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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

WWE Superstars Results
Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks defeated The Usos @ 8:12 after the Heat Seeking Elbow from Hawkins to Jimmy Uso
Jack Swagger defeated Yoshi Tatsu @ 7:00 after The Gutwrench Powerbomb
The Big Show defeated Zack Ryder @ 5:58 after the WMD

Friday Night Smackdown
21st January, 2011 | Tulsa, Oklahoma

"A champion that is - DASHING!"

Brains Or Beauty?

No opening video package. No pyrotechnics. No commentary. We open cold in the arena...


And the crowd ERUPTS, as just like last week, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, EDGE, opens up the broadcast. As the ominous theme echoes around the arena, Edge jogs on to the stage with his prized possession hung flowingly on his right shoulder. The Rated R Superstar makes his way to both sides of the stage, playing to the crowd, before sauntering on down the ramp and in to the ring.

Josh Matthews: In nine nights, that man right there, will defend the World Heavyweight Championship in one of his toughest challenges of his career. The Rated R Superstar, over the past couple of weeks, has been on the losing end of any confrontation between him and his number one contender, Cody Rhodes, but he has made it very clear that he doesn't intend on coming out on the losing end once we hit The Royal Rumble in Boston, Massachusetts in just nine short nights.

Michael Cole: Well Edge can claim whatever he wants, but over the past two weeks, since being crowned the number one contender, Cody Rhodes has had Edge's number every step of the way. And when push comes to shove here in the WWE, it's all about who's got who's number and I simply cannot wait until the Pay-Per-View to see a new World Heavyweight Champion being crowned.

Josh Matthews: Well be that is it may, Michael, Edge has the opportunity to gain some measure of revenge here tonight as The Cutting Edge makes a return on Friday Night Smackdown. His guest? None other than Cody Rhodes. The reason I said "some measure of revenge" is because The Rated R Superstar has vowed to Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, that he would not lay a finger on his challenger until The Royal Rumble. I guess we'll see right now if the Champ can keep to his word...

By now, Edge is in the ring and has a microphone in his hand, as he sits on one of the chairs that are a part of the set of The Cutting Edge. The Champion nonchalantly chews his gum whilst he waits for his music to die down...

Edge: You know... Over the course of my career, I have been a World Champion for over 500 days. 500 days I have reigned supreme in the WWE - Nobody could claim that they were better than me over these 500 days. I was the hottest commodity in the whole of Professional Wrestling...

~ Pops for Edge's accomplishments and lack of modesty

Edge: And do you know what's so funny about those 500 days - A number which is still increasing, by the way. What's so funny is the fact that despite me being number one, the go to guy, the very best this business has to offer... I was still the underdog in whatever situation I was thrusted in to.

~ The Champ pushes his hair back as the fans are immersed in what Edge is saying

Edge: Batista... (Mixed Reaction)... Rob Van Dam... (Pops)... The Undertaker... (HUGE REACTION)... John Cena... (THUNDEROUS REACTION~!)...

~ Edge pauses for a moment, allowing the audience to get over their fandom of the aforementioned

Edge: It didn't matter who I faced or where I faced them... I was always the underdog... I was always the guy with the lowest odds... But I THRIVED IN THEM CIRCUMSTANCES!

~ As Edge becomes more passionate, the cheers become louder, as The Champ jumps out his seat

Edge: Despite all the odds and despite all of the naysayers - And trust me, there were a lot - I became one of the most successful superstars in recent memory... But at the Royal Rumble, I'm not the underdog anymore...

~ The champ calms down a bit as we hear a few boos, knowing where Edge is going wit this

Edge: Everybody is expecting me to win this match, I am the odds-on favourite to walk out of The Royal Rumble still the World Heavyweight Champion. I have the experience advantage, I've been in more do or die situations and I am considered the superior wrestler... Instead, Cody Rhodes is the underdog.

~ Heat for the mention of Cody, as Edge pulls as a face as if to say "Yeah, I don't like him either"

Edge: And that's what makes him dangerous. That's what makes him such a threat to me... Thats why my title is in jeopardy at The Royal Rumble. He's hungry, he's vicious, he has nothing to lose and all to gain. And it's because of that that I have to - No no no - I NEED to be the very best that I can possibly be, physically and mentally, come this time in 9 days in Boston. I can't show up as the happy go lucky, all smiles World Heavyweight Champion, no. I have to be exactly the same as what brought me to the dance in the first place... Sly... Cunning... Opportunistic... Sick... And sadis-



And in seconds, the fans go from cheering the World Heavyweight Champion to booing the ever-living shit out of the number one contender, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. The son of The American Dream swaggers out on to the ramp, with a beaming smile on his face, staring at his foe in the middle of the ring, before sauntering down to the squared circle.

Michael Cole: Thank god! I think I was going to pass out from boredom... Does Edge ever shut the hell up? Jeez, he talks forever.

Josh Matthews: Well if it means anything, I was actually rather entertaining by what our World Heavyweight Champion said. And he has a good point as well Michael - He's facing an extremely hungry and desperate young man in Cody Rhodes in nine nights, someone who has absolutely nothing to lose. He even admitted it himself - Edge has to bring his a-game to Boston if he stands a chance at defeating Cody Rhodes.

Michael Cole: Pssht. Face it Josh, Edge's A-Game couldn't hold a candle to Cody Rhodes' E-Game. Look at him - He's got the looks, he's got the charisma, he's got the confidence and he can hang with the best of them inside them ropes. What's not to like about Cody?

Cody cockily enters the ring and snatches the microphone right out of Edge's hand, as you can fee the tension already brewing between the two rivals. Rhodes' music fades out before too long, and we hear a large "YOU SUCK" chant develop within the Oklahoma faithful as Cody looks at them in disgust. Edge grabs another microphone from Chimel, to avoid any conflict between the two

Cody Rhodes: Are you done? Have you finished? Have you said all you have to say? Because I'm bored of your boring, monotonous voice yapping and yapping and yapping. I'm bored of you constantly making excuses so that it'll somewhat taint my victory at The Royal Rumble. Well I tell you what, Edge, nothing will taint my victory. Nothing you can do, nothing the WWE can do and nothing these wretched neanderthals in Tulsa can do, will taint my victory at The Royal Rumble... - My inevitable victory, should I say.


Cody Rhodes: Now, on to the matter at hand...

~ Cody takes a breather, as does the crowd

Cody Rhodes: I can see straight through you, Edge. I know exactly why you've got me on The Cutting Edge. It's simply because... I'm dashing.

~ Edge looks on as the heat gets louder and louder for young Cody

Cody Rhodes: And because I'm dashing, the 18-34 year old female demographic almost breaks the rating scale because they can't resist watching me... And can you blame them?

~ Cody lets off a sly smirk...

Cody Rhodes: I mean... These perfectly threaded eyebrows... This immaculate jawline... This perfectly styled and conditioned head of hair... Why wouldn't you want to sit on your ass at home with a back of potato chips and just gorp aimlessly at me...

~ Cody turns to the camera...

Cody Rhdoes: I'M DASHING!

~ The crowd let off a whole lot of heat for the brash Cody Rhodes as he smirks whilst continuing

Cody Rhodes: Why are you booing me? People, uncover your eyes and be the bigger person, and just step back and look at me. I'm the closest thing to perfection on god's green earth and that is why millions of people worldwide tune in week in and week out to see me... Dashing, Cody Rhodes.

~ Edge takes a deep breath in as Cody feels his cheeks and lets off a very proud smile, nodding to assure himself about what he's saying

Cody Rhodes And well... This fact becomes even more apparent when I'm standing in the ring with a man like you, Edge. I mean, let's see what you're working with here, huh Champ?

~ Rhodes slyly shuffles across the ring, making his way closer to Edge who stands still. Rhodes begins to circle around the World Heavyweight Champion, as he carries on his verbal crusade

Cody Rhodes: A man that represents the people... An average looking male, and that is on a good day.With your horribly disfigured spine, leading to a disgustingly neanderthal-like posture... And you're really dirty, greasy, grimy blonde locks that look like they've been shampooed with popcorn oil... It's not a good look Edge, it's really not a good look at all...

~ By now, Rhodes has done a whole circle around Edge who has stayed frozen still, not reacting to what Cody is saying, whilst the crowd shit all over the youngest Rhodes family offspring

Cody Rhodes: But compared to all these garbage no-lifers here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you're a damn fine looking fellow.

~ Heat Level = 10/10. Cody chuckles off mic, as he slides under the bottom rope, whilst the World Champ looks on intently, still not moving a muscle. Rhodes approaches a random fan at ringside

Cody Rhodes: Hey you, yeah you, the fat one with spots. Do you know how many sit ups per day it takes me to sculpt this perfectly chiseled body? Infact, it doesn't even matter, you can only count up to thirteen anyway. My bad.

~ Cheap heat city, but it's working. Cody then moves on around the ringside area...

Cody Rhodes: Eurghh, you, yeah you. If you're going to boo me, just leave out the hand gestures. Those nails look like they haven't seen a nail file in years. Thank god there's a barricade in between us or god knows what I'll do.

