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Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
So what possible reason could you have for removing your pictures? Obviously people making fun of the way you look has got to you princess.

I've had people call me fat, a steroid freak, and other stuff but I haven't thrown the toys out of the pram and bitched out and removed my photos, you've just proven yourself to be a soft cock who can give it, but can't take it.
I already said I planned on removing the pics when I first posted it, so you're talking shite once again. You had your original plans pissed on and torn apart, now you're scratching about for something, anything, else.

We'll call that 1-0 to me, shall we.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
There is an alternative though, it has been noted that those pictures don't even look the same.

So you're either a pansy that can't handle people making fun of the way you look neckbeard, or you've been exposed as a fake.

Which is it?
Exposed as a fake? The pictures are still there, quoted. I posted them originally so people I interact with a lot would know what I look like, but I said weeks ago or whenever the first pic went up that it was a special occasion and the pics were coming down.

As for the difference, you might engage your little brain and note I have a beard in the second one.

You keep saying 'neckbeard' because you heard it somewhere and thought it was cool. You don't even know what it means and you sound a bit silly as I like my beard - I usually grow one around winter time.

Methinks you might be jelly cause you can't manage one. All them muscles but you can't grow a beard.

Keep pouting, Bully. Keep that wrist of yours limp and practice your Hello sailor technique.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to push your arms against your chest when you pose to make them muscles look bigger than they are.

Fake? Exposed? Lol, but at least you've given up on the other crap you've been spewing. It was getting a little old tbh.

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