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Re: Royal Rumble 2013 Match Card Predictions

Originally Posted by Taker-Tribute-Act View Post
WHC Match;
Big Show vs Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus...
Cue: "I'm here to show the world..."

WHC Match;
Sheamus vs Ziggler
Winner: Ziggler

Divas Shenanigans
Eve retains.

US Title;
Cesaro vs "Insert American"
Winner: Cesaro

Tag Titles;
Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars
Winner: Rhodes Scholars

WWE Title;
CM Punk vs The Rock
Winner: CM Punk

Winner: Bryan

Theory time.
Ziggler poaches the WHC after another epic, old school brawl between Show and Sheamus. Beating Sheamus in some arbitrary time that's under 18 seconds. Links in with Bryan and the previous Mania. I'm assuming a Kane turn(I know OMG) leads to the loss of the titles earlier in the night. This sets up EC with Show, Sheamus, Ziggler, Bryan, Orton and Del Rio. Orton turns heel, Punts Bryan and injures him for Mania leading to some sort of Multi man match for the WHC involving at least Orton, Ziggler and Sheamus.

I'm hoping they keep going with Eve as a heel and full on. She's became a lot better in ring, even at telling a story with her heel antics. Hopefully push AJ as her main rival, likely keep going with Kaitlyn while Tamina and AJ are putting on much better matches.

Rhodes Scholars take the titles with Cody Rhodes back in action, Team Hell No split leaving The Masked Marvels as the #1 Contenders. However, I see some big multi-team event taking place at Mania. Sin Cara vs Mysterio, if it's gonna happen, should be at Mania 30.

I expect Cesaro to continue on a long reign with the US title. I don't know if he should defend the title here against Swagger, or if Swagger returns the next night on Raw setting up a big patriotic battle at Mania.

Punk retains via some awesome heelishness. The Rock going into Mania as Champ is weak, going in looking to get the title making it seem that he'll end Punks reign. That's what will get you buys, the same as it will for the Rumble. I think that the past year has seen Vince try to get away from depending on Cena, however, I think there's a good chance he'll still figure in this match.

I've merely picked D-Bry as the Rumble winner to factor in my own theory on where they could take the WHC scene. They can obviously go many other ways, maybe even Ziggler failing to Cash in his MITB and then winning the Rumble. Barrett could be another as well as the usual suspects like Cena and a surprise Return/Debut. What are Sting and Jeff Hardys plans early 2013???
So you book Bryan to win a rumble and then write him out of the title scene?

Hi Vince!
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