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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE SmackDown

We begin tonight’s SmackDown with a promo and the man who is walking down to the ring is none other than Jeff Hardy. The popular Superstar takes the microphone and says that in a couple of weeks, he will become the World Heavyweight Champion, a championship that was stolen from him when his brother cost him it at the Royal Rumble. He says at Judgment Day, he doesn’t care who he pins, he will become the champion. The crowd approve of this, but someone from the back doesn’t, his brother Matt Hardy, he makes his way down to the ring and picks up a microphone. He says it’s typical of Jeff to take the spotlight and tell blame everyone for his loss of the championship. Jeff retorts by telling Matt that it’s pretty hypocritical for him to say this as for the last few weeks Matt has been complaining about being held back by the guys in the back. Matt doesn’t have a response, as Jeff is about to continue until the third challenger in the Fatal 4 Way match makes an appearance, that man’s name is Chris Jericho and he walks swiftly down the ramp and into the ring, wearing a pretty nice suit. He says that these two can continue bickering, because while they are arguing, he is focused, focused on the Fatal 4 Way match and for that reason, he is going to become World Heavyweight Champion. He says that like Jeff Hardy, his championship was ripped away from him at Survivor Series last year, and at Judgment Day, he gets his championship back. And to continue the clusterfuck of a promo, the World Heavyweight Champion himself, John Cena comes out to a huge pop. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, grabbing a microphone. He tells everyone that they can all come out here and complain about brothers betraying brothers, being held back or championships being stolen from you, but he got pretty sick of it in the back. He says he came out to tell everyone that at Judgment Day, there is only going to be one winner, and at the end of the night, Cena will still be the World Heavyweight Champion. Matt gets in Cena’s face and tells him that he is clueless, the odds are stacked against Cena, but Cena simply says ‘you want some... come get some’. And that’s exactly what happens, as Matt and Cena start brawling, only for Jericho and Jeff to start fighting each other. Eventually the faces clear the ring, but John turns into Jeff who goes for a Twist of Fate, but Cena spins out and lifts him up for an Attitude Adjustment, but then Jeff squirms out it and we witness a tense face off as we fade to a commercial break.


We come back from the commercial break as Theodore Long is talking on his phone to someone, but suddenly Layla and Tiffany walk into the room. The two lovely Divas stand patiently, waiting for Long to finish his call. He finally finishes, and asks them if they’ve decided on the two matches. Tiffany goes first, and tells Theodore that she has decided on making a huge match, a personal match, it will be Evan Bourne taking on Mike Knox. This gets a hearty cheer from the crowd, while Long nods his head, and mouths okay, that’s good. Layla butts in and says she has one which will top that, a match which will pit two former friends together, Matt Hardy, will take on the man he attacked last week, Gregory Helms. Again, the crowd react with a good pop, and Teddy says that both Divas have came up with huge matches for this edition of Friday Night SmackDown. And for that reason, he can’t decide on who will become the new General Manager Assistant. The two Divas complain about how he should make a decision, and eventually he interrupts them and informs them that he will leave it to the WWE fans, after the show, a poll will be put up on wwe.com, and whoever gets the most votes will be announced next week. Layla and Tiff’ nod and Tiffany brown noses by saying great idea, Layla scoffs and walks away, and Tiffany does the same eventually.

The first match of the evening is a pretty amazing tag team bout, featuring four of the men involved in the United States Championship Gauntlet at Judgment Day. R-Truth sat on commentary as he watched four of the men he faces, the team of Kofi Kingston and John Morrison taking on the duo of Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin. Like I said, the match was pretty good, momentum shifting between the two teams, but eventually Ziggler and Benjamin got on the same page and Benjamin showed why he was a top tag team wrestler, working well with Dolph to isolate Morrison. But eventually Morrison managed to break away and get the hot tag, and Kingston came in hot, taking it to the two men, and nearly getting the win with Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler ducked and rolled Kingston up, and put his feet on the second rope, picking up the win.

Dolph rolls out the ring while Kingston just realizes what has happened, he welcomes Dolph back into the ring but he ignores him and celebrates, while Shelton and Morrison are brawling on the outside. The commentators put over how everyone in the gauntlet seems to have a problem with someone, and they can’t wait until Judgment Day. R-Truth stays silent, shaking his head at just about everything.


SmackDown returns and Jamie Noble is already in the ring, and eventually “Just Close Your Eyes” plays and Christian makes his way onto the stage. Captain Charisma looks at the ground and whips his hood off, and starts walking down the ramp. Jamie bounces on the spot in the ring, but suddenly Kane bounds down the ramp and attacks Christian from behind. The crowd boo as Christian is flung forward into the ring apron, Kane then rips Christian’s special silk hoodie off, he grabs him by the head and launches him into the steel steps! The crowd boo relentlessly but suddenly Noble slides out the ring and tries to help Christian, but Kane is too much for him, Kane fights him off and throws him into the barricade! Props for trying Jamie, come again next time. Kane turns back to Christian who is just getting to his feet, but he turns around into Kane, and has a hand wrapped around his throat! Kane stares into the eyes of Christian, Captain Charisma looks petrified as he is hoisted up and Choke Slammed on the mat!

