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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by Proc View Post
I question Gunner's and 010101's ability to read. I really do.

010101, first, I never called myself anything like a prophet, just wanted to make that clear. Second, you say my silence speaks volumens. Dude, I held a fucking speech yesterday. Did you not see the memo, because of all the light you look into?

Gunner, your claims are horseshit and you know that. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Everybody just has to look at the card and the results to know you are talking shit. Anyway, I'll respond to this one more time so everybody else knows too.

WWEESky won a #1 contender's match last month to earn his title shot. If he was not in the match you would complain about me not giving people the title shots they earned. In this match was also a competitor known as netty.

I am not sure what your point is about new_guy, but whatever. new_guy did very well over the last couple of months and had one off-night. He stayed in the title picture for quite some time, beceause he performed well. Yes, he lost the belt and got a rematch. So what? Do you even realize that new_guy can't compete for Forum Championship for several more months, because I kicked his ass in our match. Seems this like a buddy system to you?

Last, but not least, TheUltimateSmark. He his a great performer, but what the fuck are you talking there. He had a chance to compete for the title THIS FUCKING LAST SUNDAY. And he didn't make it. But he is good and I am sure he will get another shot soon. He is not a good argument for you to pick.

Even worse would be for you to pick up an argument about some guy like SuperJabroni. First night in perfect score, shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. So much about
new talent.

So I guess by now it should be obvious to everybody that you are telling lies. Also, you did not comment on what I said yesterday. This makes me think my implications are correct and you just can't answer my questions, simply because you don't have any answers.

Same goes for Dandy. Oh, by the way. I would really like to know what made you a grand slam winner?

I have had enough of this. This is fucking RIDICULOUS. If anybody is stupid enough to buy into this crap he deserves what he gets. I am open for questions, suggestions and arguments. But I am not going to sit here defending myself whole day long when your lies are that obvious.
SUPER JABRONI getting the rightly earn perfect score shot at the perfect score championship is the ONLY thing you have done right in the past 3 months.

You cant defend yourself because it is impossible to defend the indefensible. I thought i was leaving the running in good hands. I was wrong. I whole heartedlyapologise to every single member of the Forum championship for working away with no internet but for all the members who walked away

Gothmog, Mizaki. Joshvandam, benjones44 echoes shivvy dunk20, awesome1, R-Albin, HBK777,

I will reclaim my position. Proc you are on borrowed time.

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