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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
The rock could end up hitting Davey Richards though. In which case he'd probably no sell the rock and kick it at someone else re-validating your argument.

There's well over 50, maybe even 100 workers worldwide better than Elgin right now. Doubt many of them would be guys working the same Indies as Elgin though. Majority of the ROH roster sucks right now and they're aren't a whole lot of really good US workers at Indy level. I did a rough list for my top 50 workers of 2012 last month just to see how many candidates there would be at that point and I could only come up with 8 names who have been working the US Indy scene regularly. One of them is Finlay who I guess doesn't really count either.
True that. While I should have specified the rock being aimed at more lower level indie promotions, Davey's no sell saves my claim regardless.

I'm not sour on the whole US indie scene. I do think they've taken a blow via losing a lot of their top stars to the bigger companies though. Only original big names that seem to remain are Colt Cabana, El Generico, & Kevin Steen. Everyone else who is good is fairly new or just now breaking out. (Adam Cole, Ricochet, Super Smash Bros, etc) Differing opinions between you and I here, although I knew you haven't been too keen on the US indie market for a bit. Or at least this year. I'd say the only hooks in that world right now, for me, is Chikara & PWG. With random workers scattered elsewhere. Warming up more to EVOLVE & Dragon Gate: USA.

I do realize the irony of some of my examples too. Generico, Steen, & Super Smash Brothers are all Canadian. They work frequently for US indie promotions though so, meh. Screw it.

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