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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

WCW Monday Nitro
January 28, 2002
Live from Detroit, MI

The Nature Boy Ric Flair is shown standing in the middle of the ring when Nitro kicks off live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. 15,000 fans are quiet as the major investor in WCW is about to speak.

(Ric) As of right now I’m pulling all my money from WCW unless Eric Bischoff resigns as the Chairman and CEO of this company. I have had enough of his crap over the last several weeks and as far as I am concerned he is the man behind the X Factor.

Eric Bischoff’s music plays and the boss comes down to the ring. Eric Bischoff is visibly upset with Ric Flair as he prepares to address the situation.

(Eric) Listen Ric, I have told you week after week that I have nothing to do with these guys. I don’t know who’s responsible for bringing them in, but I can assure you that it is not me. I’m trying to take WCW to a new level and focus on a brand new product free of violent groups like the X Factor. I’ve talked to the other investors and I have promised them that we will beef up security in this company to ensure that these thugs won’t interfere with WCW anymore.

(Ric) You’ve had your chance with me Eric, and too many times I’ve allowed you to get the better of me. You reassured the investors that this was going to be different, but it’s not. I cannot back a product that is sinking like WCW is.

(Eric) Whether you like to admit it or not Ric, WCW is not a sinking ship. The company has risen out of the ashes over the last several weeks. We’re starting to make a little bit of money, and have gained back a large fanbase. WCW is doing just as well as it was back in 99, when I was last in charge. WCW is turning around and it’s because of the leadership and the fresh direction Ric.

(Ric) I don’t care what you say Eric, you’re out or I’m out. Take your pick.

(Eric) That’s it Ric. I’ve tried to be reasonable with you, but you just don’t want to give me the benefit of the doubt. So why don’t you put your money where your mouth is. This Sunday, Superbrawl... Eric Bischoff verses The Nature Boy Ric Flair. You win, I will walk away from the day-to-day operations, but if I win then you sit back, write me the cheques, and just watch as WCW gets back on top.

(Ric) You think for one minute I’m going to agree to that. I know what you’re plan is. You’ll have those punks come down and help you win.

(Eric) I will guarantee you that the X Factor will not play a role in our match at Superbrawl. If they do I will personally step down from my duties.

(Ric) Then you’ve got a deal. I’ve been looking forward to kicking your ass for so long.

The two of them shake hands and their match is made for Superbrawl. Flair is about to cheap shot Eric when he is jumped by 5 men with ski masks on. The 5 of them beat down the Nature Boy as Eric Bischoff watches on. Bischoff calls out security to handle the 5 men, but by the time security gets down to the ring the damage has been down and the Nature Boy is busted wide open.

(Tony) I can’t believe what just went down with that assault. It took Eric a while before he called down security. Do you think he could be working with the X Factor?

(King) If my opponent at Superbrawl was getting attacked like that I would have waited to call security.

(Tony) What an exciting night we have for fans as WCW makes the final run for Superbrawl this Sunday on Pay-Per-View. The Lethal Lottery Semi-Finals will take place right here tonight.

(King) Don’t forget that Hollywood Hogan, Booker T, and Sting will square off against Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, and Jeff Jarrett, plus Booker T will decide who his opponent at WCW Superbrawl will be.

(Tony) We have an exclusive interview with Bill Goldberg as he prepares for his match against the Macho Man this Sunday.

(King) And both Scott Steiner and Rhino will pick each other’s opponents tonight in a Pick Your Poison contest. This is definitely a can’t miss Nitro.


