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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Surprised they gave Punk's pipe bomb moment the highest number of any post 99 segment in RAW history. DAT BOY PUNK GETTIN' MAD RESPECT , FEELIN DAT . Seriously, it just goes to show how much stock WWE has put into Punk over the last year, which is why I believe he'll get his Wrestlemania main event this year. Usually WWE put Cena over HUGE on these DVDs , but to say that Punk's biggest Raw moment was bigger than ANYBODY else's not including Austin/Mcmahon/Rock/Jericho is INSANE and must be a sign of how good the WWE thinks Punk actually is.

I'm interested in a HHH DVD and him bragging about how he enjoyed burying everyone and that if he could live forever he'd be the centerpiece of WWE for all of it's existence and he'd bury every young and up and coming star and then he'd bury them if they ever get made. I want him to talk about the story where Vince wanted him to start using a shovel as his signature weapon but HHH realized people would draw connections to that and him burying young talent and as such, he demanded that the sledgehammer be his weapon instead.

I also want to hear him talk about how depressed he got after the birth of his last daughter because he's come to the realization he'll never have a son to be HHH Junior and continue the burying when HHH has passed on. Then he snapped out of the depression when he realized one of his daughters could become the first female WHC and be the biggest game changer for wrestling, making it a female dominated sports entertainment show.

Oh, and if he doesn't talk about how much he secretly loved and approved of the Katie Vick angle, then I'm going to burn every copy of the DVD in existence the first day it comes out.
GOAT Post. THAT my friend, shall never ever be topped as long as we live. I might as well delete my WF account right now over how awesome that was. That's the second time today I fell off my bed in laughter due to the hilarity of a post (the other being the Starbuck-Cal feed me more meme).

Seriously though, I'm picturing HHH actually getting interviewed for his documentary and coming out and talking so much trash about every single competitor he "buried" and coming up with a reason to justify it, and it was all done in worked shoot fashion to pull the wool over the wanna-be smarks eyes who believe Trips is just a politicker who doesn't deserve anything. Oh I'd fucking lose it. :hhh "Punk had to do what was RIGHT FOR BUSINESS" ... Just replace Punk with any MISC. Superstar X 8867 and there's your Trips documentary.

"So I told Vince, Van Dam's just not gonna get over"
"Booker had an attitude problem, and needed to do what's right for business"
"Orton's first title run was just a test to see if he was good for business"
"Steiner took more HGH than I did, so I sabotaged our two matches"
"Vince wanted me to bury The Streak several times , and I would have if my shovel hand didn't hurt so much from banging Steph on a gigantic pile of money in our 4 story mansion while smoking the ownership deed of the WWE in my Motorhead pipe"

:hhh :hhh :hhh :hhh

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady
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