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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Roncaglione View Post
Finlay was horrible in that match. Slow and out of shape. Anyone who says otherwise is just saying different for the sake of being different.

I liked some of Finlay matches on his indy tour. But the Cult of Finlay is really tiresome.
I haven't seen the match, but I'd be incredibly surprised if I thought the same as you did mainly because of how Finlay to me has looked on his indy run, which has been anything but 'slow and out of shape'.

The bit about 'people saying different for the sake of being different' is really silly. I love his style and the way he makes seemingly everything matter and have a sense of purpose, but I'm not going to pretend that style could wear thin on some people and just not really connect and matter to them. Saying people with a contrary opinion to you are just stating that to oppose you makes you look childish and highly elitist, in that you believe there's nothing to counter your opinion.

'The cult of Finlay' is again a pretty silly statement. People appreciate it his style because its simplistic, yet layered and progresses a match along nicely. He knows how to make opponents of various styles and sizes look like a threat and can work a variety of match formulas. Of course like any wrestler his style isn't going to win everyone over, and in Finlay's case the pace of his matches can probably alienate people not used to his or the classic European style of wrestling. It doesn't make them misguided or clueless to not like his matches, but it does make them look clueless if they then accuse any Finlay fan of only liking his matches for the sake of being 'elitist' and different to everyone else.
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