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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

You wrote Henry pretty well here, I think you got him down to a tee. I like how you referenced his past and his Hall of Pain shtick which I think is really good. However, it does lead me to believe that Sheamus will obviously be his opponent. Teddy Long coming out, WHC Match now?! Wow what a way to open the show. Not sure if Orton would've agree to it since it's pretty obvious Henry would still win but an 18 minute match to open the show, wow. It probably tired out the crowd, maybe you could've saved it for the main event.

Push for Justin Gabriel? I'm all for it. Giving him two wins in one night against the likes of Watson and Titus is good. They're not a bad tag team, but I guess you needed someone to job to Gabriel. Curtis and Bateman, ha! I liked them as a tag team so I'm glad they got their time, another team to the tag division is always good. Christian fuming over not being in the main event, I kinda wished he was there. I can see him getting involved or costing Bryan the match. Saviour of Smackdown sounds like a good gimmick for him though.

Typical Bryan promo here. It's pretty hard for me to read him as a normal person because of how attached he is to his character right now in WWE. But still, it was a good interview. Don't think Striker should say a whole lot, just introduce who he has to interview, lol. Kelly here was pretty interesting. I like that you're giving us a storyline for the divas and this is pretty unconventional. Whoever comes out on top, I think Beth will still crush them but Kelly is getting tougher, would love to see her develop. Another indication that Sheamus will win the main event. You're clearly gonna have Barrett/Orton I believe which I don't mind, but it's been done.

A show featuring Regal? I love it! The midcard on Smackdown is pretty good with these three at the middle of it all and Gabriel right there as well. I'm sure Cody comes out with the win at the end of it all, but this'll be a good rub on Cody since Regal is pretty accomplished. But in the end, I still think Dibiase takes that title off of him.

Good win for Kelly, she definitely looked impressive there. But it's gonna take a lot to make her a credible threat to Beth Phoenix, she's gotta learn some new moves probably as well. Bryan getting attacked backstage? Must be Christian.

Main event was really good, that was a good showing from Morrison! Pretty stoked that he got some main event spotlight on him as I think he belongs there, just a little more push and he'll be there. As for the contest as a whole, it was good. Your match writing has been very good in this show, giving us detail, and I'd like to see more of this if you have the time to write them.

Overall, you did a good job in continuing feuds and starting new ones. The opening and closing matches really delivered and the segments all throughout were all needed to make this episode work. I am interested to see what you do with Christian since I think he's the most interesting character you have now followed by Henry. Just so many routes you can go and I'm confident that you'll choose the right one. Onto the next!

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