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Re: Would one World Title really be better for WWE?

Originally Posted by wrestling immortal View Post
lets start with the negatives, i really dont believe they can switch to one world title, mainly because of how large the roster is, it is a lot larger then tna, so i dont think they can go back to one title.
main roster I don't think is bigger than what it was during the attitude era so it could definitely could still work. Size of the roster doesn't matter too much when it comes to championships.

Originally Posted by wrestling immortal View Post
the guys deserving pushes such as sheamus, daniel bryan, wade barret etc would barely ever get a push to the world title if you ask me, john cena as the face of the company he would probably get the world title at least once a year. and these guys as said before sheamus, daniel bryan,christian, etc would probably not get too many opportunities to win the world title. I honestly dont think guys like sheamus,miz and christian would be a world champion yet if there was only one title.
You can be pushed and have a credible position on the card without the title. You can have main event feuds also that do not include the title. Its just a matter of creative and booking. Sure it does have an effect certain guys not being able to become world champion but then the cream of the crop should be the only ones holding the world title to begin with. If you ask me, I don't see Sheamus or Miz as world champion material at all.

They could make it work, they would just have to change their booking philosophy and not just be geared to pushing people by putting them in the title picture. They did it in the past, no reason why they can't do it now.

Originally Posted by wrestling immortal View Post
i think they would have to cut one of the brands off, if they did this most likely smackdown, because you cant have two brands, with one brand having no world title, and having nothing to show that somebody is on the top if they arent holding a world title.
The brand split pretty much died this year, they still officially have it but it really doesn't factor anymore so this shouldn't really be a problem.

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