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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by KO Bossy View Post
Yeah, but all this reign has proved is that the number of days means absolutely nothing in a reign. Mick Foley was champion for maximum 2 and a half weeks at most, and his reigns were extremely memorable and worthy. So why does it matter? Let them think it does, we, as the fans, know it doesn't.

And for the record, it hasn't been the past few months. Cena and Punk fought at NoC and were supposed to fight again at HIAC, but Cena's elbow fucked that up. This shitty AJ angle has only been around for 3-4 weeks, which is hardly months. Now because you hate Punk, it may seem like he's been pushed more than Cena in the past few months, but really, things haven't changed that much. Plus, how can you compare a short amount of time of stronger booking to 7 years?

Punk's year long reign hasn't been very memorable, you're right. And yes, he has received an incredible push despite not proving that he's that much of a draw. However, he has a far way to go before he reaches Cena levels. Let him take on and eventually beat an entire main event heel stable by himself for a few months, work his way up to 10 title reigns and main event 9/10 PPVs over the WWE champion and then maybe we can talk..
@ the bold, I was not comparing them and I am talking about PRESENT, not the past. Whatever has happened in seven years is irrelevant to what is happening NOW and right now, Punk is getting overpushed (any push not down a sewer is an overpush for him IMO, though) while Cena is played second fiddle just like smarks have begged for years.

And I really don't want Punk to have 10 title reigns, that would only destroy the championship even further and kill any credibility it has. After this 14 months of boredom, I really hope Punk never gets another title run or only a short one at best. If you're talking about comparing the pushes. Again, that's not what I was doing, I was only talking PRESENT and since Cena's elbow injury, he's played third wheel to Punk and Ryback. That would be two months.

As for the length not mattering, you're right that it doesn't matter. But I also think it should be justified through the guy having it being talented enough or a draw and in my opinion, Punk is neither (although the latter is a fact).
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