Christian’s head hits the mat with huge force, Kane stands above him, laughing manically and then starts to walk up the ramp away. But then he stops, and seems to be listening to something, he says something and turns back. He stops before Christian and grabs him, hoisting him up and putting him on his shoulders! Captain Charisma is out of it, and can’t fight back as The Big Red Monster walks up the ramp with his rival on his shoulder. We follow Kane who steps off the stage and walks backstage via the side of the tron. But we don’t follow backstage, instead we cut away to a video.

The Judgment Day promo is shown...

When we come back, we get a replay of what just happened and the commentators put over how crazy Kane is and they hope to get an update on whatever is happening to Christian soon. But in the mean time, they need to take a commercial break.


The show returns, but it’s a chaotic return as The Rated R Superstar, Edge is running around backstage, stopping anyone who will listen, asking them if they’ve seen Christian. He continues asking people, but then bumps into The Big Show. Edge says he hasn’t got time to deal with him right now, Big Show interrupts him and says that he should, because Edge needs to meet him and Vickie Guerrero in the ring later on. Edge doesn’t respond as Show brushes past him, but then he presses on in his search to find his best friend as we fade to the arena.

It’s time for the third scheduled match of the evening, second that will actually take place as Vladimir Kozlov makes his entrance, looking rather pissed off and soon his opponent joins him in the ring, none other than Bobby Lashley. This match is a No Holds Barred match and it was just a plain fight. The two men battled for ten minutes, neither giving an inch, resorting to weapons, fighting through the crowd, before arriving back in the ring and brawling then too. Not much in the way of technical wrestling, but it was just a good old fashioned brawl. Eventually, Kozlov looked like he was about to end it as he picked up a Steel Chair and launched at Lashley’s head but Bobby ducked, kicked him in the gut and planted him with The Dominator on the fallen steel chair!


We come back from the commercial, and are following Edge backstage where he is still searching, asking people questions about where Christian is. Eventually, Maria comes up to him and tells him that he saw Kane come out of a room a few minutes ago, Edge frantically tells her to show him. The cameras follow as the two of them run down the corridor, they turn a corner and Maria stops, and says in there. Edge opens the door slowly and walks in, Maria follows him but the camera waits, we suddenly hear screaming and Maria runs out, and the camera goes in, wanting to see what is happening, and all we see is a dark room, with a lighted area in the middle. And Christian is laying on a wooden bench, and we see that it is in fact, a Torture Rack, he’s blooded and bruised, Edge stands beside him, taking everything in and then tells the camera man to go get help. Kane was torturing Christian.

We return to the main arena and it is silence, but soon enough, Gregory Helms makes his entrance and is followed by Matt Hardy who makes his. The two former friends go at each other, Helms puts up a good fight but he is no match for the new and improved Matt Hardy, Matthew shows off his arsenal, with some new moves sprinkled in before finishing the match off with a Twist of Fate and picking up the victory!

But Matt isn’t done, after he’s done celebrating, Matt dives back to Helms and clubs him in the back, over and over, before picking him up and throwing him shoulder first into the ring post! The Dark One then slides out the ring and grabs a Steel Chair! He slides in and stands above Gregory, he raises the chair above his head but suddenly Jeff Hardy slides into the ring and rugby tackles Matt to the ground and pounds him over and over with right fists, but Matt manages to slide out from underneath Jeff and get out of the ring. Jeff welcomes Matt back into the ring, but Matt keeps his distance, and Jeff then checks on his friend, Helms.


SmackDown returns from the commercials and making their entrances are The Big Show and his current girlfriend Vickie Guerrero. Vickie takes the microphone and says that Big Show acted prematurely by putting her contract on the line and she says that she wants Edge to come out here, right now and agree to disregard the stipulation. She turns to the stage and eventually “Metalingus” plays and out steps The Rated R Superstar, Edge. He walks down to a huge pop and climbs into the ring, and grabs a microphone. He says that there is no way that he will allow the stipulation to be dropped, because this is his chance to get rid of Vickie. Show steps in and says that if Edge agrees to take Vickie’s stipulation out of the equation, then he will put his own contract on the line, just so that his girlfriend can stick around here in the WWE. Edge says that he has a proposition for Big Show, next week on SmackDown, if you can defeat an opponent that I pick, then I’ll disregard the stipulation and put my own contract on the line at Judgment Day, instead of Vickies. But if you lose, then both of your contracts will be on the line. Show agrees and tells Edge that it doesn’t matter who he picks next week as his opponent because he’ll simply knock him out, and put him through hell, just like Kane has done to Christian. This sets Edge off the edge and walks towards Show but gets a Knockout punch to the face! Edge falls to the mat and is out of it as Show stands above him and Vickie Guerrero laughs at him.

