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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by TheVoiceless View Post
So wait we have Gunner basically saying they have earned title shots and Dandy saying they don't have to earn title shots. Wow this is one organized together group.
Hmm now you are swimming between lines that dont exist. El-Dandy has just said we are ABOVE titles.. We are not here for the titles. We are here to get MY company back. To do so will mean win after win after win after win. During all these WINS... Guess what follows wins... title shots.

Again oh deluded one i ask the question where has ANY member asked for a title shot....

Modern Myth has called out Proc for TLC. Proc holds no titles....
I have called out Netty... My last defeat and ONLY defeat since mania... Was to Netty... Again Netty holds no titles...

The illuminati will face New Trouble in a tag team match... New Trouble hold no titles

So where are all these Title shots requests..... where are the title matches we supposedly dont deserve to be in.... Explain yourself deluded one. You are aiming higher than your place and your logic is lost in fantasy world you have created of your own...

The Illuminati will reclaim the Company. The Belts will be renamed (Regardless of who holds them).

We are the ONLY power in this company

Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
Heroes? Heroes??? Hahahhaha wow the delusion continues. You are about as heroic as the green goblin. Your group has claimed they will claim the titles back one by one. You lot just want the titles. The only person even associated with you who really is after change and justice 1010101 whatever his name is. You lot just want power for your own selfish needs
Selfish needs. When have i ever been selfish.. When did i ever book myself in a title match.... When did i ever show no transparency for who and how title shots were handed out. For over 15 months this company was a shining beacon of hardwork and rewarding success.. Now its anarchy.

RKO Peep go home study read a few books come back rewatch the footage. The illuminati took out a savage in X-Bailey. Next we will take down the 'protectors of anarchy' Then at Wrestlemania i will take down Proc. I will regain control. I will restore order. With El_Dandy Modern-Myth and our 4th man. The Illuminati will take control.

Again to clarify WIN after WIN after WIN after WIN leads to title shots where we will WIN... As we said previously we are above the titles but the accolades fall where they may when people WIN. That is how we take back the belts. Through WINS.

Understand or would you like a picture....

Wrestlemania 30 was awesome

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Hogan VIP
Flair VIP
Wrestlecon session 1
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Wrestlemania Section 140 Row 20 Seat 14.
Monday Night Raw Section 123 Row 16 seat 6
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