~ Cody then slowly walks around to the side of the announce booth and time keepers table...

Cody Rhodes: Oh hey Josh Matthews, I didn't see you there... Hey look everybody, it's Josh Matthews, everybody's favourite commentator!


Cody Rhodes: Hey, you all know Josh Matthews, right? The one with the oily skin, the unconditioned hair, the repulsive, repugnant and never-ending zit-fiend with outrageously uneven eyelashes... Yeah, HIGH FIVE JOSH!

~ Cody leans over the table and raises his hand high in the air for a high five, but Josh completely no sells it, to a decent reaction, as we hear Michael Cole tutting in despair in the background. Cody Rhodes rolls his eyes and then makes his way up the steps and back in to the ring...

Cody Rhodes: So y'see Edge... Now you've seen all of these vermin here in Tulsa, you should feel good about yourself. I really do hope I've given you some optimism heading in to The Royal Rumble in nine days because after all... There's always going to be people that are a lot worse. But umm... If I were you, I wouldn't get my hopes up too much, because much like the past two weeks... Come The Royal Rumble, I'll be standing tall, as the new World Heavyweight Champion... And finally... Smackdown will have a champion it can be proud of... A champion that is - DASHING!

~ Cody sadistically chuckles as the heat is nearly blowing the roof off of the arena. Edge still hasn't shown one bit of emotion throughout the whole thing, as he gradually raises the microphone to his mouth...

Edge: Ermm.. Are you... Ermm... Have you finished?

Cody Rhodes: Well no I coul...


Edge: I'll take that as a yes. Good.


And just on cue...


A bit of a mixed reaction for the appearance of Theodore Long, who waks on to the stage with a mic in his hand


A wave of security floods the ring, a good 10 members of the team, and separate the two men, who are both frothing at the mouth to get in to each other once again.

Teddy Long: Edge... Champ... You broke your promise to me and you assured me you wouldn't snap, that is the only reason I granted you the chance to have Cody Rhodes on The Cutting Edge. And for that, I'm afraid I'll have to punish ya, playa. So in tonight's main event... Edge, you will take on Alberto Del Rio!

~ A whole lot of heat for the mention of ADR, as we see a sick grin develop on the face of Cody after that announcement

Teddy Long: But if you think that's bad... Then that's nothing compared to what will happen to you Cody, if you play any part in the match tonight... Because I'll strip you of your number one contendership right there and then, ya feel me?

~ HUGE POP, as Rhodes cannot believe it, screaming at Teddy - "YOU CAN'T DO THAT, I'VE SIGNED THE CONTRACT ALREADY"

Teddy Long: Oh I can, playa, and I will... So keep your nose out of tonight's main event, ya dig? Holla!


The legendary General Manager then turns his back and goes backstage, leaving Rhodes and Edge gazing at one another through a sea of security personel, and we slowly see Cody Rhodes makes his way to the back whilst Edge continues to stare a whole through his opponent in Boston.

Josh Matthews: What a main event for tonight, Michael. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio, one on one! It is matches like these that make Friday Night Smackdown the premiere show in Sports Entertainment!

Michael Cole: Screw the main event, Josh, Edge just took a cheap shot at Cody and could have ruined his facial features for ever! Cody walked in to Tulsa as one of the best looking and most dashing young men in the world, and he could be walking out with a broken nose, black eyes and god knows what else. Edge makes me sick to my stomach!


When we return, we a re welcomed with a "Before The Break" screen highlighting everything that went down between Edge and Cody - The verbal abuse hurled at one another, and the subsequent brawl between the two, followed by the announcement by Teddy Long, whilst Cole and Matthews commentate over the top

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, Ladies and Gentlemen, and incase you've just joined us, you've already missed an explosive 15 minutes of television.

Michael Cole: As you can see, the World Heavyweight Champion lives up to his monikor of the "Ultimate Opportunist" and in a heinous act, cheap shots an innocent and undeserving Cody Rhodes. And for the first time in god knows how long, Teddy Long made a right decision and punished Edge by putting him in a match with the Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio.

Josh Matthews: I guess we'll have to agree to diasgree, Michael, because I feel Cody has had that beating coming his way for weeks. For the past two weeks, Rhodes has blindsided Edge and beat him down, finishing him off with a Cross Rhodes on the cold concrete both weeks. And then tonight, he verbally abuses the World Heavyweight Champion. There's only so much a man can take, Michael.

Michael Cole: Agree to disagree... No, Josh, you're just wrong.

Thanks for that, Mikey.


Click here to listen

And from backstage, out stomps the ever-serious World Warrior, Kaval! Dressed in his usual blue gear, the Brooklyn born Martial Artists storms down the ramp looking all business, as the crowd don't give the NXT Season 2 winner a great reception after his actions of last week, which is played on the screen.

Josh Matthews: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, if you didn't catch Smackdown last Friday, you missed one of the most despicable acts I've seen in a very long time. It was Kofi Kingston and Beth Phoenix squaring off again Kaval and Dolph Ziggler and look right here - A prone, helpless and lifeless Beth Phoenix, who could have been pinned for the three count rather easily there, is kicked square in the face by this man, Kaval.

Michael Cole: Well it's Beth's fault for getting in the ring with a man like Kaval in the first place. She must have knew going in to the match that he is a dangerous man, a lethal weapon. I don't blame him, he's making a statement. Since winning NXT, he hasn't been given much in the way of chances as of late and I personally wasn't a fan, but since last week... I think I can safely say I'm a huge supporter of Kaval right now.

Josh Matthews: I think you're on your own there, partner. Kaval is out here for a match with a certain someone who took a problem with Kaval's actions. A man that has pride, honor and dignity and doesn't kick helpless women in the face...


A respectable pop for Chavo Guerrero, who bounces on to the stage with a smile on his face, as Kaval scowls at him from ringside. Chavito rolls on to the stage and slowly saunters down the ramp and in to the ring

Josh Matthews: And that's that man right there, Chavo Guerrero, a man with respect!

Michael Cole: And it's because of that respect that Chavo Guerrero hasn't been relevant since 2006! I don't care what family he comes from, the guy just leaves a bad taste wherever he goes - A taste of irrelevancy and unimportance. Maybe if Chavo had some brains and some initiative, he'd recognize that sitting around being the nice guy gets you nowhere in this business.

Josh Matthews: Just because he hasn't been at the forefront of controversy the past couple of years, it doesn't mean Chavo can't get it done in the ring. The Guerrero's are one of the most famous wrestling families in history and they could all go in between them ropes. So if Kaval is overlooking Chavo tonight, I think he's in for a long evening here in Tulsa.

1 - Singles Match
'The World Warrior' Kaval vs. 'The Mexican Warrior' Chavo Guerrero

A small "Chavo" chant breaks out amongst the thousands in attendance, completely supporting the Mexican Warrior, whereas the emotionless, stone face of Kaval looks intently in the eyes of the third generation superstar. The two slowly make their way to the center the of the ring, where Chavo raises his right hand and wiggles his fingers, signalling for a test of strength between the two, to which Kaval gladly obliges to.

The two lock up their right hands, as the simultaneously raise their left hands to do the same... The fingers gradually begin to interlock with one another... Until Kaval throws it all out of the window with a nonchalant toe kick to the sternum of Guerrero, gaining the cheap advantage, before following up with a trio of Mongolian chops to the deltoids of Chavo, backing him up in to the corner, where Kaval drills the Mexican with two knife edge chops.

The NXT Season 2 winner continues by irish whipping Chavo in to the opposite turnbuckle, but it is reversed and it is the rookie that does so. Kaval attempts to float over but Guerrero catches his foe's legs on his shoulders, before pushing them off high in to the air... KAVAL HANDSTANDS ON THE TURNBUCKLE before coming down and MULE KICKING CHAVO IN THE CHEST, sending CG back to the other side of the ring, where his back smashes in to the turnbuckle!

Kaval lands on his feet and gazes across the ring and sees Guerrero resting against the turnbuckle, using it to keep himself on his feet... The rookie sprints towards Chavo... Cartwheel to a jumping, spinning enziguri... TIDAL CRUSH!

Guerrero just about manages to escape, as Kaval crashes and burns in the turnbuckle and the crowd loves every second of it. Being the veteran that he is, follows up, looking to take advantage of the mistake by Kaval. Guerrero drags him out of the turnbuckle by his head, boots him in the sternum and circles his arm high in the air, signalling for the three amigos!

Guerrero gets straight back to work, locks in the front chancery... One suplex! Two suplexes! Three suplexes! Chavo connectes with the THREE AMIGOS, paying homage to his Uncle, the late great, Eddie Guerrero. The Mexican Warrior then mischievously gazes towards the turnbuckle, as the crowd are on their feet knowing what's to come in just a moment. Chavo then quickly makes his way on to the apron and on to the top rope...