World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament Match
Road Warriors vs. Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning w. Bobby Heenan

-Bagwell locks up with Road Warrior Animal in the ring. Animal uses his size to power slam Bagwell onto the canvas.
-Buff fights back and drops Animal with a swinging neck breaker.
-Curt is tagged in and starts isolating Animal from Hawk, Henning and Bagwell make quick tags in.
-A double suplex sends Animal to the canvas and Bagwell covers him for a near fall.
-Bagwell puts a head lock on Animal in the ring. Fans start chanting “LOD” and Animal gets to his feet.
-Animal powers out of the Headlock and drops Bagwell with a shoulder block.
-Hawk is tagged in and clears the ring with both Bagwell and Henning. Fans are behind LOD all the way.
-Hawk grapples with Henning inside the ring before whipping him across the ring. He charges after Henning and nails him with a clothesline straight to hell.
-Animal and Hawk set Henning up for the doomsday device, but Heenan pushes Hawk off the top rope.
-Henning fights out and drops Animal with a DDT.
-Bagwell nails Animal with the Buff Blockbuster and Henning follows up with a Henningplex for the 1...2...3.
Curt Henning and Buff Bagwell advance to the finals via pinfall (6:01)

Henning and Bagwell leave the ring with Heenan as the Road Warriors recoup in the ring.

Eric Bischoff is in a meeting with security.

(Eric) Listen guys, I want you to beef up security around here tonight and at the pay-per-view. Under no circumstances do I want these guys interfering and costing me my match against Ric Flair on Sunday.

(Security) Doug Dillinger has told us not to be down at ringside.

(Eric) I don’t care what Doug Dillinger has told you. I’m in charge of WCW and Doug works for me. I want you down at ringside all night, do you understand? Now get out of here.


Rhino comes down to the ring for his contest and JB is joined at the entrance way by the Big Bad Booty Daddy. Scott Steiner introduces Rhino’s opponent for tonight’s match.

Pick Your Poison Match
Rhino vs. Diamond Dallas Page w. Kimberly

-DDP starts a great offense on the War Machine, backing him into the corner.
-Page whips Rhino across the ring and attempts a shoulder block, but Rhino doesn’t move.
-DDP clotheslines Rhino, but once again Rhino stays on his feet.
-DDP charge towards Rhino; and the War Machine whips him shoulder first into the ring post.
-Rhino drops Page with a gut wrench and covers him for a near fall.
-Page is choked in the corner by Rhino as referee Charles Robinson attempts to get him to let go of his hold.
-The War Machine prepares for the Gore, but DDP counters and hits a Diamond Cutter.
-Page falls into the corner and is unable to capitalize with a pin, but soon follows up with a running Bulldog that sends Rhino back to the canvas.
-DDP poses for the crowd before clotheslining Rhino a couple times and following through with a DDT.
-Page covers for the 1...2...kickout, and the match continues.
-Raven comes down to the ring and distracts DDP long enough for Rhino to nail him with the Gore and cover him for the 1...2...3.
Rhino wins via pin (5:12)

Following the match, the War Machine leaves for the back and Raven comes into the ring with his Kendo Stick. Page is cracked across the forehead with the Kendo stick by Raven. Kimberly gets in the ring and pleads with Raven to stop, but Raven pushes her to the canvas and continues to assault Page with the Kendo stick in the middle of the ring. Raven chokes DDP out with the stick then grabs a steel chair from the outside. He puts the chair on the ground and hits the Evenflow DDT on Page over the chair. Raven leaves DDP knocked out cold and heads to the locker room.


JB Jeremy Borash has a sit down interview with Bill Goldberg in his home. The two of them talk about Goldberg’s return to Pay-Per-View on Sunday and how pumped he is to finally square off against the loose cannon of professional wrestling, the Macho Man. Goldberg talks about never wrestling Savage before, but always wanted to get him in the ring. During the interview segment, a knock comes to the door and Goldberg goes to answer it. The camera man follows and shows footage of Randy Savage showing up in Goldberg’s home. Savage beats down Goldberg in his home, breaking a dining room chair across the back of Goldberg. Savage throws Goldberg face first through the living room window and continues to beat him down outside on the front lawn. The Macho Man chokes Goldberg out when he hears the police cars driving down the road. Savage gets into his car and leaves.

Mean Gene is standing with Randy Savage.

