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Originally Posted by Hart Break Kid View Post
just because something came before something else doesnt mean they cant take influence form each other ? there are guys who play guitar since the 60s who are influenced by younger players today.... and read back to his line about europeans and taste in music.. then read on from there... its musical snobbery.
Read back to what Svart said. Bungle are a pre cursor to what Korn have been writing which is Nu-Metal. If anything, Korn are directly or indirectly influenced by Bungle. Even taking that into account, Bungle and Korn are not that similar. Whilst Bungle have used elements of metal in some of their songs they are much more of an experimental/avant-garde project and have much more elements of alt rock than metal. Particularly in their later release California. Korn on the other hand are much more metal originated, using elements of rap core like Svart said with other intsruments such as synthesizers, turntables and sampling. Bands like Rage against the Machine have a much more direct influence on Nu Metal than Bungle anyway.

If anything, the metal influences were toned down in later Bungle releases when Korn were becoming more prominent. Bungle's metal influences really shone through in their earlier releases, when Korn were not a factor.

Of course older musicians can be influenced by younger players. But Korn and Bungle are very different in many ways.

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