BUT HE'S CUT OFF BY KAVAL WHO OUT OF NOWHERE HAS, THIS TIME, SUCCESSFULLY CONNECTED WITH THE TIDAL CRUSH! The slap made by the connection of Kaval's foot echoes around the arena, as the lifeless body of Chavo Guerrero drapes over the top turnbuckle. Kaval makes his way back on to his feet and pulls Chavo off of the top rope, picks him up, and puts him straight back down to the mat with a Fisherman Suplex, around 6 foot way from the corner. Instead of making the cover however, The World Warrior signals to the fans that it is over, to a very negative reaction from the live audience.

Kaval steps through the middle rope and on to the apron, before slowly ascending the ropes, whilst we get another look at the motionless corpse of Chavo, seemingly knocked out from the brutal Tidal Crush. Kaval, like an eagle, perches on the top turnbuckle, scouting the environment, before leaping off of the top rope... GHETTO STOMP! KAVAL HAS JUST LEAPED AT LEAST 8 FOOT IN THE AIR AND HAS COME CRASHING DOWN, FULL FORCE, WITH TWO FEET CAVING IN CHAVO GUERRERO'S RIBCAGE! KAVAL HOOKS THE LEG... IT'S GOT TO BE OVER... AND IT IS!
Winner: Kaval via Pinfall @ 4:01

The crowd are still in shock at what we just saw! We've NEVER seen a Ghetto Stomp that vicious and that brutal in the WWE, EVER! As Kaval's music replays, we see another clip of the cringeworthy Ghetto Stomp from the victor, before we see a shot of Chavo grasping his ribs, understandably, as the referee checks on the condition of CG. Meanwhile, Kaval raises his arm in victory, before leaving the ring and making his way up the ramp - He obviously doesn't work by the hour.

Michael Cole: And if he didn't send enough of a statement last week, he goes out there tonight and sends another one. What an impressive win for Kaval, he may just be a dark horse heading in to The Royal Rumble.

Josh Matthews: What an achievement that would be, Michael. What if Kaval does win The Royal Rumble? Within four months he goes from an NXT Rookie to main eventing Wrestlemania?! Anything can happen, here in the WWE, and what just happened right there, was complete cruelty at it's finest by The World Warrior.


We then go backstage, where the ever-enthusiastic Matt Striker is stood, with his trusty microphone in his hand and his classic knitted jumper over his body. The beaming smile is too much for us to resist, so we have no choice but to listen to him

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time - From Monday Night Raw, the WWE United States Champion... Daniel Bryan!

And on walks the man himself, Daniel Bryan, with his prized possession slung over his right shoulder. Bryan has a please look on his face, as he exchanges welcomings with Striker off mic. We hear a pretty good pop for DB, a reaction he recognizes and smiles at.

Matt Striker: Now Daniel. You have been hand-picked by the anonymous Raw General Manager to come over to Friday Night Smackdown, and represent Monday Night Raw, to take part in a match with huge ramifications on the 30 man Royal Rumble Match. Now should you win tonight, you will return to your home of Raw on Monday with not only bragging rights, but the opportunity for a Monday Night Raw superstar to be the famous number 30 entrant. However, there's one man that stands in your way, and that is Smackdown's very own, Dolph Ziggler. Your thoughts?

~ Bryan innocently scoffs before answering

Daniel Bryan: Y'know Matt, I have been in the WWE for just under a year now... And it's taken me that long to finally wind up on Friday Night Smackdown and perform, and I can't think of a better place to lose my Smackdown virginity than here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

~ AmDrag has such a cheesy grin on his face, as we hear a huge reaction from the crowd in Tulsa for the obvious cheap pop

Daniel Bryan: But in terms of tonight's match with Dolph Ziggler, the plan is very simple. My theme song hits, I walk down the ramp with my United States Championship, I get in the squared circle, the bell rings, I put Dolph Ziggler in the Lebell Lock, Dolph taps, I win, and then on Raw on monday, I win whatever match is needed to be number 30. I then go to Boston, Massachussetts in nine days, I win The Royal Rumble, I main event Wrestlemania and I become the new WWE Champion.

~ A HUGE pop for the confidence, and in all honesty, arrogance of the US Champ, who still has a very big smile on his face

Daniel Bryan: And whilst we're on the subject, for any of you wondering - I hope The Miz is the WWE Champion come Wrestlemania because I'd love nothing more than to kick his teeth down his throat on the grandest stage of them all, and win another title belt from him in the process... (Shit-Eating Grin and Waves) Hi Miz!

~ Good cheers for that as Bryan continues

Daniel Bryan: But in all seriousness... I know what Dolph is capable of and I know that he can go inside of that ring. But Matt, I've beaten him before and I'll beat him again. I am a one of a kind competitor, a rare breed so to speak. Why? Because I never stop improving. I'm at the top of my game today, I'm better than I was yesterday but I'm not as good as I'll be tomorrow... And with that in mind, if Dolph couldn't beat me four months ago, he sure as hell can't beat me tonight. (Turns to camera) So Dolphy, because I'm such a nice guy, I'm going to leave you with two choices in our match tonight...

~ The US Champion's face instantly turns in to one of intensity and focus, as he steps towards the camera and we get a close shot of Daniel's face...

Daniel Bryan: You can either TAP... Or SNAP!

~ The crowd pops pretty hard, as Bryan storms off the set, leaving a dumbfounded Striker to ponder on what just happened. We then fade out to a video package...


Boston, Massachusetts
January 30, 2011




When we return to Friday Night Smackdown, we see a "During the break" screen, and we're in the parking lot, and a pristine, white BMW pulls in to the arena. When the engine is turned off, out of the driver's and passenger's seat, steps Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly, respectively. Drew grabs his bags out of the boot of the car, before shutting it and locking the car. The couple then walk across the parking lot, talking to one another, before Todd Grisham approaches them.

Todd Grisham: Drew, Kelly... Can I have just a minute of your time?

~ The couple sigh simultaneously, before stopping and allowing Grisham the opportunity to fire away

Todd Grisham: Last week, after your match with Trent Baretta, you both put a post match beatdown on Trent. During that beatdown, a young lady who seemed to just be a casual fan sitting in the front row, hopped the guardrail and...

Drew McIntyre: (Interrupting) That's enough, Todd. We know what happened, we were there, it happened to us. But with regards to what we're going to do about it... Don't you worry, we've got something lined up for Trent and his little friend.

~ Kelly then directs Grisham's hand and microphone to her mouth

Kelly Kelly: We know that Trent and that scrawny little horrorbag are in the arena tonight, and we know that they are both chomping at the bit to get a piece of me and Drew. So we're going to give them that opportunity tonight, and we'll prove to them that we're better than we actually look.

~ K2 then pushes Grisham's arm out of the way, and Drew picks up his bags before the couple hold hands and storm off down the car park, where we return live to the arena...


*Back to ringside*


And the arena ERUPTS with masses of boos and obscenities, as the whiny and screaching voice destroys all of the live audience's ear drums, and Vickie Guerrero strolls out on to the stage, clad in her business suit and "Cougar" necklace.

Vickie Guerrero: Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the most athletic and physically capable man on the entire WWE roster. The man that will defeat that social outcast, Daniel Bryan, and then go on to win The Royal Rumble match and main event Wrestlemania... The WWE Intercontinental Champion... DOLPH... ZIGGLER!


And on to the stage hops the Intercontinental Champion, the man himself, Dolph Ziggler, wo meets his manager at the top of the ramp, valiantly applauding for her man. The duo then make their way down the ramp, interacting with the fans at ringside to gain more heat, as Dolph prepares for this huge match.

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, everybody, and what a match this promises to be. That man right there, Dolph Ziggler - The Intercontinental Champion - Going one on on with Raw's Daniel Bryan, The United States Champion.

Michael Cole: And I couldn't think of a better man to rip Mr. Boring apart than Dolph Ziggler. Athleticism, charisma, confidence, in-ring skills and Vickie Guerrero. The man has it all and he fully deserves this huge stage, on Friday Night Smackdown, to beat down and physically embarrass that nerd, Daniel Bryan.

Josh Matthews: Yes, Dolph Ziggler is a mighty fine athlete and he has all of the tools to succeed here in the WWE. But so does Daniel Bryan, Michael. What exactly is your beef with Daniel?

Michael Cole: He's boring. He has no personality. He's got the sense of humour of a stone and he has a crappy hair cut. What is there to like about the guy?!


The boos instantly transition in to light cheers, as Raw's Daniel Bryan saunters on to the stage and down the ramp, with his US title wrapped firmly around his waist. Clad in his purple/maroon boots, trunks and ring jacket, Bryan looks very focused ahead of this match.

Michael Cole: Look at him, Josh! His entrance says it all! His music plays, he walks, he enters the ring. Nothing special, nothing flashy, nothing showing any signs of interest or charisma. This guy makes a watching paint dry the most interesting thing in the world.

Josh Mathhews: Well he may not have the flashy pyrotechnics and he may look like an average guy that you'd see in the streets. But you don't need to be dynamic and you don't need to be the most eccentric man on the planet to succeed here in the WWE, and that is shown by Daniel Bryan holding one of the most pretigious belts in the whole of Professional Wrestling, the WWE United States Champions - A title that Daniel Bryan just so happened to win from your good buddy, The Miz, last summer, Michael!