The Hart Dynasty promo is shown...


Back from the commercial break, we get an update on the condition of Christian and we’re told he is being taken to hospital to attend to his injuries. Meanwhile, Evan Bourne makes his entrance with Kelly Kelly by his side, and then Mike Knox walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring. This match doesn’t get started though, as Knox runs around the ring towards Kelly, but Bourne stops him only to be launches into the barricade and then the steel steps. Knox continues to beat down on Evan, throwing him into the ring and hitting him with the Knox Out. Knox stands above Bourne, but Kelly climbs in and kneels beside Bourne who is looking worse for wear, Knox angrily picks her up and launches her into the corner, he walks over to her and grabs her face, telling her she made a mistake choosing Bourne over him. Referee’s rush the ring, and try to get Knox out, but he walks back over to Bourne and picks him up, and sends him into the ring post! Knox turns away and walks up the ramp, as Bourne sits in the corner, holding his shoulder while Kelly tries to help him.

We now head backstage where Josh Matthews is standing, and he introduces his guest as the United States Champion, R-Truth. He asks him what his thoughts are on the tag team match we saw earlier, and the beating we just saw. Truth says he frankly doesn’t care, all he cares about his defending his United States Title, and if that means watching all of these guys tear each other a part, then so be it. He says that the odds are stacked against him, and he doesn’t appreciate being forced into a match like this, but he is a fighting champion and will make sure he leaves the arena with the title.


SmackDown returns and it’s time for the main event, where the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena and Chris Jericho square off. This match doesn’t last long though, as Matt Hardy gets involved attacking the two with a Steel Chair, only for Jeff Hardy to come down to the ring and get himself a piece of the action. The four men brawl with each other in the ring as Theodore Long rushes the ring with security and orders them to be separated. Once they are separated, we fade to black with the end of the show.

End Show


Monday Night RAW opens up tonight, not with a pyrotechnic display, no commentary, instead we are backstage where the atmosphere is light hearted as the RAW General Manager, Ric Flair is talking to his son, Reid Flair in his office. The crowd pop loudly, Flair’s wearing his customary suit while his son is in jeans and a normal black shirt. They talk amongst themselves until a Josh Matthews runs in frantically, he tells Flair that he needs to help, Ric says he is talking but Josh tells him that Legacy and MVP and Kennedy are fighting in the corridor. Ric tells his son to wait here, and Ric follows Josh out of the room, and down the hall, round the corner where the two teams are fighting, Randy Orton nowhere to be seen though. Kennedy launches Rhodes into the wall and he kneels beside him, punching him repeatedly, while DiBiase and MVP are trading punches on a table. Flair and a number of road agents step in and separate the two teams. Flair stands in between them, and in classic Flair way, tells them that if they want to fight so bad then they’ll get the chance later tonight, when Legacy, the three of them take on MVP, Kennedy and The Undertaker in our main event.

The crowd respond with a pop, Flair asks if the agents have got everything under control, and then walks back to his office, but Reid is nowhere to be seen. Flair looks around the room but then looks at the TV and his eyes widen. We suddenly cut to the main arena where the fans are booing as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is on his way down to the ring, but he isn’t alone – he has Reid Flair in toe, Flair looks beaten and bruised before he suddenly is thrown into the barricade! The Viper grabs Flair again and rolls him into the ring, and slides in after him, Reid gets to his feet and turns around... right into an RKO! The crowd boo loudly as Orton stands above Flair, he then takes his Legacy t-shirt off just as...

“Wooooo” blares out which is soon followed my Ric Flair’s music and the 16 time world champion jogs out on to the stage. He points at Orton and rips his suit jacket off and throws it the ground, he reaches the bottom off the ramp until Orton frantically tells him to stay where he is. He says that if Flair comes any closer then he will punt Reid in the skull. Flair stops in his tracks and calls Orton a son of a bitch. The Viper tells Flair that it was a mistake to ban the punt, and if Flair has any sense then he will unban the move, because if he doesn’t, then he will punt Reid in the skull. Flair’s eyes widen with rage before shouting you want it unbanned, then you got it. Almost on cue, as Flair says that, Orton sprints forward and punts Reid in the skull!

The crowd boo mercilessly but then cheer as Flair slides into the ring and tees off on Orton with right fist after right fist, backing Orton into the ropes, and then Irish-whipping him, and then takes him down with a rugby tackle. Flair pounds on Orton but Orton turns the tables and stands up, before backing away into the corner, but Flair isn’t finished he runs up to Orton and hits a couple of knife edged chops! But suddenly, Orton ducks to his knees and low blows the dirtiest player in the game!

