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When An Empire Falls

The Ottomans. The Mayans, Aztecs. The Qin Dynasty. The Moguls. The Greeks and Romans. The Egyptians. Alexander The Great. The Spanish. The British. They all have something in common.

Throughout the vast experience of this place called Earth, there have been many to rule, many empires to control. The past empires have created our present, our future. The best thinkers have come out of some of the most famous empires. Under many empires, the world has been gifted with some of the greatest architecture ever viewed. Transportation, trade, new inventions, peace, prosperity. A quick scroll through history will reveal all the wonderful things that have come through these empires.

The Huns under Attila. The French Revolution's Terror. Hirohito's Japan. North Korea. Soviet Russian. The Nazi's. They all have something in common too.

While all empire have positives, they most certainly have their equal amount of dark spots. Death. War. Pillaging and plundering. Destroying other homes, nations, and empires. Theft. Arson. Rape. Basic violations of human rights. Drought, famine, turmoil.

Empires come, but empires go. Through moments of sheer brilliance, and pure evil. One thing though, remains constant: empires fall. All of them. Each and every one. Regardless of the beautiful things they brought to the world, or the crimes against humanity they inflicted. Empires fall.

Now when an Empire begins to fall, it isn't always a free fall. It can be a slow, painful descent to rubble and ash, leaving in its path a sea of betrayal, blood, and bodies. Some empires can even prevent their fall, and build themselves back up when their fate seems to be all but grimly sealed. But alas, fate cannot be fought. Despite any and all up turns in fortune, at one point, whether months, years, decades, or centuries later, it will come to a conclusion.

World Championship Wrestling is a falling empire. Will they fall and just become another extinct empire, or ascend from the dead? Can an empire that ruled the world of professional wrestling stay afloat through turbulent times? Could they even rise above and be the dominant empire it once was? Or, like so many empires before, will it burn to the ground as the rest of the world idly watches? Is there a hero, a savior, who can stand against the forces of time and fate to salvage the proverbial sinking ship? Or will there be no one, nothing, to pick up what has fallen?

With all that said, it leaves us with just one burning question.

When an Empire falls... who will pick up the pieces?

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When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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