Michael Cole: Yeah, by an absolute fluke. And since then, look where The Miz is, he's the WWE Champion. Don't you ever try to belittle the most must see WWE Champion by even mentioning him in the same breath as this castaway. Eurghh.

2 - Singles Match - Winner's respective brand earns #30 spot at The Royal Rumble
WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs.
WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan

The bell tolls and the two very accomplished technicians circle one another in the ring, before locking up. From the lock up, it is Ziggler that gains the advantage by grabbing the arm and instantly torquing it with a hammerlock on Bryan. Daniel then reaches over his shoulder with his free arm, snapmares Ziggler and locks in a reverse chin lock, depriving the IC Champ of oxygen. Ziggler is quickly back up to his feet, as Bryan transitions in to a side headlock and Ziggler pushes him off the ropes and on the rebound, the US Champ attempts a shoulder tackle, and neither man budges.

The two share words in the middle of the ring, before Ziggler runs off of the ropes and attempts a shoulder tackle of his own, but once again neither man budges. The two once again scream at each other in middle of the ring, as Bryan demands Ziggler tries again - Which Ziggler does after being influenced by Vickie at ringside. Dolph bounces off of the ropes and charges as hard as he can with his shoulder in to Bryan, but Bryan nonchalantly sticks out a foot and trips Dolph over, who falls flat on his face, before Bryan quickly hits the mat and slaps in a tight front facelock.

Vickie screams from ringside, urging her client to get up, but the United States champion pushes his hips to the floor, baring all of his weight on the neck and throat of Ziggler. We hear some grunts from both men, showing how much effort they are putting in to applying or escaping the hold, and eventually Bryan mixes things up... Whilst still maintaining the facelock, he crawls on to his knees and pushes over and bridges with the choke... LAST CHANCERY! The crowd are in awe of the submission hold, as Ziggler loudly groans from the agony that he is in, whilst Byran wrenches the head and chin as hard as he can, trying to end it early.

The pain is excruciating for Dolph as several times he raises his arm, hinting that he's clsoe to tapping, as Raw's representative pulls and tugs of his foes head as hard as he can. VICKIE IS ON THE APRON! Vickie Guererro climbs on to the apron and causes a scene, leaving the referee no choice but to confront Guerrero... Leaving Dolph Ziggler the opportunity... TO POKE DANIEL BRYAN IN THE EYE! Through hook or crook, Dolph has managed to escape the submission hold, as Vickie timely steps off of the apron as soon as she see's Ziggles out of the hold.

Bryan worms about on the mat, clutching his eye, whilst Ziggler makes use of the ring ropes to slowly get back on to his feet... Before pouncing on Daniel Bryan with some vicious stomps on the mat, as Daniel slowly crawls in to the corner and Dolph follows with some brutal stomps. Once in the corner, Dolph really does stomp a mudhole in Bryan's chest, before sticking his foot in the adams apple of his opponent, and leaning back, using the ropes for leverage, for added pressure.

Dolph lets go after the referee counts to four to avoid disqualification, before face washing Bryan with his boot three times, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Ziggler than wipes his hair back, before bouncing off of the ropes... RUNNING FACEWASH to Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe style, as DB just leans defenceless over the bottom rope. The ever cocky and brash shows why he is eactly that, as he doesn't continue the offence, and instead strust Jeff Jarrett style, in to the middle of the ring, to the pleasure and entertainment of the cougar at ringside and Michael Cole on commentary.

Dolphy returns to the offence eventually, as he catches Bryan as he's just making his way back on to his feet in the turnbuckle. Dolph then climbs the second rope and rains down on Bryan with ten punches, each one rocking Bryan to the core. Once he steps down, Dolph whips Bryan across the ring and looks to follow up with a stinger splash... BUT BRYAN SIDESTEPS IT, gets the back of Dolph Ziggler... OVERHEAD RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! The great show of explosiveness and power of Daniel Bryan turns Ziggler inside out, as Mr Perfection flips in mid air and lands face first!

The crowd pop big time, whilst Vickie is yelping at ringside, as both men lie on the mat, fatigued from the already physically demanding match that they are a part of. At 7 in the referee's standing count, both men stumble on to their feet, before meeting in the middle of the ring and trading vicious blows - Bryan uses stiff forearms, whereas Ziggler uses closed fists - And eventually it's Daniel Bryan's pure striking ability that siezes the advantage, as he has Ziggle reeling, backing him in to the ropes. Bryan whips Ziggler off, leapfrogs Ziggler and on the rebound sends him face first in to the mat with a Flapjack... Keeping a hold of the leg, Bryan rolls backwards... HALF BOSTON CRAB! Bryan has him locked in another submission, as he leans back as far as he can, twisting and torquing the left leg of Dolph, who is once again screaming in agony.

After several moments of DB working the left leg of Ziggler, he realises that it's not going to do it... As he lets go of the leg, floats over Ziggler's prone body... LEBELL LOCK!?... NO! Ziggler manages to roll out of the way of Bryan's attempted Lebell Lock, ebfore he evacuates the ring to reassess his game plan alongside his manager, Vickie Guerrero, whilst Bryan raises his arm high in the air, knowing he got the best of Ziggler on that exchange.

After several moments of conversing with Vickie, Dolph turns around and looks t re-enter the ring... But he's met with a DIVING SUICIDA from Daniel Bryan, who like a flying missile, takes out Dolph Ziggler and rams him spine first in to the security barricade! The crowd is loving every moment of it, as Bryan is in firm control of this match, before rolling Ziggler back in to the ring, wanting to win this match properly. Daniel makes the cover.... NO! Ziggler thrusts his right shoulder up at two and a half.

The efficient and recourseful Daniel Bryan, knowing he's ever so close to picking up the victory, returns to punishing Ziggler, as he drags him on to his knees... Before connecting with two STINGING kicks to the chest and pectorial region of Dolph... AND A KNOCKOUT ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEA... NO! Dolph ducks, Bryan follows through, Dolph gets the school boy...!








NO! Bryan explodes out at two and seven eighths, and Dolph nor Vickie can believe it! Venting his frustrations, Dolph leaps on to Bryan, mounts him, and destroys him with stiff and brutal right hands to the temple, despite Bryan's best efforts of covering up. Dolph then pushes Bryan in to the corner, and drives the air out of him with four shoulder blocks to the sternum. The Intercontinental Champion signals that its almost over, as he makes his way to the middle of the ring, looking for a running shoulder block... BUT DANIEL BRYAN GETS THE SUNSET FLIP... ONE... TWO... THREE! DANIEL BRYAN HAS STOLE ONE! VICKIE AND DOLPH ARE IN A STATE OF SHOCK AND DISBELIEF!
Winner: Daniel Bryan via Pinfall @ 11:11

The crowd erupt at the sight of the referee's hand htiting the mat for the third time, as Vickie lets off a long and high-pitch cry of disblief and dissapointment, whilst the victor rushes out of the ring to avoid any post match beatdown, before being met by the referee half way up the ramp with his United States Championship. We then get a shot of Ziggler who is on his hands and knees, pounding the mat in frustration.

Michael Cole: LOOK JOSH, HE CAN'T EVEN FINISH A MATCH PROPERLY, HE HAS TO DO SNEAK A VICTORY! For a man who claims he's a submission specialist, he doesn't really prove it in the ring.

Josh Matthews: What do you mean he can't finish a match properly?! If it wasn't for Vickie Guerrero's distraction early on in the match, he may have had it won 8 minutes earlier. And besides, Bryan didn't cheat, he won fair and square. It's a shame that a Smackdown superstar won't be entering The Royal Rumble at number 30, but it couldn't have been a nice guy that lost to Daniel Bryan tonight, than Dolph Ziggler.

Michael Cole: I can't believe it! The vanilla midget steals on again, for crying out loud!



We then go backstage, where we see JTG and Ezekiel Jackson talking to one another in the corridor, as JTG prepares for his tag team match against Rey Mysterio and Chris Masters later on tonight.

JTG: So then, I ran up in his yard yo' and I was all like - "Yo dawg, get yo' hands off ma' girl or im'a have to deal wit'chu personally" and Zeke man, you should have seen the fear dat was on dat boys face. Boy looked like he just seen a monster or suttin'

JTG laughs at the story that he is telling, as Big Zeke's face is set in stone, looking behind JTG. The camera pans back out, and it is JTG's partner for tonight, Kane, but JTG doesn't even have a clue that he's there.

JTG: I'm tellin ya' man, all you gotta do when it comes to chicks is don't be afraid, homie, chyeaaaah. All them white girls hate it when you go cryin' to yo momma and can't... YO! Zeke, are you even listenin' to me, dawg?

Kane: Oh he's listening, and so am I. So tell me Jay... Tee... Gee... What exactly do these white girls appreciate?

A lot of laughs from the crowd, as J is completely freaked out...