King says that this isn’t going to be pretty as Randy climbs on Flair and pounds on his face, over and over before picking him up and Irish-whipping him into the corner, Flair stumbles forward and is flipped over Orton’s shoulders! Flair stands up though but is met with a stiff clothesline! Orton exits the ring and picks up a Steel Chair and throws it into the ring, Flair climbs to his feet but is suddenly planted with a huge RKO! But Orton isn’t finished; he climbs to his feet, and grabs the Steel Chair... and wraps it around Flair’s neck! And suddenly stomps on the chair, crushing Flair’s throat and the former 16 time world champion writhes on the mat, holding his throat with the chair still wrapped around it... but suddenly Orton gets out of dodge as Mr. Kennedy and MVP sprint down the ramp, looking worn out from their brawl and slide into the ring. Kennedy checks on Flair as MVP welcomes Orton back into the ring, but Orton simply backs up the ramp, and we have to fade to a commercial break.


RAW returns from the commercial break and ambulance staff are putting Ric Flair and his son into an ambulance, a few concerned wrestlers are watching as they shut the doors and drive away. The Superstars disperse, and the camera zooms in on the ambulance as it speeds off to the hospital. We then zoom out and see the WWE Champion, Randy Orton walking out onto the pavement, he watches the ambulance before turning around and smirking before walking past the camera.

It’s time for the first match of the evening and it’s between one half of the World Tag Team Champion, JTG and one of his opponents at Judgment Day, Drew McIntyre. The match goes for a good amount of time, each man getting equal amount of offense before their match at Judgment Day, but eventually the match ends when JTG goes for Da Shout Out but Nigel gets involved and clotheslines JTG, and then we witness a brawl between the two teams, but suddenly William Regal slides into the ring to help his stable mates. The three of them start to gain the advantage until the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio’s music plays and the little man makes a beeline for Regal. Regal and The Ruthless Monarchy quickly make their escape, and back up the ramp.

But we’re not done, Mysterio grabs a microphone. He tells Regal that last week, he crossed a line, he forced my family into situations that I would never want them to be in, you made my daughter cry and you made her watch as you beat me up backstage. Rey says that at Backlash, in the Steel Cage, before I climb out of the cage and retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship, I’m going to kick your ass and get revenge for the terrible things you’ve done to me and my family.


Monday Night RAW returns to the sound of “I Came To Play” and one of the men who will face CM Punk for the Money in the Bank briefcase at Judgment Day makes his entrance, The Miz gets a lot of boos as he walk down the ramp and slides into the ring. Dressed to compete, The Miz is handed a microphone and he waits for the fans to simmer down. The Miz begins by saying after this coming Sunday, he will be the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase, and that means one thing, that he will soon be the WWE Champion. And not only that, after this Sunday, Shawn Michaels makes his return to the WWE, and when he does, The Miz will be waiting to injure him again. The Miz says that he was destined to be the WWE Champion, and he isn’t waiting, he will become Money in the Bank and cash it in, but as for tonight, he feels he needs to stay in top shape for Judgment Day, so he is extending an open challenge to anyone in the back for a match right now.

A few seconds pass by before “This Fire Burns” blares out to a huge pop as Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk walks out with a light blue hoodie on and the briefcase in his hand. He has a microphone in his other hand and prepares to speak but The Miz questions why Punk would want to face him and lose before Judgment Day. Punk smirks and tells him that at least he is confident, he tells Miz that at Judgment Day this briefcase isn’t leaving his side, he doesn’t care that he’s facing three other men, he will successfully defend the briefcase, but tonight he, like The Miz, wants to stay in shape for Judgment Day. He calls for a referee to come down and soon enough a ref shows up, and the referee calls for the bell and we’re off.

This match lasted a good distance and really showed off Miz’ new aggressive style, Punk didn’t back down though and thought Miz to his limit. Eventually the finish to the match came when The Miz and Punk was trading blows in the middle of the ring, trading punch after punch but suddenly Jack Swagger sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring, he clobbers Punk from behind and then clotheslines The Miz. Swagger picks the Money in the Bank holder up and launches him over the top rope, and Punk falls onto the mat, feet first before falling face first into the barricade! The Miz gets to his feet and swings at Swagger but he ducks then kicks him in the stomach and connects with his Gutwrench Powerbomb! Swagger stands above The Miz but then TJ Perkins sprints down the ramp, getting a huge cheer as he slides in but Swagger sees him coming and quickly makes an escape.

Swagger backs up the ramp, smirking at the damage he has done while Perkins grabs a microphone. TJ tells Swagger that he is in a fighting mood tonight, and eventually challenges Swagger to a match later on. Swagger cockily shouts back that it’s on and he’ll prove why he is going to become the new Money in the Bank holder.


We’re back from the commercials and the commentators confirm that later on it will be Jack Swagger and TJ Perkins, one on one, later tonight. We then head backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting, he introduces his two guests as Mr. Kennedy and MVP. Josh asks them their thoughts on competing in the six man tag team match later tonight, Kennedy takes the lead and says that he and The Undertaker have had history before, but this isn’t about us, it’s about teaching Legacy a lesson. He says that all these people want to see Orton, Rhodes and DiBiase get a beating, and that’s what’s just going to happen later tonight. MVP now chimes in and says that Orton is out of control on RAW, punting people left right and centre, and now putting Ric Flair in the hospital. He says that if The Undertaker can’t get the job done at Judgment Day, then he has no problem stepping up, Kennedy interrupts him and says it will be him stepping up after Judgment Day, the two friends then start to bicker between each other, which draws some laughs from the crowd as Josh sends it back to ringside.

