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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by HelpingHand View Post
It is interesting to see however, that those who wish for change do not have titles, though you profess this to be irrelevant and the ones who don't... well they are champions or thereabouts.
Championship gold itself is NOT irrelevent, when it is corrupted by the greed of the few and tainted by not belonging around the waists of liars, it becomes insignificant. It is no coincidence that these titles are held by those who would stand against a movement to better this company. Their status in this company is being threatened, their easy road to constant "glory" is at risk, and they will not let anything happen to stop them. However, they are misguided in this thinking. No amount of will power can stop the force that is heading their way, they are attempting to stop a tornado with a picket fence. It will NOT work.

When, not if, but WHEN this company gets true leadership those championships will also be restored. The glory of them will flourish once more, and people will again respect those that hold them.

010101 you seem... different to the others, undoubtedly more will join both sides but, there is conflict in your speech, almost as if you are persuading yourself over us.
I am different then the "old guard", I have been enlightened.

But you mistake me if you believe I have any doubts as to what I believe. There is no conflict inside of me, there is clarity and peace. There is hope for the future, a longing to begin the new generation and for the Revolution to destroy those that would dare disease this company.

I am no foe to anyone, except the Resistance and anyone that would blindly stand beside them in their efforts to sustain power. Because that is all they care about, and that is not what is in the rest of OUR best interests.

I make this stand for the unspoken, I make this stand for those being held down, I make this stand for all that would open their ears to truth and open their eyes to the light that so badly wants to greet them.

You are fast becoming the mouthpiece outside the party but, I doubt your just a mouthpiece... are they just a tool? I believe you to have your own ideas, which is why you are not Illuminatus. You don't seem like one to acquiesce... for long.
It is my intention to give a voice to those who have felt betrayed and who have been fed lies build off of greed and fear.

The Illuminati are not a tool, they are the future.
The Illuminati are not a joke, they are real power.
The Illuminati are not a lie, they are enlightenment.

I am very much my own man, but I am also a realist who does not let his pride cloud his judgement. I accept the ways of the Illuminati because they are OUR saviors. I speak out in the way that I do, not for personal gain, my friend. I do this because I seek to SAVE as many other souls as I can before it is too late!

I seek to save those that have been held back, who have battled hard and valiantly for a long time, but who have not seen any rewards for their hard work. I am speaking to those who can objectively look at whats happened, and understand that the status quo is not going to work and a solution to it is needed.

The Illuminati is that Solution.
The Revolution is that Solution.

Originally Posted by sonicslash View Post
I'm loyal to one thing and one thing only and that's championship gold. I've been seeking it for a year now and not once have I gotten the recognition I deserve because the bookers are concerned with their own alliances.
You speak the truth, it is in your mind and on your tongue, but you choose to shun it. You choose to toss it away like garbage, and instead hold onto your false prophet, Proc.

He has held you down, he has held US down.

Step up, make a stand! You have the power, you can make this change happen. Declare yourself saved, entrust the Illuminati to fix things around here. They will not let you down, my friend! They only care to restore order, to restore fairness, and to restore a sense of pride in ALL OF US!

Your precious leader has only spoken up for you once, he doesn't care about any of you. All he cares about is manipulating your minds to stand up for him, he disguises his real goal of power and greed with wanting to stop the "bad guys" from taking over his company.

Since when were the Illuminati the bad guys? They made a statement, they made a stand. Now it's YOUR chance to do that. Or you can stick with Proc, the man whose silence speaks volumes. It's your choice.

"I found a liquor store, and I drank it."
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