JTG: (nervously) Yooo, look Zeke, it's ma big red homie; K-Dizzle man chyeaaaaah, how you doin?

Kane: ...

JTG: In fact dawg, don't even answer that, I can tell that'chu real happy dat you're teamin' wit me man. But one thing you gotta remember when you team wit me', is don't come sneakin' up from behind me like you just did then... In some hoods, dat can be considered a bit weird... If ya dig?

~ JTG lets off a big cheesy grin to his partner for tonight, showing off his "grills"

Kane: I'll bare that in mind... Dog.

~ We hear a hell of a lot of cheers from the crowd, as Kane barges past Ezekiel and continues down the corridor. JTG then turns to his proper partner...

JTG: Ah man... He's not as bad as I thought you know, Zeke. He could come chill with us down in the ghetto sometime. He's a real cool cat.

Ezekiel Jackson: (unconvincingly) Sure.

The two men then also go down the corridor, as JTG begins hopping from side to side, rapping about some girls and money, as the gargantuan Jackson follows, looking as menacing as he usually does.





Narrator: Success...

A split screen of every single championship belt in the WWE, all of which are resting on a spotlighted, silk pillow stool

Success can be measured through a list of accomplishments...

Slow motion shots of The Miz raising his newly won WWE title in the air after cashing in his money in the bank briefcase - "WE HAVE A NEW WWE CHAMPION"

Success can be measured through achieving your dreams...

A shot of Rey Mysterio winning his first World Title at Wrestlemania 22 with Michael Cole screaming over the top - "BY GOD, REY MYSTERIO HAS DONE IT!"

Or success can be measured through the legacy that you forge...

A shot of the final Tombstone on Shawn Michaels at last year's Wrestlemania, as The Undertaker extends his undefeated streak even further - "TWO OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, IN THE GREATEST MATCH OF ALL TIME"

All we know is...

An extreme slow motion of John Cena lifting Dave Batista on to his shoulders in preparation for the Attitude Adjustment - "HE'S GONNA' DO IT... JOHN CENA...!


The slow motion shot is still there, but this time it's John Cena actually slamming Wade Batista down to the canvas - "HE NAILS IT! IT'S GOTTA BE OVER! 1...2...3!"

Is Certain.

When Batista smashes the canvas, the slow motion instantly transitions in to fast paced shots, whilst the instrumental of Detroit Rapper, Royce Da 5'9's song, Legendary, plays.

Michael Cole:

Quickfire clips of Randy Orton RKOing Ted DiBiase, Rey Mysterio 619'ing CM Punk, CM Punk grabbing the Money In The Bank Briefcase and Kane Chokeslamming Chavo Guerrero - All from Wrestlemanias passed

Jim Ross:

More speedy clips - This time of the infamous Edge spearing Jeff Hardy in the TLC match, Shawn Michaels drilling Kurt Angle with a Sweet Chin Music, and finally... The legendary staredown between The Rock and Hulk Hogan

Vince McMahon:

The package ends with the image of Rock and Hogan fading in to a beautiful view of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta - The arena that will play host to Wrestlemania 27. The Wrestlemania 27 logo then fades in over the top, as does the sound of a raucous crowd chanting "THIS IS AWESOME" along with the subsequent claps, before we fade to black.


April 3, 2011
The Georgia Dome | Atlanta, Georgia
Success Is Certain






And as promised earlier, Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly make their way out to the ring, lookg extremely serious. Everyone in the audience are booing the shit out of the dynamic couple. Slowly but surely make their way to the ring, neither of them looking dressed to compete.

Michael Cole: And here they are, Josh! The WWE's biggest, best and most amazing power couple - "The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre and his beautiful girlfriend, Kelly Kelly. And I for one, can't wait to see what they have in mind fo that mystery woman and that waste of space, Trent Barreta. How do people even think Trent is in Drew's league, all you have to do is look at them both to realise how far apart they are!

Josh Matthews: Well once again, it's all down to opinion. But over the past couple of weeks, the rivalry between both Trent and Drew has been really interesting to watch develop. It started off from Drew's girlfriend, Kelly Kelly, showing some form of affection and worry for Trent's condition after a match between McIntyre and Barreta... But now... Well now, Kelly couldn't care if Trent never wrestled again.

Michael Cole: And the same goes for me! Trent is just a boy in a man's world. A world dominated by people exactly like Drew McIntyre. All Trent is is a starry-eyed kid, who got a lucky break in to the WWE and has outstayed his welcome by far. He even had to have a girl come out and save him last week, I think that says it all.

Josh Matthews: I dare you to say that to Beth Phoenix...

Josh Matthews 1 - 0 Michael Cole. Anyway, by now, the couple are in the ring and are awaiting for the muscie to die down, as The Sinister Scotsman has a microphone in hand. A "you suck" chant reverberates around the arena, halting Drew from talking...

Drew McIntyre: Since I came in to this company... I have always been labelled s a future prospect... A young man, full of potential, with the desire to one day be the very best this company has to offer. And this was confirmed when Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself named me as The Chosen One...

~ The crowd boos the holy hell out of Mac, as Kelly applauds her man

Drew McIntyre: Boo me all you want, because it's a fact. It's happened, there were witnesses. The owner of this company, who has seen some of the very best come and go, chose and touted me as the future of this company and of professional wrestling as a whole... And so far, I have yet to disappoint.

~ The typical "USA" chant breaks out amongst the fans, but this doesn't stop Drew Mac

Drew McIntyre: But the past couple of weeks... A wee boy has tried to ride my coat tails to fame and glory. An awe-struck kid has leeched on to my journey to the top of the mountain and has tried to make it his own. An attention seeking, good for nothing, meaningless no-hoper has tried to make a name for himself at my expense... And that kid, is Trent Barreta.

Both Drew and K2 grimace at the mention of Barreta, whereas the crowd pop big time for the mention of the young upstart

Drew McIntyre: And not only does it make me sick to my stomach to see him in the same god-damn locker room as me... It makes me sick to my stomach hearing him say that he is better than me. That he is more talented than me. That he is more of a man than me... It makes me sick. So that's why... Last week, I did what I did to him.

~ Insane amounts of heat for the reminder of the vicious beatdown Drew put on Trent

Drew McIntyre: I physically dominated him in the middle of this ring, and I drilled his skull in to this canvas not once, not twice, but three times, with the Futureshock DDT. I grabbed that leech, I ripped it off of me, and I squashed it. I... Decimated... Trent Barreta... And he deserved every - second - of it.

~ Mac and Kelly laugh simultaneously, as they reminisce fondly on the ongoings of last week. Josh Matthews tuts in disgust on commentary, and the crowd are shouting all sorts of abuse at Drew and Kelly, who completely no-sell it.

Drew McIntyre: So what happened... Trent shows his real colours, and he hides behind a woman. A woman, who by the way isn't remotely close to being as beautiful as Kelly, that in the space of one week has personally signed Trent's death wish for him. All of the pain and embarassment that woman caused myself and my beautiful girlfriend... We're going to multiply tenfold and inflict straight back on her boytoy, Trent Barreta... And as for the woman herself... Whoever she is... We'll find her, and we'll do the exact same thin...


Click here to listen

The unknown guitar rift bellows over the PA system, to very little reaction at first, but the crowd becomes unglued at the site of TRENT BARRETA and the mystery woman! Drew and Kelly aren't best pleased with the interruption, as Trent and the woman walk side by side down the ramp. Trent, clad in his ring gear, is looking as cool and as nonchalant as usual, whereas the woman is looking fairly nervous about the whole thing... Is she having any regrets?

Josh Matthews: What a reaction for the young man from New York! Trent is getting an outstanding reaction from these fans in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I can't blame them. In my professional opinion, Trent is one of the brightest prospects on the whole WWE roster and I'm sure that this young man has bright things ahead of him, here in the WWE.

Michael Cole: I don't care about Trent, Josh, but look at that woman. Can you see the look of fear on her face? She's quaking in her boots. Listen to me girly, you made a mistake! If I were her, Josh, I'd be kissing Drew's and Kelly's feet right now and treating them like royalty because the pain that they are going to inflict on her loverboy is... Well I don't even want to think about it.

Josh Matthews: Will you shut the hell up for one moment?! Maybe she's nervous because this is her first time in the WWE? Maybe she's nervous because she's getting in the ring with a former Intercontinental Champion and one of the most accomplished Divas in the WWE? () Hell, maybe she's just a nervous person?1

By now, Barreta and the woman are in the ring, as Trent grabs a microphone from Tony Chimel, and his music dies down.

Drew McIntyre: What the hell do you want, squirt?!

~ Trent scoffs to himself, as he takes another look at the unknown woman, who is standing sheepishly behind Trent

Trent Barreta: What the hell do I want? I'll tell you what I want... I want to kick your ass!

~ !!!!!!! The crowd explodes, as a rather large "Trent Barreta *CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP* chant breaks out amongst the 10,000+ fans in the crowd.

Trent Barreta: But before I do that, I've got someone I want you to meet... And if I remember correctly, I think you three became somewhat acquainted last week. Drew, Kelly... This is...