(Gene) I can’t believe the footage we just saw of you from earlier in the week. What are you thinking by attacking Goldberg like that?

(Savage) Ah-Ha, Mean Gene, you think I’m a loose cannon as well. The bottom line is that the Macho Man is back in WCW and its take no prisoner’s time, yeah. You see Mean Gene, Bill Goldberg has always wanted to get in the ring with the Macho Man, now he has a reason to dude. Now, there’s a purpose for me to beat that punk in Toronto this Sunday. Now there’s a reason for the Macho Man to get back in the ring and prove to the world that I’m still as twisted as I ever was.

(Gene) Couldn’t you have waited until Sunday at Superbrawl?

(Savage) It’s all about mind games Mean Gene, and I’m playing the ultimate mind game with Goldberg. I’ve just pissed him off now which means Goldberg’s head is out of the game. He’s going to be thinking about getting revenge, not winning matches, and to somebody like Goldberg; it’s all about winning matches. I’m going to tear him a new one Mean Gene and when Superbrawl is all said and done the Macho Man will be walking out on top. OOOOOOOH YEAH!!! DIG-IT!

Savage leaves Mean Gene backstage.


Christopher Daniels David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Nitro.

AJ Styles vs. Vampiro
-The Phenomenal AJ Styles takes Vampiro out quickly with a heel kick.
-Styles clotheslines Vampiro over the top rope and springboards off the rope with a flying forearm outside the ring.
-Vampiro whips Styles into the guard rail and charges after, but AJ counter with a Pele Kick.
-Back in the ring, Vampiro slams AJ with a back body drop and climbs to the top rope. Vampiro dives off with a moonsault and covers AJ for a near fall.
- AJ Styles is put into the cobra clutch in the middle of the ring. He fights out of it by grabbing the ropes.
-Vampiro continues to dominate AJ in the ring, sending him to the canvas with a drop kick.
-AJ gets to his feet after countering a swinging neck breaker. He dropkicks Vampiro to the canvas and climbs to the top rope; diving off with a frog splash.
-AJ nails Vampiro with the Styles Clash and covers him for the 1...2...3.
AJ Styles wins via pinfall (4:33)

AJ’s hand is raised in victory following the match. He and Christopher Daniels exchange comments back and forth before Nitro heads backstage.

Mean Gene Oakerlund is standing with Booker T backstage. Mean Gene and Booker talk about Superbrawl and the events that led to him being taken out of contention for the World Heavyweight Championship during the title tournament. Booker announces that at Superbrawl he intends on challenging the Total Package Lex Luger to a match, but before Superbrawl he has a huge match coming up when he teams with two wrestling legends; Hulk Hogan and Sting.


World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Tournament Match
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. The Natural Born Thrillers

-O’Haire and Pulumbo jump Van Dam and Mysterio upon their entrance, and a brawl breaks out on the arena floor.
-Polumbo bring Mysterio in and the match officially starts with Mysterio being held to the mercy of Polumbo.
-Chuck powerslams Mysterio to the canvas and drops an elbow on him. Polumbo follows up with a head lock.
-The fans get behind Rey as he gets back to his feet. He fights out of the headlock and whips Polumbo into the ropes, but Chuck nails Mysterio with a shoulder block and he falls to the canvas.
-RVD is tagged in and starts to unleash and arsenal of kicks to back Polumbo in to the corner.
-Van Dam charges into the corner and sends Polumbo flying with a monkey flip.
-O’Haire is tagged in and is immediately sent to the canvas with a hip toss. RVD follows up immediately with a double leg drop across the midsection of O’Haire.
-RVD covers him for a near fall.
-Mysterio is tagged in and he climbs to the top rope. He dives off with a huge hurricanranna on O’Haire and covers him for 2.
-Mysterio nails a West Coast Pop on O’Haire and covers him again, but this time Polumbo gets involved by picking up Mysterio and throwing him over the top rope.
-RVD gets in the ring and the referee looses order in the match. He attempts to get RVD in the corner, allowing Polumbo and O’Haire to work Mysterio on the outside of the ring.
-RVD pushes the referee out of his way and propels over the ropes with a suicide dive; landing on his opponents.
-Tony and the King talk about the train wreck happening outside the ring as RVD rolls O’Haire back in to the ring.
-Van Dam climbs to the top rope and dives off with a Five Star Frog Splash.
-Mysterio rolls in the ring and covers O’Haire for the 1...2...3.
Rey Mysterio and RVD advance to the finals via pinfall (6:52)

