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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

> > > The Ultimate Smark has something to say.

For the past week, everyone has been coming up to me. They want to know if I, The Ultimate Smark, is the 4th man. They want to know if I bear the mark of the Illuminated ones.

In my absence, I have been consulting with the God's. The same Gods that elevated me to be ULLLLLTIMMMMMAAAATTTTTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And when my spaceship landed and the Gods looked into my face, standing there under the reflection of the blood moons, I already knew their answers to the questions I sought.

The Ultimate Smark didn't come here for Gold.

The Ultimate Smark came here for GLLLLLLOORRRRRYYYYYY.

Gunner, you are right. I don't feel that I have been given the respect that I deserve. I'm not even on the poster for TLC. There are no UltimateSmark pillow pets... And don't even ask me about the ice cream bars.

It's no secret that I asked for a non-title match against New_Guy at survivor series. Something that was overlooked by Proc.

Well Proc, do you hear me now???????

To answer your question Gunner.

Will The Ultimate Smark join the Illuminated???

Or will The Ultimate Smark join the Resistance?????

The answer is, Noooooooooooooooooooooo

The Ultimate Smark isn't the sheep.

I'm The Big Bad Wolf and it's feeding time!

The Ultimate Smark didn't come here to play politics.

I am here to destroy each and every opponent that has the courage to step in the ring with me.

Gunner, Proc, Modern Myth, RKO Peep, New_Guy, and all you otherguys in the back...

Get in line. SINGLE FILE! and One by One, EACH and EVERY ONE of You will...


Not Removing Until

Hornswaggle becomes WWE Champion [ ]
Linda wins an election [ ]
John Cena grows a beard [ ]
Goldberg jackhammers Ryback [ ]
Daniel Bryan unifies the titles [ ]

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