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Re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by enlightenedone9 View Post
Toshiaki Kawada vs. Shinya Hashimoto (02/22/2004):****1/2

This will be the point in my life where I say I have not watched a ton of Hashimoto. Thatís actually not true. I have watched MAYBE one match of his against Tenryu in a best of the 90s comp. I wasnít too high on it considering all the great things I have heard about Hashimoto. This match made me want to hunt down this manís best. He was a god damn treat in this match. Iím pretty sure if he wanted to he could have forced Kawada to drop dead right from the start with his death stare. That being said with the talent in this match it shouldnít be all too surprising this is awesome. This match doesnít rely on big bumps and near falls to be awesome. Hashimoto attacks Kawadaís leg and its real nice. Kawada sells it for a bit afterwards. Kawada attacks Hashimotoís injured arm which is logical and well done here. My favorite of the match is essentially my favorite part of every Kawada match Iíve seen, JUMPING HEAD KICKS!!! I donít know why I get such a pleasure from watching Kawada doing them. Hashimoto has big part of it this time though. The way he dangles there on the brink of falling had me on the edge of my sweet wondering if this kick would be the one. The towel finish was well done as well.
Honestly think this is my match of the last decade.

Kawada still remains my favourite wrestler ever (bar Austin maybe, but that's for completely different reasons, obvs), even after seeing loads of Hashimoto and Tenryu this year. Honestly thinking I prefer Tenryu to Hash at this point, but both guys fucking rule. Definitely nothing wrong with anyone preferring one over the other.
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