Tony and the King hype up the huge tag team Lethal Lottery Finals happening at Superbrawl featuring two of the mashed up teams; Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning battling against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.


Hollywood Hogan/Sting/Booker T vs. Kevin Nash/Lex Luger/Jeff Jarrett
-The NWO remix plays as Nash/Lugar/Jarrett come out together for the 6 man tag match.
-Sting descends from the rafters as Booker T comes out.
-Hollywood Hogan comes out with a huge pyro display. He struts down to the ring with his red/yellow feather boa on. He gets in the ring and the fans goes nuts as he rips his shirt off.
-Booker starts off the match against Jeff Jarrett. Booker locks up with Jarrett and backs him into the corner.
-Jarrett is whipped into the ropes and clotheslined to the canvas. Booker follows up with an elbow drop.
-Hogan is tagged in and starts in on Jarrett, backing him into the corner with rights and chops. Hogan sends him across the ring with an Irish whip and follows through with a clothesline.
-Luger and Nash get in the ring and Hogan slams both of them to the canvas.
-Hogan and Sting work on Jeff Jarrett in the corner as Nash and Luger look on.
-Stinger slams Jarrett to the canvas and covers him for a near fall.
-Jarrett nails Sting with a low blow and tags Luger in.
-The Total Package works the mid section and lower back of Sting; slamming him into the corner repeatedly.
-Luger puts a bear hug on Sting in the middle of the ring. The Icon attempts to get out, but is locked in.
-Sting finally breaks out of the bear hug and crawls to the corner, but Luger pulls him away just as he is about to tag Booker.
-Nash is brought in and he and Luger double team Sting. Nash drops Sting with a back breaker across his knee.
-Big Sexy covers Sting for a near fall, then continues to work the back of the Icon.
-Nash slams Sting into the corner and plants his large boot into the throat of the Icon and chokes him.
-All hell breaks loose when Hogan saves Sting from being pinned by Nash. A brawl occurs in the ring and the referee loses control.
-Hogan clotheslines Nash to the canvas and starts Hulking up with the fans as Sting/Jarrett and Booker/Luger brawl outside the ring.
-Hogan is about to go for the Atomic Leg Drop when he is nailed from behind with a steel chair from a returning Scott Hall.
-Hogan falls to the canvas and Nash powerbombs him to the canvas. He covers Hogan for the 1...2...3.
Nash, Luger, and Jarrett win via pinfall (10:30)

Nash and Hall stand tall over Hollywood Hogan following the match. Tony and the King speculate whether this is what will be Hogan’s fate Sunday at Superbrawl.


Eric Bischoff is walking down the hall with a coffee. He enters his office and shuts the door. As he turns around he sees 5 men with black ski masks standing behind his desk. One of them approaches Eric.

(Eric) Gentlemen, what brings you into my office? Actually, what brings you into the company?

(Distorted Voice) We just want you to know that with your match on Sunday against Ric Flair...We’ve got your back boss!

(Eric) I’m not your boss. I don’t even know who you guys are?

(Distorted Voice) All you need to know is that we’re on your side, and when it’s all said and done you will have total control over WCW. We’re here for you.

(Eric) You’re right about one thing; I will have complete control of WCW following Superbrawl, but not because of any of you. I will win my match with no outside interference. You see boys, I have back-up to make sure I don’t get cheated out of the company, but it’s not you. With my match against Ric Flair I’ve enlisted the services of a very special guest enforcer.

