deserved another summer without Comolli.
We'll never know the extent to which individuals were to blame for that ungodly slew of transfer hopelessness. Until books are released in time for the christmas season. Kenny has said that they were his transfers, but, meh. It's done. Leave the memories alone.

Agreed about the cup runs, they were excellent. Caveats about reserve teams are irrelevant. I'd take the chance to go to Wembley twice in a season over CL qualification every time. A shame for Kenny that he was so far adrift from FSG's main objective of 4th place.

Having said that, our league form was disgraceful. Liverpool F.C sacking KING KENNY is testament to just how awful we were for the most part. Kenny does take all of the blame for the style of play (or lack of) and substitutions (or lack of). The handling of the Suarez affair was also mind-bogglingly inept, from just about everybody, but again, it's done.

Looking back, over my shoulder, if Kenny was confident in turning things around and the pressures of management weren't impacting his health, I'd have given him longer. Maybe that's why I'm feasting on a bowl of stale cornflakes and why I'm not a multi-millionaire.

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
It's not 2006 anymore sunshine. Look at his last year at Liverpool and then his embarrassing reign at Inter. I know you're a Liverpool fan, therefore you love to live in the past (oh yes, I went there), but you're only as good as your last game. Fuck knows when Rafa's last game was, but it obviously wasn't good cause he got the sack.

Hopefully he's out before Xmas. C'mon Roman. Do what you do best. Beat your record Roman. Sack him just before the game tmomorrow!

That aint dirty. Just comes in the package of him being SHITE.

Plastic Man! ASSEMBLE!

After City win, ROYAL RAFA will have one foot out of the door, so bless your cotton socks. It'll all be over soon. Or will it? FOUR MORE YEARS.

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