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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries


Barrett and Orton set to collide at Hell in a Cell!

Following the events after the main event of Smackdown this past Friday, Smackdown General Manager has decided that Randy Orton and Wade Barrett will face off at Hell in a Cell. After Barrett was unsuccessful in becoming the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, he tried to attack the winner of the match, Sheamus, but luckily for 'The Celtic Warrior', Randy Orton charged down the ramp and dropped Barrett with an emphatic RKO.

The move from Orton was not unprovoked however, as there have been weeks of built up animosity between these two men. In the weeks prior to Night of Champions, Barrett had the champion-at-the-time's number and left Orton laid out twice in as many weeks at one stage. Even earlier in the night Barrett thought it was appropriate to insult Orton backstage following his unsuccessful rematch for the World Heavyweight Title against Mark Henry; going as far to call 'The Viper'... 'The Worm'. There is no love lost between these two and we'll get to see them go at it one-on-one in New Orleans on October 2nd!


Spoiler for Behind the Security Door:
We go backstage and we see a group of security guards standing in front of a door. Our brave Interviewer is on the scene and he approaches the burly-looking men.

Interviewer: Gentlemen, I'm Briley Pierce, working for wwe.com. I was wondering if I could get an exclusive with the man in this room.

We've finally learned the name of this mystery man with the microphone. Pierce waist intently as one of the guards talks into his walkie-talkie.

Security Guard: Go on right ahead. We're just holding him in here 'til Mr Long has finished some business.

Pierce turns to the camera and smiles before the guards part, allowing him and the cameraman through. The camera follows Briley into the room which is revealed to be the Men's locker room... which is totally empty bar one man sitting next to his bags... It's Christian. Captain Charisma looks extremely angry and is still in his ring gear even though the show is finished.

Briley Pierce: Christian, can I get a few words?

No reply from CC, who just looks at the wall in front of him. In true interviewer style, Pierce takes this as an indication to ask a question anyway.

Briley Pierce: So Christian, everyone is saying that you were the man responsible for attacking Daniel Bryan backstage earlier tonight; ruling him out of the main event. What we all wanna know is... did you do it?

Christian turns his head towards Pierce with a scowl on his face.

Christian: Did I do it? Y-you're asking me... if I attacked Daniel Bryan tonight?

Pierce nods.

Christian: You're asking me if I attacked the man that embarrassed me at Night of Champions and took my spot here on Smackdown?

Briley Pierce: Yeah-


Pierce is a little taken aback by that; shocked even.

Christian: I saw him backstage so I attacked him. I took Daniel Bryan OUT.

There is a cold look in Christian’s eyes as he speaks... a look of no remorse.

Christian: I bet you’re wondering why... huh, Briley? I did it because I want my spot back. I did it because Daniel Bryan does not DESERVE to be in MY spot. I did it because I want to be the World...Heavyweight...Champion.

Christian lowers his head after saying that and Pierce starts to back away and away from the ‘Saviour of Smackdown’. He turns around and asks for the cameraman to cut the camera out but it doesn’t and Pierce’s face gets right into the camera as he tries to get away from the icy Christian.


Spoiler for Smackdown's 'Rising Star' speaks out:
With Pierce again and he walks around backstage hurriedly as he looks for someone else to interview. The cameraman notices a group of Superstars standing in a huddle as Justin Gabriel recalls his victories tonight to Trent Barretta and The Usos. We run in and catch Gabriel mid-flow.

Justin Gabriel:... then he started to bark like a dog again so I saw the chance and rolled him up!

Briley Pierce: Hey guys! Justin, I was wondering if I could get a few words with you? (Turns to everyone else) If you don't mind, gentlemen.

The three other men walk away looking a little downtrodden but Gabriel has a sip on his water as he's ready for the questions.

Briley Pierce: Justin, given your recent run of impressive victories over the past few weeks, including winning two matches in one night tonight, people are starting to call you the Rising Star of Smackdown. What are your thoughts on that nickname?

Justin Gabriel: Wow... people really call me that? That's crazy. Well I'm extremely flattered by those comments.

Gabriel smiles as he waits for the next one. Pierce looked like he was hoping for more from that as he is a little unprepared...

Briley Pierce: Um... that's great. Umm... okay, I got one; I want to know this just as much as everybody... what is next for Justin Gabriel?

Gabers rubs his jaw as he thinks for an answer for that one.

Justin Gabriel: What's next for me? Well what I'd like to think I am working towards is a shot at the Intercontinental Championship in the near future; I think I am much more suited to that title than Cody Rhodes.

Pierce is extremely intrigued by that comment.

Briley Pierce: Is this you putting Cody Rhodes on notice?

Justin Gabriel: If you want to call it that, than yes. But there are a couple of guys here on Smackdown that should get that shot ahead of me. William Regal is long overdue his shot and Sin Cara deserves another go.

Justin smiles at Pierce who nods at him back.

Justin Gabriel: But until I think I'm ready for that all I've got to say is... bring on the competition because I'm not turning anybody down.

Gabriel tips his bottle in the direction of the camera before taking another swig. He shakes hands with Pierce and leaves the scene... the camera staying on him before fading out.


Spoiler for Challenge from the Doghouse:
It seems this time that Pierce has had his guests prepped before the camera is rolling this time as he stands ready with his microphone and next to him is a very angry looking Percy Watson and an even angrier Titus O'Neill.

Briley Pierce: So guys, tell me what it was like to both be beaten by the same man in one night then get beaten up after the match for good measure as well?

Titus' eyes widen at that and Pierce realises what he said didn't sound very smart.


Before he needs to be physically removed from the vicinity, Pierce scarpers and leaves the microphone with big Titus.

Titus O'Neill: Look, we aint even angry about Justin Gabriel; we were just havin' and off night.

O'Neill points at the camera now, and Percy nods along.

Titus O'Neill: We're angry because those two clowns in Fightin' fo' Freedom thought they'd come down to the ring and try an' save the day! We'd just been through matches; you don't attack someone unprovoked after a match like that!

Hypocrisy in it's finest form as Watson takes over the talking responsibilities.

Percy Watson: Look, we aint usually the kind o' guys that hold a grudge but we can't accept dat. No, no, no.

Percy is starting to look more emotionally hurt than anything.

Percy Watson: We go out there ev'ry night to try and bring Showtime to all these people but dey didn't appreciate us. And what Derrick and Johnny did to us tonight was just plain wrong... mhmm, yes it was, misters!

Watson grabs the stick again and he slowly raises it up to his mouth.

Titus O'Neill: We aint gon' let you get away with this... that's why next week... 'Showtime' Percy Watson and 'The Big Dog' Titus O'Neill, we challenge YOU, Fighting for Freedom, to a match on Smackdown! And trust me... boys... we gon' drag you through The Doghouse!

Big Titus starts to bark like a dog for some reason and Watson screams 'OH YEAH' at the camera before the mic is dropped to the floor and the two men walk off. Pierce then comes back into the shot and checks that the microphone is still working...

Briley Pierce: They better not have broken this thing...


OCTOBER 2, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Mark Henry © vs Sheamus

The Awesome Truth vs CM Punk & Kofi Kingston

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes © vs William Regal

WWE Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix © vs Kelly Kelly


Thanks for the Smackdown feedback guys I've finished my Semi-Final entry for the Tournament now so all BTB-related activities now go to writing Raw. As for that the opening promo is finished and not touched the rest so I won't give you an estimated date if completion for it because I have no clue myself. Any more feedback for Smackdown would be very much appreciated!
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