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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Here's what I got from the 5 websites I bought from between Wednesday and today:

Ring of Honor($54)
-KENTA:Go 2 Sleep(2D)
-Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness:The Complete Collection(2D)
-Respect is Earned II
-Ring of Honor on HDNet Vol.3
-1 Month of Ringside Membership

-DGUSA Open the Northern Gate
-DGUSA Uprising(2010)
-DGUSA Untouchable 2010
-DGUSA Mercury Rising 2012

-PWG Threemendous II
-PWG Eight
-PWG Steen Wolf
-PWG Seven
-PWG Guerre Sans Frontieres
-PWG As the Worm Turns
-PWG Fear
-CZW Tournament of Death 9

-NJPW 6/16/12(2D)
-DDT 7/24/11(2D)
-WAVE January 2012-February 2012(2D)
-Puroresu DVD Sampler
-Hustlemania 11/25/07
-Oz Academy 7/4/12
-Classic Lucha in the 80s V.2
-Best of Nigel McGuinness V.2(IVP Custom Comp)
-ROH invades Japan V.1(IVP Custom Comp)
-NJPW 1/4/11(Blu-Ray)
-NJPW 1/4/12 (Blu-Ray)

Smart Mark Video($61)
-IWA-EC 2008 Masters of Pain
-CZW Cage Of Death XI
-CZW Tournament of Death:Rewind
-CZW Cage of Death 5
-Chikara Best of 2009

SMV sale wasn't a great one and I might of switched out a few if I had known about the Highspots sale. I don't know if they had all those CZW shows and SMV started them at $12 instead of $15 I think. ROH's sale became less and less appealing as I tried getting what I wanted because of the higher shipping. With DGUSA I went a route I usually don't go and filled in a few shows that may not be as good but they fit into my collection so I have the first 11 DGUSA shows. Mercury Rising looked like the best of DGUSA this year so I slipped that one in as well. Evolve 2 looked sweet and the one Evolve show I have,Evolve 9, was great even outside of the big matches I thought so if that is the feel of the entire promotion I am happy. With Highspots I wanted to get PWG so I got PWG. Throw in TOD9 and I loved the sale. I only visit IVPvideos about once a year and that's Black Friday. I probably could find 90% of this stuff online but between me liking to have things on discs and trying out the Blu-Rays I thought it was a good idea. I saw Youtube videos of NJPW in 1080p but the actual matches on Youtube didn't translate as well so I look forward to both Wrestle Kingdom shows on Blu-Ray.
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