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Re: WWE Forum Championship presents Survivor Series

Originally Posted by the modern myth View Post
the Proc that didn't listen to stiffs and wannabes like Gimmicky, RKO Peep and X-Bailey; the Proc that used to arrive, raise Hell and leave.[/B][/center]
I've never been a stiff or a wannabe! I've been to the top, held that title! Defeated you, main evented Wrestle Mania, retired one of the most influential wrestlers of this generation and you call me a wannabe! You're more deluded than that psychopath Dandy

As I wait in this bed for my operation, I begun to think about this fourth man, who could it be, when and where, how will it go down, then it all became so clear! I know your 4th man, I shall not say who this is, but Its time for the Resistance to rise up and be accounted for! You have Dandy! and the Resistance have me!

Yes my Resistance is a one man band, yes I'm out of action for the foreseeable future, but I have influence over many thing in this company, when this was getting of the floor I wasn't aligning myself with the devil in order to get ahead I was noble, honest and fought against any and all takers to protect this company, last time I did it alone, this time I realise I can not!

I have no doubt the resistance will be adding members leading up to TLC, I WILL NOT LAY DOWN AND ALLOW THIS COMPANY TO BE DRIVEN INTO THE PITS OF HELL!
If you thought I was sick and twisted before, you've seen nothing yet! IF no no no WHEN I RECOVER, NO ONE IS SAFE, HIDE YOUR FAMILIES, I WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO DESTROY YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!

You have been warned!


Wrestling Forum Championship Accomplishments:
Former Forum Champion.
Officially Ended El Dandys Career
Main Evented Wrestlemania

Not removing until:

[X] Rhodes takes a Midcard Title
[X] WWE Make Punk credible and push him to main event status
[ ] Cena turns heel
[X] Christian wins WHC/WWE Belt
[ ] Rhodes gets Main Event Push
[X] Ziggler gets Main Event Push
Added 14/2/10
[ ] Sandow holds a title
[ ] Brian gets push for Main event once again
[ ] WWE Give Barrett something worthwhile to do!
Added 23/1/13

Marking for:-
Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan

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