(Distorted Voice) Why do you need an enforcer?

(Eric) To keep people like you out. You may have heard of him before, he is former World Boxing Champion, Evander Holyfield. I will keep trash like you from preventing me from keeping my company, now please get out of my office.

Back in the arena, Tony Schiavone and Jerry the King Lawler talk about Superbrawl.

(Tony) What a huge announcement by Eric Bischoff. Evander Holyfield will be at Superbrawl on Sunday!

(King) I can’t believe how big of a game changer that announcement is. Holyfield will be the special ring enforcer for Bischoff’s match.

(Tony) WCW Superbrawl will be a huge pay-per-view this year. We can also confirm that Canadian Music Legend Ann Murray will open the show by singing both the Canadian and US National Anthems.

(King) The stars are really coming out for this Sunday. I believe this will be the biggest pay-per-view in this company’s history.

(Tony) Our main event is coming up next.


Big Poppa Pump comes out to the ring for the main event. Rhino comes out shortly after and announces his opponent for the Pick Your Poison Match... Randy Savage.

Pick Your Poison Match
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

-Fans get behind the World Champion quickly as Savage nails him with a cheap shot early on in the match.
-Savage remains in complete control during the opening minutes of the match. Scott Steiner attempts to make a comeback, but the viscous Macho Man is relentless in his assault.
-Steiner goes to the outside to recoup, but Savage climbs the top rope and dives off with a double axe handle on Big Poppa Pump.
-Savage whips Steiner into the ring steps and continues to brutally attack him outside the ring.
-When the match gets back inside, the Macho Man drops a couple of elbows across the chest of Steiner then puts him in a sleeperhold.
-The fans rally behind Steiner as he fights back to his feet. Steiner powers out of the sleeper and sends Savage to the canvas with a scoop slam.
-Steiner started to work the lower back of Savage, as he prepares for the Steiner recliner.
-Big Poppa Pump nails a Steiner line on Savage and showboats for the crowd before slamming the Macho Man to the mat with a belly to bell suplex.
-Steiner is nailed with a low blow from the Macho Man and Savage charges after Steiner with a jumping knee drop that sends him into the turnbuckle. Savage follows up with a snapmare on Steiner.
-The Macho Man is about to dive off the rope with a flying elbow when Goldberg comes charging down to the ring. Goldberg climbs to the second rope and slams Savage to the canvas with a fall away slam.
Macho Man Randy Savage wins via Disqualification (7:34)

The fans in Detroit are on their feet chanting “Goldberg” as he spears Savage to the canvas. Goldberg is about to go for the jackhammer when Savage rolls out of the ring. Goldberg charges after Savage and they fight through the crowd.

Steiner gets back to his feet, and is met with a GORE from Rhino. The War Machine takes the World Heavyweight Champion out then grabs his championship belt. Rhino gets in Steiner`s face and nails him with the belt a couple of times. As Rhino stands over the World Champion, Tony and the King are told to send cameras backstage.

The five members of X-Factor are shown beating down a bloody Nature Boy Ric Flair in the parking lot. They assault Flair with chains, baseball bats, and crowbars. The police come to the parking lot and the X-Factor races off before they can be caught.

World Championship Wrestling
Superbrawl 2002
Live from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (c) vs. War Machine Rhino

Steel Cage
Hogan’s Career Threatening Match

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Big Sexy Kevin Nash

For the First Time EVER!
Goldberg vs. The Macho Man Randy Savage

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Phenomenal AJ Styles

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven

Booker T vs. Total Package Lex Luger

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Control of WCW
Eric Bischoff vs. Nature Boy Ric Flair
Special Enforcer: Evander Holyfield

WCW World Tag Team Championship Lethal Lottery Finals
Buff Bagwell and Curt Henning w. Bobby Heenan vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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