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Re: Biggest mistakes in the Attitude Era?

Originally Posted by ShowHBKStopper View Post
Rock should have won the 2000 Rumble in a cleaner way then won WM 16 clean, but of course politics runs WWE as usual.

It wouldve also made far more since to have SC win the title at No Way Out 2001 or maybe even Royal Rumble 01 then have him face Rock and have the finish be the same as WM 17.

Then at Rocks first PPV back at Summerslam have him beat SC and hold the title til Vengeance bc it was retarded to have your top heel hold the title forever. Not to mention he was supposedly WCW yet had the WWF title while Rock was WWF and had the WCW title, yet again politics running WCW over common sense situations
Um, Austin was injured back then (Unless I didn't understand you right).

Besides... I gotta say that I understand why Rock didn't won the title. Not politics. They wanted a high buyrate for Backlash and they wanted to do a finish with Austin. It worked, by the way. Worked really well.
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