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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by TheVoiceless View Post
Exactly. Look back and see how they talk about how "Month by month, Belt by belt" they will take over this company. Please explain to me where the fairness is and how these guys can earn these title shots over every other guy here when they've been back for what a month maybe 2?
Ah, there is your disconnect.

Earn. The Illuminati don't have to earn anything. We are above everything and everyone in this company who aligns with Proc.

This is an honest question... are you even a current champion? We have no clue who the champions are despite the Tag Team Champions (because they repeat the living shit out of telling you they're champions) because the belts themselves are not on our radar.

As previously stated, championships will be taken out of circumstance not out of personal necessity. And besides, when we do inevitably take them.. the titles will not be for us. The titles will be for the O10101's, sonicslash's, and UltimateSmark's of the business who are victims in Proc's politics.

We're taking over and there is nothing you, New_Trouble, Proc, RKO Peep or Bailey can do about it.

Accept it now, because you know deep down that there is NO room in the Illuminati Forum Championship for people like you, Voiceless. You're gonna have to follow Proc, Peep, AirTrouble ect down south to the TNA Forum Championship
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