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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Okay, this breakdown is actually pretty steady for the most part. Of course it's in the poor range, but it's steady, which I suppose means it kept the people's interest who tuned in for the most part.

Ryback had the highest rated segment, but by my calculations, based on the gains/losses provided, his segment was not the highest viewership... unless I made some mistake (which is possible), but Punk's segment at the end seemed to have the highest viewership, followed by he 10PM, then the 9PM, and then the Miz/Otunga match.

That being said, with the Punk segment, it's both good and bad. Good because he did get the most amount of viewers for the show and what can still be a success to some degree because it certainly wasn't a failure as it was well above the ratings average for the show. However, it's also bad. The segment was all Punk and it ended up being one of the lowest overrun quarters of the year. Not to mention the gain was the weakest overrun gain in a couple of months. The fact that it was heavily promoted and it didn't bring in more viewers with the nature of the segment in mind, that's pretty fucking bad and feeds the whole "Punk doesn't draw' argument. However where I was hoping this segment would either sway me on the side of him firmly not being a draw (even though I'd of course still be a mark) or him being a draw with the right promotion much like any other top name, the segment didn't do either. There are positives and negatives for the numbers he got. You could argue he simply did the best he could if he did get the highest viewership, and there was no greater audience for tonight (as far fetched as that sounds). So yeah, I'm still in the same spot I was. Not a top level draw, but not a ratings bust either. Just in the middle of that who has his good nights, his good moments, and his bad nights/bad moments in the ratings game.

Let's talk about Ryback's segment, because while it is a success to some degree, getting the highest rating of the night, it's not all good either. He had the opening segment from SVS in the 8PM slot, the first thing people would see after Sunday's show and what they'd be tuned in and interested for, and all he gets is a 2.91? Much like Punk, it's great he did above the average and in relationship to the night of the show it was a good number, but in the grand scheme of things it was poor. Ryback's still in the same boat as Punk. Not a top level draw, but certainly not a ratings bust. Plus he'll now always have the 10PM segment from last week, which was the highest gaining 10PM segment in months, to work for him.

Ouch at the Vickie/AJ/Cena angle. I would've thought the whole kissing thing would've grabbed people in by word of mouth like it's done in the past, but I guess not. Still it's one of the highest viewers segments of the night for the show, but it still is a pretty sucky overrun/gain.

The big success of the night imo was Miz/Otunga in a random quarter gaining 223,000 viewers. They just might be on to something with face Miz. I've been thinking if Miz turned face I could see him winning the Rumble, and now if he keeps doing well in the ratings, I'd wager more on that happening.

But yeah, they started in a rut with the direct fallout from the PPV with Ryback's promo and Ryback/Tensai, and didn't really go anywhere. Some came, some left, but they never dug themselves out of that rut, and Punk's just not a big enough draw, even in a heavily promoted segment, to do that.

I'm watching you...

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