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Old thread ran five years strong. Adding a couple things here:

Frequently Asked Questions & Issues


If you need help with your account, PM one of the Admins and we will help you. Platt, Headliner, JM, Seabs, . For a list of staff, visit the staff page.

*Note* The Administrator account is not an active admin account. It is used by different people at VerticalScope for tech support. Do not PM this account. OG Jeff is here to make sure our new layout/skin is running fine from a technical perspective. All operational related questions to the forum should be PM'd to one the four admins mentioned previously. If you have a tech issue, make a thread here in the help section.

We do not delete accounts. If you do not wish to be a part of this forum anymore, log out and leave. We also do not allow users to have multiple accounts. There is no need for it.

Note, there is no difference between the banned usertitles of moron and humbled.

How many posts do I need to make a thread?

You need to make 10 posts. In the wrestling sections, you need to make 25. If they are spam posts, staff reserves the right to remove them which will deduct your post count.

Thread moderation; Why was I banned from a thread? Why I was banned from a certain forum?

Closed: When a thread is closed, the thread title will have a line through it and you will not be able to post in that thread. Why it was closed is usually explained, although if its an inappropriate thread for whatever reason, it becomes obvious why it was closed.

Moved: When a thread title has the word 'Moved' next to it, click on it, and you will be taken to where that thread was moved to. This could be that the thread was moved to another section of the forum, or that the thread was merged with another thread that already exists within the same subject.

Users can be removed from threads for being continuous disruptions. Likewise a user can be removed from a forum for being a continuous disruption in that forum by a Super Mod or Admin.

If you make terrible threads, your thread making permissions can be removed by an admin.

You can also have your access to rants removed as well. It may be the least moderated forum on the board, but if you are seen as a huge annoyance then you will be removed.

Your thread access will be restored by the discretion of a Super Mod or Admin. Your forum access will be restored by the discretion of an Admin.

Features turned off during WWE PPV nights

Chatbox, Arcade, Search, the online list, avatars and signatures and occasionally rep are features that sometimes have to get turned off during these nights due to high traffic.

How To Make A Drop List

Note: Drop titles can only only contain 8 lines max to keep within signature limits

PHP Code:
[drop=Drop List Title]
What you want
[option]What you want II[/option]
option]What you want III[/option]

Post Count

Post count is turned off in the following sections to prevent users from spamming for post count purposes and/or access to a forum that may require a certain post count. These following sections generally produce little to no important discussion:

Word Games And Trivia
Wrestling Divas, Celebs & Models
Wrestling Multimedia
Youtube section

What Are The User Titles?

The following list are the new default titles for all members:

Learning to break kayfabe 0
Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice 250
Getting ignored by SCOTT STEINER 500
Acknowledged by SCOTT STEINER 1000
Yelled at by SCOTT STEINER 1500
Little Poppa Pump 2000
Working on my abs 2500
Wheel Man for SCOTT STEINER 3000
Carrying SCOTT STEINER's bags 3500
Lacing SCOTT STEINER's boots 4000
Challenging SCOTT STEINER's authority 4500
Fired by SCOTT STEINER 5000
Searching for a new identity 5500
Vince gives me a comedy gimmick 6000
Getting over in the mid-card 6500
Cutting a shoot promo to get over 7000
HE'S FAT 7500
Asking Meltzer to rate my matches 8000
Meltzer said I'm a good worker 8500
Convinced Vince to make me a Main-Eventer 10000
Celebrating my first World title 12500
Winning World titles, Custom Made Clothes 15000
The Face Of The Company 17500
Special Attraction at Wrestlemania 20000
Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame 25000
Largest arms in the world, BROTHER! 30000
The Nature Boy 50,000


Every new member starts out with a rep level of 50.

Rep power (Determines how many points you give a user when you rep them)

Register Date Factor - 1 point per 365 days

Post Count Factor - 1 point per 1500 posts

Reputation Point Factor - 1 point per 2500 rep points you have.

If you negative rep someone, it will be half of your green rep power. So if you are able to give someone 100 points, if you gave them red rep, you would give them 50.

You can give another user green or red rep by clicking the star icon at the bottom left. It will then take you to a page and ask if you agree or disagree with that users post. Do be careful, flaming via rep will be treated as though it is flaming on the forum or via PM and you can be warned/banned for doing so. If someone does flame you via rep, or stretches out your rep page with a large picture, PM a Super Mod or Admin and we will take care of it.

You can check who has given you rep by looking at your User CP. If you see grey rep, it has been given to you by someone who has red rep. Gray rep=0 points. The only way you will know if it was meant to be positive or negative will be based on the comment they leave.

You are limited to giving out rep 10 times over a 24 hour period and must rep 15 people before you can rep the same person again.

Reputation means nothing. It allows members to have a bit of fun.

Premium/Lifetime Membership

To help support the site and increase your options on the site you can choose to buy either a Premium or Lifetime Membership. Paypal is fine.

With a paid membership, you will receive:
-Access to the arcade
-Access to the chatbox
-Name changes
-Usertitle editing rights
-Ability to use gifs in sigs
-VIP section for paid members
-Bigger avatars
-Much more PM space

If you wish to buy a membership for another user you have to get their name and password from them, login to their account and purchase it that way. If whilst doing that you do anything to that users account, even make posts, you can be banned. If you allow someone to buy a membership for you it may be wise to change your password afterwards. If you have any issues please PM an Admin.

Paid members are not above being warned or banned. You are treated the same way as any other user and paid members can find themselves permanently banned.

File Exchange & Wrestling Multimedia

To stop lurkers joining just to access the File Exchange and Wrestling Multimedia, members can not access the section unless they have 50 posts. If you are caught spamming for media access, you will be banned.

Name Changes

Name changes are available for paid members only via the thread in the VIP section. Do not PM staff members requesting changes.

Why do certain non-staff members have different name colors?

They are champions in our Debate League. Each champion gets a name color change of their choice. Once they lose their title, they lose their name color. Also, members who place in GFX tourneys may be eligible for a name color.

Non-paid member signature uploads

Non-paid members upload signatures different from paid members. To use a signature, to go edit signature, and scroll down to the upload picture section. Use option two to upload a signature.

Embedding YouTube & Dailymotion Videos Into Posts.

Using this link as an example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXMOvMba2bM

You put the nXMOvMba2bM in YouTube tags - [youtube][*/youtube], Remember to remove the *, then you have this...(Basically take all the lettering after the equal sign)

For Dailymotion videos, you will take the entire code after the video/ part. Here's an example:

Spoiler Tags

Used when posting any spoilers. Please use these tags to avoid spoiling.

[spoiler=a spoiler]This is a spoiler[/spoiler]

Gives you

Spoiler for a spoiler:
This is a spoiler


To post tweets, use the brackets [tweet][/*tweet] (Without the *)

When you select copy the link, paste all the numbers in the bracket. So for example if the link is:

Take the numbers, put them in the bracket and you will come out with this.

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