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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Shame on you RKO Peep & AirTrouble!

I am one of the youngsters who have FELT the betrayal of my leader, who have felt the uselessness of being honorable under his control. It gets you nowhere, it gets you nothing, and no matter what words you toss at my fellow new generation superstars, the truth will ALWAYS become clear.

The utter lies and lack of seriousness WE are taken with is what drove me to start the Revolution! I chose enlightenment, I chose the truth, and I chose survival. This has nothing to do with honor, this has nothing to do with earning your way, under the command of Proc you will accomplish none of these things.

Hear my words, fellow youngsters. YOU have a place under the Illuminati leadership, they did not ask for assistance, they asked you to open YOUR eyes! I have done this, and they have shown me RESPECT, something that is sorely lacking in this current administration. Heed my warning, my fellow young up-and-comers, choose the side of clarity and understanding. Choose the side of survival and truth, because loyalty to a failing leader can only bring you death.

No amount of cunning or strength can stop the inevitable destruction. That is what your older companions in this company do not understand, and never will. They can talk all they want, but if you listen with an open mind, you can hear the FEAR and HORROR they are really conveying. They have no confidence, they fight because they are barbaric, they fight because they are incapable of admitting they are wrong. They will be forced to perish because of this, but WE do not have to follow them down that path.

The Revolution starts with me, but I am not whats important. What is important is each and every one of you, who choose to accept enlightenment and who will benefit by being treated fairly and with respect. Join us, join me, fight for the RIGHT thing to do.

Ask yourselves, would you like to continue to watch undeserving friends of "our" leader get title shot after title shot even after they suffer defeat while you are victorious and remain buried in the card?

Or would you like to be rewarded for you work, for your efforts, for your victories! Would you like to be talked to like MEN, talked to by a leader who respects you and knows you are intelligent instead of being talked down to?

The choice is clear, my friends, don't let the greedy few corrupt your minds.

Become enlightened.

Become BETTER.

Become FREE!

Join the illuminati, & Join the...

Oh, and lest me forget HelpingHand.

I don't know your place in all of this, I will tell you that you seem intelligent and wise, and I know that you are someone that CAN be saved. I pray for your soul, my friend, I pray that you will become enlightened. But, I would not ask you to do so blindly. Like I have said, seek out the truth and you will find the light. You will see who truly cares for this company and it's superstars.

As for TLC, I would be honored to be against you in your debut. I am all for the new generation of superstars, we ARE the future. So, you have my answer, challenge is accepted.

"I found a liquor store, and I drank it."
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