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Re: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by tbp82 View Post
I have to laugh hard at people saying that Reigns is the "enforcer" or Reigns is the "Jannety" of the group. Did you even watch the show? Reigns was the one barking out the orders to the group last night. Reigns "appears'" to be the leader. Ambrose didn't do much but look like a troll here. Rollins looked evil when they caught his face on screen though. But, so far in the first two appearances for the three Reigns appears to be the standout of the group based on his look and physique alone.
Look and physique mean nothing when it comes to being taking seriously. Guys like Batista and Ryback also have presence and in-ring charisma, but look at Mason Ryan, Drew McIntire, and Ezekiel Jackson; they have the look and physique and didn't make it because of how green they were initially. Roman Reigns is 2x as green as them, so there's no way he's the leader, and even if they try to position him as one, as soon as Ambrose gets a live mic, WWE will pull their stock out of Reigns and place it on Ambrose going forward. Watch and see.

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