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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Wake me up when November ends :'()

Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio View Post
Guess he sold Xabi for fun then right?
Na, Xabi just wanted to play for a team he could win leagues titles with.

What's Xabi got to do with the fact he spent a shitload of money anyway? Take out Xabi's fee and Rafa still spent around £200m. Saying he was hindered by a lack of money was stupid. He clearly wasn't.

Originally Posted by Bubzeh View Post
Torres. Profit. Alonso. Profit. Mascherano. Profit. Agger, key player. Skrtel, key player. Johnson, key player. Lucas, key player. Kuyt, boss. Even the likes of Bellamy and Crouch helped LFC to a Champions League final.
Fair enough but I didn't mention them did I? i just pointed out he spent over £220m when he was quoted as to have been hindered by a lack of money which obviously wasn't the case.

Originally Posted by Bubzeh View Post
Oh, Riera wasn't a bad signing at all- that shows your knowledge. He was a key player on the left side in the season where LFC finished 2nd. Then he decided to give a youngster a slap in training. Goodbye, Albert.
Ok fair enough but he wasn't exactly a world beater was he?

Originally Posted by Bubzeh View Post
Dossena was signed for less cash than Bebe. Enough said, stop whining.
You mean, "I can't justify it so I'll say come up with some pathetic attempt at a comparison and play the cool guy with enough said, stop whining." Sweet dude.

Originally Posted by Bubzeh View Post
Aquilani was Rafa's downfall- it was a huge mistake, even if he was only 5 million pounds. The rest was based on appearences, that he never made. So the 35 million from Alonso went nowhere. Hmm...
What's that got to do with it? That wasn't my point was it? Twist it all you want. Agreeing a £20m deal for Aqualani was as you put it, "a huge mistake."

Originally Posted by Bubzeh View Post
The problem was, Rafa couldn't make a signing like Keane (who was sold 6 months later for pretty much similar value, oh and we finished 2nd that season. Thanks Robbie) and afford it to fail- other managers could, well the ones challenging could.
You're attempts to justify it again on something completely irrelevant (finishing 2nd) doesn't change it was an awful amount of money and a poor signing.

Play a lot of twister do you by any chance?!
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