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Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Discussion

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
F1BOB you are acting like COD is anything but a complete run and gun.

Obviously there's no tactics. I'd also like to mention public matches on console for BF aren't very tactical either.
That's a straight out lie. Everybody I've been with stick together or split into groups plus the addition to spawn your teammates and vica versa is brilliant. These kids on BLOPS 2 just either find a corner and stay there or just play like headless twats and ignore the objectives. Take Headquarters for example, they will just fuck of and have a mini-match with some randoms than go to the designated place where you fucking need to be.

I can now see why Nuketown 2025 was such a popular map just for the sake of having some good gameplay with the other peeps. No hiding, just 100% chaos.

Originally Posted by Tenacious.C. View Post
Wasn't every game like this?

I'm happy to run and gun, but I've got a big love for sniping (bit disappointed with the lack of good spots on the previous couple of games) where as COD4 had a ton.

In terms of proper sniper spots, grab a couple of bouncing betty's to cover your ass and the bus on Aftermath is pretty sweet. Got my first Warthog on that one (19-0 k/d)

If you're patient and don't go looking for trouble on turbine and it's pretty easy to rack up kills, more so if they start looking for you down the bottom end of the map.
LOL ain't played COD since MW2. Sniping is good, I'll give you that. In fact, I've got no problems with most of the weapons, just the horse shit lag atm. Turbine is probably one of the few maps I like as well. Need to get rid of Carrier though, worse map by FAR.

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