It’s time for the finals of the Divas Tournament to determine the third member of the triple threat match at Judgment Day and it is between the two Divas of Katie Lea and Melina. The two women make their entrances but the match doesn’t begin because the WWE Women’s Champion walks down the ramp, and makes her way to the announce table, and we’re off... no we’re not... the WWE Divas Champion now makes her way down the ramp and round to the announce table. The two Divas sit on opposite sides of the announce table, and throughout the match, all they did was argue over who was better. Meanwhile, there was a match taking place, and it was quite a good one as Katie Lea put up a good fight against Melina, but in the end Melina was too experienced and strong, pinning Katie with the Primal Scream, and becoming the third member of the triple threat.

The two women on the announce table stand up, and hold up their belts as Melina glances at both, but then the two champions see that the other is doing the same, and they walk around the table, they both hold their titles above their heads and tell each other that they are the WWE Divas/WWE Women’s Champion. Suddenly, the two Divas are floored when Melina runs the ropes and suicide dives through the top and second rope. The crowd cheer loudly at the dare devil attitude of Melina as she picks herself up. She picks up both belts and lifts them up in the air as we fade to a commercial.


We return from the commercial break the lights suddenly go out in the arena and the number one contender to the WWE Championship, The Undertaker appears on the titan tron, and it looks as he is in a grave yard. ‘The Deadman walks with his hood up, he faces the camera and says that this coming Sunday, Randy Orton faces the depths of hell, he says that Randy Orton’s Judgment Day is upon him. The Undertaker then turns his back on the camera, and the camera follows him as he walks, and we hear ‘Taker continuing to speak, saying that Randy Orton’s actions has brought the devil’s consequences down upon him, and at Judgment Day, he will pay with his WWE Championship, and eventually, his life. The Undertaker stops in his tracks, and the camera side steps him and focuses on a grave stone, which says on it – “Randy Orton – WWE Champion” and below it “Backlash 2009 – Judgment Day 2009”.

We return from the video and we’re backstage where the WWE Champion, Randy Orton has just watched the video on the television set in his locker. Standing behind him is his stable mates Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Orton turns to face them and asks them if they believe the audacity of The Undertaker, telling me that my title reign will end at Judgment Day. DiBiase says ‘Taker has been underground for too long, not enough oxygen to his brain, he’s obviously delusional. Orton says that they need to refocus, they’ve had a good night so far, getting rid of Flair, but now we have a six man tag team match. And going into Judgment Day, I want a victory. Rhodes and DiBiase nod as we fade away.

The Judgment Day promo is shown...


Time for the penultimate match of the evening and it’s between the two men of Jack Swagger and TJ Perkins. The two men put on a good show, with each man hitting most of their signature moves but in the end it ended up with Jack Swagger getting his own back on TJ for the defeat he suffered a couple of weeks ago, by picking him up for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but TJ reversed it into the Hurricanrana pin that put Jack away last time, but Swagger rolls through and rolls him up, before grabbing onto the ropes, getting extra leverage and picking up the victory. TJ kicks the ropes in frustration as Swagger quickly rolls out of the ring, a very good night for Swagger as he backs up the ramp, looking very good heading towards Judgment Day.

We now go backstage where Melina is in normal clothes and is walking backstage, she approaches the parking lot and says goodbye to Mickie James and Michelle McCool before exiting into the lot and approaching her car. She opens the back of her car and sticks her bag into it before she is suddenly blindsided by the WWE Women’s and Divas Champions, Beth Phoenix and Maryse. The two champions get some payback for earlier by picking her up and running her into the side of her car! The crowd boo hugely as the two divas stand above Melina, but suddenly Beth grabs Maryse and does the same, throwing her into the side of the car and leaving her two opponents down in a heap as we fade to a commercial break.


It’s now time for the main event of the evening and in a rare TV match, The Undertaker takes part, teaming with Mr. Kennedy and MVP, taking on the whole of Legacy. For most of the match, Orton and ‘Taker didn’t partake in it, both men saving their strength for Judgment Day and that meant Kennedy and MVP spent most of the time as their legal men for their team, just like Rhodes and DiBiase did for Legacy. But the ending to the match came, when Rhodes had Kennedy in a sleeper hold, and Kennedy managed to break out and get the tag to The Undertaker and the fans reacted with a huge pop. While Rhodes tagged in Randy Orton, the two men who meet each other at Judgment Day went toe to toe, each man hitting each other with right fists, until ‘Taker started to get the better until DiBiase climbed into the match, but MVP met him and took him out with a clothesline over the top rope. With all the other men out of the match, that left Undertaker and Randy Orton and in the end it was The Undertaker who Tombstoned the WWE Champion and got a huge pop as he pins the WWE Champion.

