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Re: Favorite commentator(s)

Wow three Lance Russell votes. I am pleased that he is getting some attention here. I always thought he was overshadowed by Solie. Classic wrestling fans worship Solie, but while I liked and respected the man, I would take Russell anyday.

I was trying to think back at some of the old school guys and thinking about all the territorial guys, and really Russell and Solie stood head and shoulders above the others.
A lot of the guys from the 70's were really poor. No voice inflection, no base of knowledge. Anyways...

Some of the others...

Bill Mercer had his moments and did a fine job in Dallas.

I never liked any of the old AWA guys although I did find Lee Marshall at least tolerable. Ken Resnick and Larry Nelson always made me want to turn the sound off.

I really never liked Bob Caudle's style, although he seems like a nice man. And I will admit by the time I had exposure to him he was probably past his prime.

Steve Allen was entertaining from way back in the Golden Age on old videos I have seen.

I liked Tony Schiavone, but only when he was working the studio shows on TBS by the time Nitro took off I felt like he mailed it in, but aside from Hennan he really had very few co-workers of any quality.

I thought Lord Alfred Hayes, Gorilla, and some of the WWF guys from the 70's and 80's were too concerned with talking to each other and not focusing on the match. But I did like Hennan of course.

Dave Brown was a pretty good sidekick back in the day.

AS for the former wrestlers turned commentator: I really believe Lawler, and Ventura atand above the crowd.
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