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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
No. People want unexpected and grittier "edginess" such as that little brawl between Ziggler and Cena. Not tasteless garbage like that. See Hawks suicide, Katie Vick, Trish barking, and the of the tactless garbage from that time with disgust, AE or not.
But in AE you had Austin vs Vince but at the same time you had Hawk's suicide. You had the great The Rock vs Triple H feud but at the same time Mae Young giving birth to a hand.
Same here, you have the Cena/Ziggler brawl or Ryback threwing Maddox into the ambulance but at the same time you have Punk and Heyman mocking a heart attack. Every era had great and disgusting moments.

I disagree with you because I think this segments have place in wrestling but I still respect your opinion. Why? Because you have arguments and you don't look like a hypocrite.
It's one thing saying that you dislike this kind of storylines no matter if AE or not, I even have no problem with new fans who watch it for 2-3 years and are now shocked.
But the people who embarrass themselves the most are some "experts" who post BS how Attitude Era was never like that because it was

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