We finish the go home show here tonight with The Undertaker on top, kneeing down next to Randy Orton and holding his arm out as the lights go out in the arena, and then we fade to black.

End Show

WWE SmackDown

We begin Friday Night SmackDown with a recap of what went down last week, including the main event where John Cena and Chris Jericho faced off, we saw Gregory Helms fail to defeat Matt Hardy and the continuation of the United States Championship situation. After the video package, we are greeted with the SmackDown opening video before swiftly cutting into the arena where Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield welcome us.

To kick off the show, “Hunt You Down” blares over the PA system and one of the men involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match, Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring. The Dark One, dressed to compete, slides in and waits for his tag team partner. Soon enough, “Break The Walls Down” hits and the fans react with boos as the other man involved in the title match, Chris Jericho walks down the ramp, he climbs into the ring and waits for his opponents. Justin Roberts steps forward, “and their opponents...” we have to wait a few seconds before finding out who their opponents will be before “ “ plays and the fans react with a good pop, as Daniel Bryan, Kaval and AJ Lee walk out, the commentators put them over from their time on WWE Superstars, and talk about their current rivalry with Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. They also mention that this is a big step up and if they can even hang in with Hardy and Jericho then it will be a job well done.

The match kicks off with some chain wrestling between Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho, and to Jericho’s shock, Bryan is the one who ends up on top with an arm bar, but Jericho with his experience manages to get to his feet. Jericho and Bryan put on a few minutes of back and forth action until Kaval gets the tag and being the fresher man he takes it to Jericho. Eventually Jericho gets the tag to his own tag team partner and Hardy and Kaval square off, and we get another batch of good wrestling, trading blows before Hardy and Jericho take advantage with quick tags. The two men work together but eventually start to argue over who is the better man and who will become the World Heavyweight Champion and that gives Kaval the opportunity to get the tag to Bryan. With AJ cheering them on, Bryan takes it to the legal man Jericho, Hardy tries to help but gets taken over the rope by Kaval, while Bryan manages to lock in the LeBell Lock. Suddenly, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder sprint down the ramp, Ryder sprints around the ring and climbs onto the apron, while Hawkins hops onto the apron and hits Bryan with a kick to the back, picks him up and plants him with a DDT! Hawkins slides out the ring but he starts to back away but turns around right into a slap from AJ! Ryder rushes to Hawkins’ aid and the two men back away, knowing their work has been done. Meanwhile in the ring, Bryan is just getting to his feet before being planted by a Codebreaker! A great opening match, timed at 16 minutes gets the fans applauding, and eventually Hardy climbs into the ring and he and Jericho leave while Kaval climbs in and tends to DBryan as does AJ.


SmackDown returns and the show is backstage where Brie and Nikki Bella are waiting and the two Divas introduce their next two guests... Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy. The two men walk into the shot, looking extremely sweaty, Brie and Nikki ask them how they’re feeling about their match and how they think they’ll do at Judgment Day? Matt goes to speak but Jericho cuts him off, out there I won the match and that means- he is cut off by Matt who says that if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t even be in a position to win that match. Jericho tells Matt to shut up while he is talking because he is looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion. Matt asks if that is true, and then pushes Jericho in the chest, Brie and Nikki make a quick escape while Jericho pushes Matt back. They look at each other for a second, and then dive at each other, throwing fists as they end up on the floor until some of the road agents appear and help separate them. Both men shout that they’ll be the new World Heavyweight Champion before we cut to the main arena.

And we throw to the main arena where Vickie Guerrero and Big Show are already in the ring. Vickie begins by saying her line, “excuse me” which no doubt gets a lot of heat, but then she continues by saying that last week, her boyfriend accepted a challenge, that if he defeats whoever his opponent is tonight, then Edge will put his contract on the line at Judgment Day, and that’s what he intends to do, so bring out his opponent. Vickie lays the microphone on the ground before “Hell Will Be Calling” and the fans react with a massive pop as Bobby Lashley appears, Show looks like he has met his match in the strength department as Bobby sets off his pyrotechnic and walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and gets himself pumped.

The match begins with both bulls circling, they finally lock up and in the beginning they are a match for each other, but with Lashley being the more athletic he managed to take the advantage, using his speed advantage to take Show down with quick fire clotheslines and shoulder blocks, before targeting his leg to take him down to the mat. But, with Vickie Guerrero at ringside, she got involved at so many times, just as Lashley was gaining momentum, Guerrero would get involved and stop it. It gave Show a chance to show what he can do, but eventually the referee had enough and ejected Vickie from the ringside. She protested but left eventually, but this left Show distracted and he turned around into a kick, and Lashley showed off a massive, massive show of strength when he hoisted Show onto his shoulders... and planted him with the largest Dominator in history! Vickie was at the ramp when she saw this, and took an absolutely fit, and now this means that Big Show will now have his contract on the line at Judgment Day as well as Vickie!


