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Re: Borderlands 2 (Sept 18th) - 87 BAZILLION GUNS...JUST GOT BAZILLIONDIER

He's a random loot enemy that pops out of Hyperion containers. Best place to find him is farming him during Doctor's Order side mission in Wildlife Preserve. You know the room before Bloodwing's cage (the first one where Jack tricks you)? There is a echo you are supposed to grab in a box (DON'T GRAB IT!!!), instead open up all the boxes and 4 loot enemies will pop out. No Jimmy Jenkins? Save and quit. Redo the whole level up to that point. Took me 7 tries. Maybe 15-20 minutes each run. It SUCKS on TVHM. If you are doing it on normal, let me know and I'll help you speed thru it. If you have the Gamestop exclusive slaughterdome then it is a million times easier because you can spawn like one room away everytime you save and quit.

Only caveat on farming it with other players...you NEED to get the final blow for it to register.

Also, do you know about the 2 secret challenges you have to get only by doing 2 very hard challenges all the way (all 5 levels)?

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