~ Out of nowhere, the woman gains all of the confidence in the world and snatches the microphone out of Trent's hand and stomps in front of Trent, right in the face of both Drew and Kelly.

Mystery Woman: Hi. My name is AJ Lee... And I hate both of your guts.

~ Another eruption from the crowd, as both Drew and Kelly look at one another and laugh at the much smaller and physically imposing woman, now known as AJ Lee. Kelly then takes the microphone out of Drew's hand, as she crouches in a patronising and belittling fashion.

Kelly Kelly: Aww, aren't you cute. But I think it's past your bedtime missy, do you want you ickle' boyfriend Trent Barreta to sing you a lullaby before beddy-byes?



AND FOR THE SECOND TIME TONIGHT, A WAVE OF SECURITY ENTERS THE RING AND SPLITS THE BRAWL UP, much to the dismay of the crowd. Once all four superstars have been separated, cameras than pay attention to the titantron where Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, appears.

Teddy Long: This situation between you guys is getting way too far out of hand, and I can't take it anymore. I have enough on my plate at the minute by trying to make Smackdown the A-Brand in Sports Entertainment. So for that reason, I'm gonna' settle this once and for all. Seeing as you aren't ready to compete Drew, you've got until the end of the commercial break to find an opponent for Trent over there. If your chosen opponent wins, AJ Lee, you will forever be banned from any Smackdown arenas.

~ The crowd make their voices heard,a s the boo at that announcement. It is clear the crowd have already taken a liking to AJ Lee. We get a shot of Drew's and Kelly's face lighting up with sadistic smirks

Teddy Long: But Trent Barreta, playa, if you win, then next week... On Friday Night Smackdown... You will go one on one with Drew McIntyre... IN A NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH! Now you better believe dat!

~ WOIIIIII! THE CROWD GOES INSANE as the before sadistic grins of Mac and K2 slowly turn in to disgustingly disappointed scowls. Whereas Trent licks his lips, relishing the opportunity. We then see Drew rolling out of the ring, and running up the ramp to find an opponent for Trent, as Kelly follows suit. Meanwhile, Trent and AJ hug in the middle of the ring, talking to one another, making sure they're okay.

Josh Matthews: What an announcement by Theodore Long! We're going for a commercial break, but stay tuned for more of the hottest wrestling action on television as Trent Barreta is in action... And its' next!



3 - Singles Match - Drew McIntyre on commentary
Trent Barreta
w/ AJ Lee vs. Tyler Reks

Upon return, the bell rings, and we hear the voice of The Sinister Scotsman in the booth. Drew says that as soon as he heard that he had to find an opponent, he knew that Tyler Reks would be the perfect guy. A young, hungry guy with all of the potential in the world, that renders all of Trent's speed and agility useless and if somehow some way, Trent manages to be victorious tonight, Drew knows that Tyler would put that much of a beating on him throughout the match that Barreta won't be 100% next week. To which Michael Cole licks Drew's arse about, saying that Drew is the smartest man on the Smackdown roster.

Anyway, on to the match. The bell rings as the huge Tyler Reks begins to corner Trent, who slowly walks backwards in to the turnbuckle. Trent tries to get past Tyler, but all Reks has to do is step in the way, and Barreta backs off. The third time that Trent tried to make his way past Reks, the mammoth catches him, before picking him up and launching him in to the turnbuckle, spine first. Reks then rushes in for a clothesline, but Trent ducks and escapes, making his way in to the middle of the ring.

The two then circle one another, before looking to go for a tie up, but Trent ducks underneath Reks' arms and gets the sideheadlock. Tyler pushes Trent off but follows up with a rough shoulder tackle, sending Trent to the mat. Tyler then picks the smaller man up, looking for a scoop slam, but Barreta slides over the shoulder of T-Reks before connecting with a stiff european uppercut, dazing Reks, before backing off. The two opponents then meet each other in the middle of the ring, as Trent looks for a right hand, Reks blocks it and hits the New Yorker with a kick to the sternum and a clubbing forearm to the back. Reks then follows up with several extremely aggressive and forceful strikes of his own, sending Trent around the ring.

After bashing Trent up several times, Reks whips him in to the ropes, where Trent ducks an attempted clothesline, then ducks a wild back forearm before bouncing off of the ropes a third time and drilling the gargantuan with a leaping forearm. Trent has Reks reeling, before bouncing off of the ropes again and doing it a second time... But still, Trent can't knock down the big man. Known he's nearly there, Barreta runs off of the rops again and tries a leaping forearm and HE KNOCKS REKS DOWN! The high octane pace continues as Trent bounces off of the ropes again and drives the wind out of Tyler with a running Swanton bomb, rolling through then LIONSAULTING OFF OF THE OPPOSITE ROPES! This could be it... NO! Reks powers out.

Both men get up, and Trent once again dazes Reks with another uppercut, before flooring the big man with a side headlock takeover and squeezing the head with the headlock. We can see the amount of effort Trent is putting in, trying to wear down the much bigger man, as AJ pounds the canvas in support. Eventually, Reks makes his way to his feet and pushes Trent in to the corner and in to the ropes, where Trent lets go of the side headlock, expecting the clean break from his opponent...

But no, Reks drives his enormous shoulder in to the gut of Trent five times, before bring him in to the middle of the ring, before sending him in to the turnbuckle. Trent floats over an oncoming Tyler, and as soon as he turns around, the big man is ROCKED with a picture perfect dropsault, sending Tyler Reks to the mat and out of the ring. Reks recovers on the outside, clasping his jaw, whilst Trent gets the crowd involved... TOPE CON HILO, WHIPING OUT TYLER REKS AND THE CROWD ARE ON THEIR FEET~!

Trent nips back on to his feet before celebrating the amazing move, before picking up Reks and throwing him in the ring, and hooking the leg, only for a two count. Trent then manages to pull Reks to his feet, connects with three knife edge chops, bounces off of the ropes... Only to be caught with a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! decimating the spine of poor Trent, much to the delight of Drew on commentary. Reks makes the cover... HE'S GOT IT!... NO!

Reks, being the focused individual that he is, then turns Trent on to his stomach, before locking in a camel clutch-esque type hold, working on the back, weighing all of his 270 pound frame down on the small of poor Barreta's spine. Reks remorselessly leans back as far as humanly possibly, damn near breaking Trent's back, as AJ pounds the ring apron trying to motivate Trent, as the crowd join in.

Eventually, Trent manages to connect with several elbows to the temple of T-Reks, forcing him to let go. Tyler pounces back on him, however, picking him back up and whipping him in to the corner. Reks then looks for the splash, but he gets a face full of leather boot for his efforts, before Trent scales to the second rope... LEAPING TORNADO DDT, SPIKING REKS ON HIS HEAD! BUT ONLY FOR TWO AND A HALF!

Barreta, despite the punishment he has suffered, somehow manages to scramble on to his feet, before standing with his back to the prone Reks... STANDING MOONSAULT! He makes another cover... But once again, he only gets two and a half. Trent then pulls Reks to his feet and whips him off in to the ropes, but Reks reverses and sends Barreta in to the ropes. Tyler ducks his head looking for a big back body drop, but Trent hurdles over him, bounces off of the other ropes... A RUNNING JUMPING KNEE, DAMN NEAR KNOCKING TYLER REKS OUT! The connection echoes throughout the arena, garnering a collective "ooh" from the crowd, whilst Barretathen scales to the top rope, signalling it's over... SOMERSAULT GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!... IT'S OVER! BARRETA COVERS AND PINS REKS FOR THE THREE COUNT!
Winner: Trent Barreta via Pinfall @ 9:30

He's done it! Barreta has overcame the odds and defeated a much more powerful and a much stronger competitor in Tyler Reks. Clutching his back, Trent makes his way to his feet as AJ enters the ring... AND THE TWO KISS! It is now clear that the two are in some form of relationship! After the kiss, they raise each other's hand in triumph, whilst Drew and Kelly look on from the ringside position

Josh Matthews: Well there you have it, Drew. Not only have you found out that that woman is Trent Barreta's girlfriend, but you've also found out that next week you'll be going one on one with Trent Barreta in a No Hold's Barred match!

Drew McIntyre: Why're you saying that as if it's a bad thing, Joshy boy? Next week, Trent Barreta's career is like soft clay, and it's in my hands. I can do what I want with it. I decided whether Mr Barreta lives or dies and I decide how much pain and suffering I put him through. Come next week, I'll be the judge, the jury and the executioner and I'll put an end to Trent's sorry excuse of a career. I'm outta' here.

~ Drew then throws the headset on the commentary table, before himself and Kelly make their way around the ring and up the ramp, locking eyes with both Trent and AJ who remain in the ring.

Josh Matthews: What a match that will be, ladies and gentlemen. But with both men entering The Royal Rumble just two days after this match is taking place, it'll be interesting to see how far these men are willing to go to put an end to this bitter rivalry.

