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Re: Official Puro Results/Spoilers Discussion Thread (BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS)

Power Struggle Review

Time Splitters vs. Forever Hooligans ***
No clue why so short. the KOPW match was much better.

10-man tag **
Little bits of fun and filler.

suzuki/taichi vs. Nagata/Taguchi ***1/4
Decent fun little tag. Nagata and Suzuki work so well together.

Killer Elite Squad vs. Ten-Koji ***3/4
Finish was a bit out of nowhere, but other than that, I loved this match. Way way better than the KOPW match. Archer is really incredible.

Devitt vs. Low-Ki ****
I really loved this. I thought it was much much better than Ibushi/Ki last month. the Abdomen work by Ki set up a really good story. However, I just don't get why they don't trust Ki with the strap. Two straight title reigns that went way way too short.

Laughter7 vs. Makabe/Inoue **
I LOVED the KOPW match. This was blah. Mostly just setup for Makabe/Shibata next month. Inoue is still a bitch. Sakuraba still rules.

Okada vs. Goto ***3/4
This was fine, I guess. Neck work of Goto was ok, and Goto did manage to look like he might win it. I'm just not sold on him. Okada's stuff is just amazing, and he did the best he could. Better than Goto/Nakamura from last month, at least.

Nakamura vs. Anderson ****1/4
Loved it. Anderson's Arm stuff was great, the Gun-Stun on the table was cool, and the comeback was really excellent. Machine gun is just so great this year, and Nakamura is still probably my favorite wrestler in the world. Needed more time, but I get how New Japan likes to protect the main event by reducing the time of the other matches. This could have been better with more time, but I loved what was here.

Tanahashi vs. Yujiro ****1/4
Hey....better than it probably had any right to be. Tanahashi did his usual stuff, and Yujiro honestly felt like he kept up all the way. Its not a star-making performance, but I wouldnt say Yujiro was outclassed. His moveset is actually really good, and he has a really good dynamic for Tanahashi to work against. Tanahashi did all his usual stuff, which I probably didn't love as much as a lot of others do, but he does what he does rather well. The guy knows how to make a comeback though, thats for sure. Definately enjoyable.

Overall, probably a better quality show than KOPW, except, of course, the main event. better Heavy Tag Title match, better Junior match, better IC match. Junior Tag and Laughter 7 matches were weaker, though, by a lot. Main event was better than expected, but this did kinda feel like a setup for the Dome Show.

all that really matters is SAKURABA VS. NAKAJIMA!

Going to be AMAZING!
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