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Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

lol I didn't get exposed. You got exposed for being a back stabbing bitch, only it didn't work.
Er, no, that was Froot. I backed you up, remember? I only turned on you after you turned on me.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I don't ride cats "coattails" we both have a similar beef with you. That's all. Up until this point you and her were quite chummy to say the least so don't give me that garbage. Stop bringing other people into the conversation.
No you don't, as you know more than anyone how much a joke the saviour thing is. We have joked about it many times, me and you. You even used the Autumn of Bully thing yourself.

Double standards, aye? To match your two faces.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I've never been "butthurt" just if you're going to come at me, expect me to reply in kind. I'm used to people trying to bring it with me, it happens time and again. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be back and forthing in this thread with you and I wouldn't bother with rants.
Well, you keep saying that. But when you get called a massive plonker and that your boastful bragging is a 9.8 on the special bus scale, you don't want to know. Why? Because you'd be annihilated if you stepped up to those guys.

Them double standards again.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Question: How come you removed your pictures from the : post your picture thread?
Old news. Said I was going to remove it after a while in the very first post I made. Both pics have been quoted so they're not exactly gone forever. You have me saved on your computer anyway though, so you can gaze wistfully at me whenever you want.

I've no probs with you doodling on my pics, I've had fun doing that myself. Shame you're not very good at it. Apocalypto looks like a genius next to your piss poor attempt. I don't really need to doodle on your pics though, what with you pouting like a mincer and doing the job for me.

That one with the glass of wine is hilarious too. Your limp wrist bent like you're about to come on to that handsome boy who carried your bags.

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