We return from the commercial break and Theodore Long is in the middle of the ring, the boss of SmackDown dances in the centre before speaking and introducing two Divas, Layla and Tiffany. The two Divas walk out to SmackDown’s theme and both of them climb into the ring, they stand either side of the GM, waiting anxiously. SmackDown’s General Manager references the fact that on wwe.com there was a poll to determine who would be Teddy’s Assistant. He says he has the results right now, and they throw it to the titan tron where a graphic appears with Layla’s face and Tiffany’s face beside a graph... and the results come up... and Layla has won the vote to become the new Assistant! Layla celebrates by hugging Theodore Long, Long turns and says sorry to Tiffany, who congratulates Layla and leaves the ring. Long hands the microphone to Layla who says she is gonna’ do her best to put on a show for everyone and that starts right now, because with Teddy’s blessing, she will make two matches. Teddy allows her too, and she first announces that The Rated R Superstar Edge will face Kane in the main event tonight which gets a huge pop, and then she announces that their will be a WWE Tag Team Championship match and that will take place, right now! Long applauds her decisions as “Man With A Plan” plays and the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson walk out, looking less than pleased.

They climb into the ring and TBK is handed a microphone, he gets in the face of Layla and questions if she is right for decision making as she obviously just made a terrible one, he says that she should do what the divas do best, and that’s get back in the damn kitchen! Layla suddenly slaps the taste out of Kendrick’s mouth and he stumbles back into the clutches of Jackson. Layla gets in the face of Kendrick, and says that for that little crack, this match is now an Extreme Rules match and their opponents are two men who helped create that match, and they are Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards! The crowd pop for Layla putting TBK in his place as “Man In The Box” plays and outcome Dreamer and Richards.

With Layla and Theodore safely out of the ring, the match can begin. It doesn’t take long before the weapons come into play in this match as Dreamer and Richards get extreme really quickly. But both Jackson and Kendrick show us that they can get extreme too though. Some notable spots in the match was Kendrick being superplexed on top of a steel chair by Dreamer, while Jackson and Richards were battling on the top of the announce table, with a wooden table beside it, and Jackson eventually Powerbombed Richards through the table! This leaves Jackson and Dreamer as the only two standing and eventually it’s Jackson who shows his strength, Powerbombing Dreamer on top of a trash can, and picking up the victory. Once Kendrick finds his feet, Jackson helps him and the two celebrate as we fade to a commercial break.


We return from the commercial and we’re in Theodore Long’s office where he and Layla are talking. We join the conversation while Long is saying that he knew the WWE fans made the right choice as soon as Layla made those great matches, and the way she put Kendrick in his place was a good showing of what you’re gonna’ bring to things here on Friday Nights. Layla responds by saying she has a lot more up her sleeve to make this show great, with Teddy’s blessing of course.

We cut back to the arena where “No More Words” plays and the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy high steps onto the stage and sets off his pyro with his little routine. He makes his way down to the ring, high fiving fans on his way. Jeff Hardy climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone, he says that earlier on he heard Jericho and Matt Hardy say that they were gonna’ become World Heavyweight Champion at Judgment Day. He says they are wrong, and at Judgment Day, Jeff will become the champion, and get back his championship that was stolen from me at the Royal Rumble. Suddenly, “My Time Is Now” plays and outcomes the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, he slides into the ring and is handed a microphone. He says that Fatal 4 Way’s don’t favour the champion, but he’ll be damned if he loses this championship, he worked for this title and he’s not going to lose it, not to Jericho, not to Matt Hardy and not to Jeff Hardy. The two most popular stars on SmackDown go face to face before their opponents music plays and outcome Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

This was basically a game of one up man ship, Jeff and Cena trying their best to outdo each other, Ryder and Hawkins didn’t stand a chance against the two biggest stars on SmackDown. In the end, Cena hit Hawkins with the Attitude Adjustment and then Jeff went for a Swanton Bomb from the top and connected and picked up the victory. After the match, the two men went face to face again, but then are soon joined by Matt Hardy who slides into the ring and it is a three way brawl! But then Chris Jericho joins the fray, before Jericho slides in however, Matt Hardy manages to hit Jeff with a Twist of Hate before being planted by Cena with the Attidude Adjustment, but this meant Cena was distracted and Jericho connected with a Codebreaker, and on this night, it was Jericho standing tall.


We are now backstage where Vickie Guerrero is going absolutely insane, throwing things around her room, breaking plant pots as Show sits with his head in his hands. Finally, Show gets up and stops Vickie, he says that she shouldn’t worry because at Judgment Day, he’ll defeat Edge and we’ll be cool. Vickie says that if he never agreed to it in the first place then we wouldn’t be in this situation, Vickie storms off and leaves Show breathing heavily.

The Hart Dynasty promo is shown...


