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Re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

The only flaw with Blackwater was how it was unclear how the ending went down. I've spoken to people that were unsure of Stannis's fate. They also thought Tywin led the charge when it was really Ser Loras. Tywin is a lead from behind type guy. He puts troops in position and signals charges; he doesn't lead them.

Originally Posted by 8 Ball View Post
Spoiler for Boardwalk Season 2 Ending:
I'm still completely gobsmacked at the finale. I'm not happy either, Jimmy was my favourite character along with Harrow on this show. I did suspect that Jimmy was gonna die, but I'm surprised Nucky was the one who killed him. I thought Horwitz was gonna catch up to Jimmy or that Jimmy was gonna kill himself. I've been completely put off Nucky now, I don't know how he could bring himself to kill someone he considered a son. Jimmy 's even the reason Nucky's not in jail right now. Son of a bitch, I hope Harrow catches up with him one day. And Horwitz, I hope Harrow plants a sniper shot, 1 inch below his eye

As for Jimmy saying he died in the trenches, I think Jimmy died before then. I think Jimmy died the moment he slept with his mother, that's why he joined the army, he couldn't live with himself. As much as I didn't like what happened, it was a fantastic scene, and Jimmy was fantastic and beautiful character. I hope his death haunts Nucky in Season 3, just like Fredo's death haunted Michael Corleone. I'm gonna have to have a re-watch of the first two Season's because I think a lot of points about Jimmy throughout the seasons will become more poetic and poignant, a lot of things will come together.

Loved the final conversation between Jimmy and Harrow, the one true relationship on the show. Brothers for life. 'Right to the last bullet.'

And please more Van Alden in Season 3, I love this guy.

As of Season 2's ending my three favourite characters in order are:

Van Alden
Chalky White

Jimmy was previously my first. Jimmy is actually my favourite character in any TV show, just ahead of Gustavo Fring.
Stick with it. Season 3 could nosedive but from what I've seen so far, it's still going strong.

Spoiler for BE:
To keep it vague, I get where you're coming from, but the main story was always clearly a tragedy and wasn't going to end well. RIP Jimmy Darmody. You were a great character; one of the best ever on any TV show.

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