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Me and you were good pals before all this went down, so stop with the me ‘coming at you’ bollocks. If it’s true that you’re an angry boy because of me fucking about, then you are a soft, sensitive soul.

Everyone has seen through it already though. It’s your excuse for riding Cat’s tatty coat tails.

The only detractors I have here are you and Cat. Most people are very meh about the whole thing. The OP has been called petty and it is. Sexy Mav’s called me butthurt for responding to you, but that’s the game. If we’re going to have a butthurt contest then you’ll beat me hands down, no probs. WAAAH, you came at me! WAAAH you want to fight me! WAAAH I can’t take anybody on unless Anark or Cat does it first and I can ride their coat tails. WAAAHH!

You’re the one taking it so serious with your ‘coming at me’ claims, like I betrayed our friendship or something. I enjoy a good deal of banter and I’m enjoying this banter. Better than Apocalypto and his nonsense.

You need to up your game though, junior. You’re accusing me of things you do yourself. Your reading what I say to you and re-wording it and saying it back to me. Weak.

And nobody ate me alive in the jobbers thread. What happened is you got exposed as a two-faced bitch with a clit for a dick.

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