Michael Cole: What lengths they will go to? Josh, be serious, Drew doesn't need to go to any lengths. If Trent is wise, he won't even show up next week and he won't even show up at The Royal Rumble either, because he hasn't got a chance in hell of winning either.


Raw Rebound: We then see a video package, recapping what happened on Monday Night Raw this week. The Miz narrowly defeating William Regal, Barret overcoming John Morrison, the brawl between Tyson Kidd and DH Smith, as well as the match between Randy Orton and Alex Riley, followed by the post match beatdown the WWE Champion, The Miz, put down on his number one contender, destroying the ankle, as Raw came to a close.





When we return, we go straight to the back where Matt Striker makes his second appearance of the night, as keen as ever, standing outside of a locker room with a microphone in hand. Matt knocks on the door, and awaits an answer. The door slightly opens and Ricardo Rodriguez pokes his little head around the corner

Matt Striker: I'm sorry to bother you Ricardo, but I was wondering if I could just get a few words with Alberto ahead of his main event match tonight against the World Heavyweight Champion?

Ricardo Rodriquez: Que?

~ Laughs from the crowd, as the language barrier between Striker and Ricardo seems to be a little bit of a problem

Matt Striker: Me... Matt Striker... Talk... Alberto Del Rio?

~ RR nods as if to understand, before weaseling back in to the locker room, shutting the door behind him. We then hear Ricardo screaming "Alberto Alberto" followed by some Spanish nonsense, ending in "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT STRIKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" similar to how he announces Del Rio's name during his entrance. Matt lets off a little proud smile as we await the appearance of ADR, and eventually the door opens and out steps the man himself - Alberto Del Rio

Matt Striker: Alberto, you have a huge match tonight against the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. A match that if you win, you'll be thrusted in to title contention following the Royal Rumble. What're your thoughts heading in to the match?

Alberto Del Rio: What are my thoughts? My thoughts are very simple. Last year, I took out and injured Edge's amigo, Christian, and he has not been seen or head from since I did that. Tonight, I do the exact same thing to his friend - I put Edge in the Cross Armbreaker, I take him out, and then I claim what is rightfully man and I fulfill my destiny in becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

~ Del Rio develops a cheesy smile, showing his pearly whites, obviously happy at the thought of doing exactly that.

Matt Striker: Well it is evident that you are one of the most talented superstars on the WWE roster and some people even say that you have all of the skills to become a future hall of famer and legend in this business. Would you agree with those people?

Alberto Del Rio: Well... Are ju' one of those people, Matt Striker?

Matt Striker: (Nervously) Ermm, Yeah?

Alberto Del Rio: That is a very good answer, ju' are doing well. And ju and the rest of the people who think that are exactly right. Ju see, I've been a champion wherever I've been and the double-double ee is no different. I have only been here for 6 months yet I have defeated all that there is to defeat, and if I'm not already champion by then, I will go on to win the Royal Rumble match and I will main event Wrestlemania and I will achieve my destiny.

With that, Berty' re-enters the locker room, as Matt Striker sends it back to Michael Cole and Josh Matthews at ringside.


*Back to ringside*



To a decent enough reaction, but nothing spectacular, out from the back comes the impressive looking Chris Masters who is set for tag team action. The Masterpiece sports a small smile on his face as he makes an appearance on a show not named Superstars for the first time in a long time.

Josh Matthews: Well to say Alberto Del Rio is confident is a bit of an understatement, isn't it?

Michael Cole: Do you blame him? Alberto Del Rio is the fastest rising superstars in Smackdown history. Already in his short career, he has defeated Rey Mysterio, Kane, Christian, The Big Show and even Edge himself. In my opinion, he is one of the favourites heading in to The Royal Rumble match in nine days.

Josh Matthews: Speaking of The Royal Rumble, what if it is this man, 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters that is victorious? Anything is possible in the WWE, as we all know, and maybe, just maybe, The Royal Rumble is the opportunity that this young man needs to progress to the next level?

Michael Cole: Are we talking about the same person, Josh? This is Chris Masters, the guy that has been here since 2005 and has done nothing remotely entertaining or memorable. God, be realistic, Josh.



And to a HUGE reception from the crowd, the legendary Rey Mysterio rushes out on to the stage, embracing with several fans at ringside before entering the ring and meeting his partner for tonight.

Josh Matthews: Well if you rewind to early 2006 Michael, nobody would have thought Rey Mysterio would win The Royal Rumble. But that is exactly what he did, and not only did he win, he won after entering at number one. Rey asted almost 70 minutes and bested 29 other men to progress to Wrestlemania and become World Champion. Will Rey be able to do it again in nine days?

Michael Cole: Lightning doesn't strike twice, Josh. Rey fluked it back in 2006 and since then he's become older and slower. 2006, I admit, was a good year for Rey Mysterio, but that was the peak of his career and it's all gone downhill since then. Not a chance Rey is winning in Boston.



Accompanied by the muscle, and his tag team partner Big Zeke, the outspoken JTG dances on to the stage. With his classic timberlands on, as well as his left leg of his jeans rolled up, on top of all the jewelery, JTG looks more than ready to compete.

Michael Cole: You want to talk about a man that can have his breakout moment this year? It's this man right here. Not only can JTG go in the ring, not only is he charismatic, but he's intelligent - I mean, how clever is he to hang around with that behemoth, Ezekiel Jackson.

Josh Matthews: It definitely is a wise move for someone like JTG to buddy up to someone like Ezekiel Jackson. Both men do possess different qualities that when added together, provide for a very deadly team. But Ezekiel Jackson will not be a part of The Royal Rumble match, so I will be interested to see how JTG fairs on his own.

Michael Cole: I'm expecting big things from this young man. Just look at him! I believe the kids nowadays would say "Check out dat boys swag"

Josh Matthews: Oh sweet Jesus...



To a HUGE mixed reaction, The Devil's Favourite Demon, Kane, menacingly makes his way to the ring, not seeming remotely bothered for either his partner or his opponents tonight - Just wanting to get the job done, and as he said last week, hut people.

Josh Matthews: Well you want to talk about leaving a last impression at The Royal Rumble, this is the man the personifies that. The Big Red Machine has appeared in every single Royal Rumble match since 1998. In five of them, he was in the final four. In 2001, Kane lasted 54 minutes, and in the process he eliminated 11 people in just that one Royal Rumble and in total, he has eliminated 35 Superstars - Only six short of being the all time record holder, who is currently Shawn Michaels. Now that, is dominance.

Michael Cole: All of those stats are irrelevant, Josh, because the fact of the matter is that Kane has yet to win a Royal Rumble match and as a result, Kane has yet to main event Wrestlemania. No amount of eliminations or appearances changes that fact - Kane is a choke artist, and if I were a betting man, I would say that that trend continues this year, as well.

4 - Tag Team Match
Chris Masters and Rey Mysterio
vs. JTG w/ Ezekiel Jackson and 'The Big Red Machine' Kane

The bell rings, and it is the two smaller men that start the match for their team, JTG and Rey Mysterio. The two lock up, and it is JTG using his size and strength advantage to power Rey in to the turnbuckle. The referee looks for the clean break, but JTG disrespectfully SLAPS Rey Mysterio. J backs of arrogantly, and the two lock up for a second time. Once again, JTG powers ReyRey in to the corner, and attempts to slap him again, but Mysterio ducks and connects with a slap of his own! At one a piece, the two lock up one more time, but instead Rey ducks under and gets the go-behind, followed up by an amateur belly to back takedown, and Rey then finished by slapping the back of the head of JTG, embarrassing him and getting in to his head. Knowing he's one upped his opponent, Rey tags out to Masters, and JTG tags out to Kane, allowing the big men to go at it.

From there, the big men lock up and go back and forth in gaining the advantage, as it seems that both men's strength and power is virtually the same. However, it is the experience that benefits Kane, as on the fourth lock up attempt, he fakes it and drills Masters with a throat thrust. From there, Kane and JTG share frequent tags, isolating the less experienced Masterpiece. As you would expect, Kane is the one doing the majority of the work, with the cowardly JTG picking up the pieces.

After several minutes of a convincing control period, the tides turn and Masters catches JTG after a flying Cross Body from the top rope attempted from JTG. Masters then launches JTG halfway across the ring with a FALLAWAY SLAM!... Before making the hot tag to his partner from San Diego!

Upon entrance, Rey springboards and takes JTG down with a dropkick. Rey is straight back up on his feet and then baseball sldies the legs of Kane, causing him to fall off of the apron and smashes his face. Rey then gets straight back to work on JTG with some stinging leg kicks, before sending him out of the ring with a tiltawhirl headscissors takeover. Showing some teamwork, Masters then Military Presses Mysterio to the outside, taking out both JTG and Big Zeke!

From there, the two legal men in Mysterio and JTG both re-enter the ring, but JTG LOW BLOWS Mysterio whilst the ref is distracted by Jackson on the outside, to regain the advantage for his team. From there, Kane and Jay-Tizzle double team the much smaller Rey Mysterio, as Masters is bubbling on the outside, frothing at the mouth to get in there and help his partner.

