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Re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Hashimoto is definitely a better striker, but Hashimoto is maybe the best striker in wrestling history. Also a master of violence and capturing a sense of utter contempt for opponents. Tenryu and Hash are both masters at that, but in different ways. Tenryu will walk up to a guy with a broken nose, while the guy with the broken nose is writing around on the mat, and he'll nonchalantly kick him in that broken nose (this has happened). Hash is the guy that breaks the nose in the first place (this has also happened). I don't know if there's anybody that can make absolutely everything seem incredibly violent like Hashimoto can. Hansen, maybe, but again, that's a different kind of violence. Hansen is a fucking whirlwind of piss and vinegar and wildness and carnage. Anybody that's within reach gets caught in the fallout. Hash comes across as being more deliberate, like his violence is funnelled and directed towards someone in particular. Hash and Tenryu are both kings of milking and creating the huge moments in matches. That bit from the '96 Hash/Takada match that Australian mentions where Takada tries to take Hashimoto's head off with a roundhouse kick and Hash ducks it so he can sweep the leg...that is such an incredible moment. The pop that shit gets is insane. And, fuck, that match might be the best sub-15 minute match ever.

I don't think there's much of anything between the two. Both are great and I wouldn't spend a ton of time trying to argue the 'Tenryu > Hashimoto' point.
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