SmackDown returns and we see Jim Ross is in the ring, he starts by showing a clip of what happened last week, and it’s off Kane choke slamming Christian on the mat and dragging him backstage, and then later in the show, Christian is found in some sort of dungeon. We go back to the arena and Jim Ross says that he has Christian on a live video feed from his home, as he couldn’t be here tonight because of physical and emotional trauma. He throws it to the titan tron where Christian appears, his head bandaged up and wearing a light grey shirt in what appears to be his living room.

Jim welcomes Christian who responds with a nod, and we delve straight into the good stuff and Jim asks Christian if he can remember anything from last week. Christian takes a deep breath and tries hard, you can really tell he is struggling as he manages to say that the only thing he remembers is being Choke Slammed on the mat, and then waking up in a dark room, and was tied to something, he says that he felt his body being stretched and dowsed in petrol oil. Captain Charisma stops in the middle of saying that he could smell the petrol, he takes another deep breath and the fans respond with a Christian chant. Captain Charisma continues and says that he could barely breath because of the petrol, but then all he felt was pain in his head as he felt something slam on the top of it, and eventually the next thing he knew he was in hospital.

Jim says that he knows this must be hard to talk about, and he’ll wrap this up soon, but he asks if Christian agrees with many that he should have left things alone and not try to anger Kane. Captain Charisma says that he made a mistake by taunting Kane, but what’s done is done, he says he doesn’t regret it, because he hasn’t regretted a single thing in his career. Christian leans forward, he says that the doctors diagnosed him with a concussion and emotional trauma, but that isn’t going to stop him, he wants Kane one on one at Judgment Day.

J.R tries to talk some sense into Christian by saying that Christian is in no condition to compete, but Christian tells him that with the Peeps supporting him, he knows he can take on Kane and defeat him, and stop all of this so called demon talk. J.R says he can’t change his mind, so he wishes Christian luck and informs us that it’s time to end the interview but Christian stops him, he leans forward again to the camera and says that the match at Judgment Day, won’t just be any match, he wants to beat Kane at his own game, he wants to get revenge on Kane for apparently going to set him on fire, and for that reason, he’s challenging Kane to an Inferno Match this Sunday!

The crowd responds with a huge pop as we fade away to a video with Christian staring into the camera.

The Judgment Day promo is shown...


It’s time for a six man tag match, with the special guest referee – R-Truth. On one side, you had Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and John Morrison and on the other side, Mike Knox, Shelton Benjamin and Dolph Ziggler. This was a faced past match, a preview of Judgment Day but the main talking point of this match came when the special guest referee, R-Truth, walked out on the match, the commentators wonder what’s up (pun intended) with Truth and his attitude recently. While the match continues with a new referee who sprints down the ramp, the cameras follow R-Truth backstage and he rips off his referee top and walks towards the parking lot, Theodore Long shows up and demands to know what is wrong with him, and Truth says that he is pissed off at the fact that he has been unfairly put in a gauntlet match at Judgment Day. Truth brushes past Long and exits into the parking lot before we cut back to the arena where the match is still taking place. The match continues until the ending when Evan Bourne goes for a Shooting Star Press but misses and is taking out by Benjamin with Paydirt who turns into Trouble in Paradise and the faces pick up the victory.

But we aren’t done, as the heels slide into the ring and we now witness a six man brawl, each man pairing off with another as the commentators put over the match at Judgment Day. The brawl continues as we fade away to a commercial break.


After the commercial break, “Man On Fire” plays and The Big Red Machine walks down the ramp, the crowd booing, and Kane steps into the ring and grabs a microphone. Kane suddenly starts laughing demonically, and then says that if Christian thinks he can beat him in an Inferno Match then he’s suffered a lot more than I thought, but then he Kane suddenly says that he’ll face Christian at Judgment Day and in that match, he’s going to make Christian burn.

Now, “Metalingus” blares out and The Rated R Superstar makes his entrance, and once Edge slides into the ring, he referee rings for the bell. Most of this match consisted of Kane showing why he is so dangerous by putting Edge through hell, but with the fans backing him and Christian watching from home, Edge fought back and put it all on the line. The ending of the match and the show came when Kane was setting up for the Choke Slam, Edge broke his grip and smashed him with a huge spear but was about to drop the cover but suddenly Big Show appeared from out of nowhere and knocked Edge out with a huge punch!

After the match, Vickie directed traffic as Kane climbed to his feet, The Big Red Monster joined Show in a double choke slam before walking away, leaving Show and Vickie standing above The Rated R Superstar as we fade to black.

End Show

DATE: 31st May, 2009
LOCATION: Rosemont, Illinois

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Big Show & Vickie Guerrero’s Contracts On The Line
Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge

Inferno Match
Christian vs. Kane


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match
Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship
Seven Man Gauntlet Match
R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Triple Threat Unification Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Maryse vs. Melina

WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase
Four Corners Elimination Match
CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger vs. TJ Perkins vs. The Miz

Bonus Questions
Who will take the fall in the World Hvt Championship match?
Predict the match order?
Predict the participant order of the U.S Title bout?
Will CM Punk cash in and if so, on who?

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