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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by TheVoiceless View Post
So wait we have Gunner basically saying they have earned title shots and Dandy saying they don't have to earn title shots. Wow this is one organized together group.
Being named The Voiceless implies deaf... perhaps you should have a new gimmick named The Visonless because you clearly cannot read.

We have earned title shots in our past... however pushing forward titles are not the be all/end all motivation and go ahead and show a title match that we have been "given" since returning?

The burden of proof is on you... and we are still waiting.

When you guys give us the titles, they will be won and worn by rightful champions and people who don't suck off Proc like the O10101's, sonicslash's, and UltimateSmark's of the world who have earned championship shots but have not been given the chances because Proc protects himself and his "friends."

Sonicslash should already be a multi-time Forum Champion, but he can't catch a god damn break because of Proc booking himself to go over for 7 straight months.

The only reason RKO Peep, Netty, New_Trouble even had tag team gold was out of nepotism. If presented a list of current champions, I am sure a personal link to Proc will be found between each every champion.

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