The ending comes when JTG whips Mysterio in to the ropes, and Chris makes the blind tag. From there, Rey bounces off of the ropes and once again connects with a headscissors takeover, leaving JTG hung over up the second rope. Masters, meanwhile takes out Kane on the apron. Rey then dials it up... 619 CONNECTS... JTG stumbles back... RIGHT IN TO THE MASTERLOCK!... AND JTG SUBMITS!
Winners: Rey Mysterio and Chris Masters via Submission @ 8:59

The crowd rise to their feet in appreciation for a good match that they just saw, and the faces came out victorious. And besides, who doesn't like seeing JTG tap out? Masters and Rey celebrate in the ring, whilst Zeke carries JTG over his shoulder to the back, and Kane shakes his head in disapproval of JTG tapping out.

Josh Matthews: What were you saying earlier, Michael? Chris Masters hasn't got a chance in hell, and JTG does? Well correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Chris Masters just make JTG tap out in the middle of that ring?

Michael Cole: Well making people submit won't win you The Royal Rumble, and Chris Masters is a one trick pony, that's all he can do. I'd be surprised if Masters will even last more than five minutes.

Josh Matthews: Be that as it may, an impressive victory nonetheless. Folks, we're going for our final commercial break of the evening and still to come, out main event, Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio. You can't miss it! We'll be back in a moment, here, on Friday Night Smackdown.



Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and in case you've just joined us, you better rewind or watch the repeat because you've missed a hell of a show, as we are heading towards The Royal Rumble in nine days time, and what a show that promises to be, Michael.

Michael Cole: You're exactly right, Josh. The WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line, as the the duo of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, representing The Nexus, challenges the champions, Santino Marella and Vlaidmir Kozlov.

Josh Matthews: Here on Friday Night Smackdown, we've seen very little of the tag team titles recently, but I've been keeping my eyes on Raw, and I must say, this looks like the toughest challenge to date for the odd couple of Santino and Kozlov. But another title we haven't seen much of is the Divas Championship.

Michael Cole: It all started with a hoax hand shake and a slap that echoed around the Divas Locker room, when Melina slapped the Divas Champion, Natalya Neidhart. This past Monday, Melina also took advantage of other issues Natalya is dealing with between her former Hart Dynasty cohorts, DH Smith and Tyson Kidd. Melina shown her killer instinct, will that be enough for her to once again, be at the top of the mountain and become Divas Champion?

Josh Matthews: There's a very good chance that that does indeed happen Michael, but if theres one thing that we know about Natalya, it's that she is resilient and full of heart and come the Royal Rumble, she's going to need to show all of her heart and resiliency t get past the Paparazzi Princess.

Michael Cole: We also have the pleasure of seeing the most must see WWE Champion of all time, The Miz, inevitably defend his WWE title successfully against The Viper, Randy Orton. This past week, The Miz shown his intelligence and his pure brutality after he destroyed Randy Orton's ankle. Will The Viper even make it to The Royal Rumble? If he was wise, he would stay at home in St Louis.

Josh Matthews: Randy Orton has never backed down from a fight, and I can assure you that Randy Orton will show up in Boston and give it his all. Whether he is 100% or not is a different story, but Randy will show up and Randy will fight with all he's got. However, on the Smackdown side of things, the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, will be defending against the young upstart, Cody Rhodes, who has made his presence felt over the past couple of weeks.

Michael Cole: I can't wait to see this, Josh. Have you ever heard of the expression "Passing The Torch?" Well come next Sunday, that expression will never be more relevant. infact, Cody Rhodes won't be passed the torch, he's going to steal it from Edge, as we enter a new era here on Friday Night Smackdown!

Josh Matthews: Well not if The Rated R Superstar has anything to do about it! The reigning World Heavyweight Champion, who is in action in just a few moments time, has never gone down without a fight, and a fight is exactly what Cody Rhodes will get. But what about the main event, Michael? The Road To Wrestlemania begins in nine short nights, as one man will be on the fast lane, heading in to Wrestlemania 27!

Michael Cole: I can't call it this year, Josh. So many amazing talents - Sheamus, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, Kaval, Dolph Ziggler...


Michael Cole: Yes! And this man, my personal favourite this year!

Entering in a fancy Mercedes, the Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio drives in to the arena, whilst Ricardo Rodriquez valiantly introduces him to the crowd - As if we didn't know who he was already.

Josh Matthews: Del Rio does possess all the skills to win The Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania... But does he have the experience, does he have the knowhow? Del Rio hasn't even been here for a year, let alone compete in a Royal Rumble. Compare that to someone like Kane or The Big Show, who have competed in countless amounts of Rumbles, and I think that is what will hinder Alberto Del Rio, in my opinion.

Michael Cole: And that is exactly why I earn more money than you Josh... I actually know things.

Josh Matthews: Whatever.



AND THE CROWD FUCKING EXPLODES as the World Heavyweight Champion, EDGE, rushes out on to the stage frantically, amping himself and the crowd up ahead of this big time match tonight. With his big gold belt sitting perfectly around his waist, Edge is fully prepared for a tough test in Alberto Del Rio.

Josh Mathews: As we said before, one man who won't be competing in The Royal Rumble match, is this man, The World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Why? Well because he will be defending his title against 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes in what promises to be a great match. It was an altercation with Cody earlier tonight on The Cutting Edge that actually set up this match tonight, a match in which if Cody Rhodes is involved, he will lose his right to challenging Edge for the title.

Michael Cole: Which, by the way, is a horrible decision by Teddy Long! Cody Rhodes has already signed the contract to confirm the match at The Rumble, and there is nothing Theodore Long can do about it. He's just a power-crazy manic who likes throwing his weight around.

Josh Matthews: Well the contract isn't iron clad, Michael, Teddy can rip up that contract whenever he wants. And if he does, maybe Edge could in fact enter The Royal Rumble, win, and challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania?! Stranger things have happened, Michael.

Michael Cole: Yeah, and pigs may fly.

Main Event - Non Title Match - Singles Match

I have been very drained writing this show, show this match is just going to be recapped. I do apologise

The match was a very back and forth contest, with Alberto Del Rio controlling the majority, working over the left shoulder of The Rated R Superstar - Not only softening him up for his signature move, The Cross Armbreaker, but also possibly weakening any attempted Spear that Edge may try. Although ADR has the advantage for the most part, he only gains it through dirty and underhanded tactics - Eye raking, low blows, back rakes, chokes and taking advantage of any distractions from his personal ring announce, Ricardo Rodriguez.

However, the gutsy Champion does show why he is exactly that, by fighting through the pain inflicted on his shoulder, and getting some offence in. His experience comes in to play, using his environment to benefit him - The security barricade, the steel steps, the hard arena floor and the steel corner posts.

After a 12 minutes of constant back and forth between the two, the finish comes when Edge crouches in the corner, looking for the Spear, and as soon as he storms off to hit it, Ricardo grabs the legs from the outside and trips him up! The referee sees this, and EJECTS Ricardo Rodriguez out of the ringside area! To say Alberto Del Rio is upset is an udnerstatement, as he whines, bitches and moans to the referee about his decision, leaving the Champion with enough time to recover... AND DRILL HIM WITH THE SPEAR! And as simple as that, Edge uses his veteran instincts to pick up a very hard fought victory.
Winner: Edge via Pinfall @ 13:21

Following the match, Edge celebrates in the ring holding his title high in the air, whilst Del Rio slowly makes his way to the back, clutching his hurt ribs... HOWEVER, FROM BEHIND CODY RHODES APPEARS... CODY SPINS EDGE AROUND AND WILDLY SWINGS WITH A LEFT HAND...

EDGE BLOCKS IT AND LEVELS THE DASHING ONE WITH A RIGHT OF HIS OWN, FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER! The Rated R Superstar then clothesline sCody, before backing off in to the corner, as a possessed look crawls on to the World Heavyweight Champion's face... He's looking for the Spear!... Rhodes slowly gets to his feet... SPEAR!!!

NO! CODY DROPS TO THE CANVAS AND SLIDES UNDER THE RING! BUT IT'S A MENTAL VICTORY FOR EDGE! For the first time in three weeks, Edge has closed the show on top, as Rhodes is looking slightly scared and embarrased, backing up the ramp, and Edge's music hits once again. The Ultimate Opportunist picks up his title once again and holds it high in the air, showing it off to Cody.

Josh Matthews: What a night it has been! Ladies and Gentlemen, you have to join us next week. If it is anything like tonight, it's going to be one hell of a ride. Thank you for joining us here tonight, good night everybody!



January 30th, 2011
TD Garden | Boston Massachussets

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. David Hart Smith vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew Mcintyre vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. JTG vs. Kane vs. Kaval vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth vs. Sheamus vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Trent Barreta vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Wade Barrett vs. William Regal and 8 Other Superstars

WWE Divas Championship
Natalya (C) vs. Melina

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (C) vs. Cody Rhodes

WWE Tag Team Championships
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (C) vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater ( N )

WWE Championship
The Miz (C) vs. Randy Orton


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