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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
I haven't used either of those defences you mocked up. The saviour thing is a joke, always has been. It's not an excuse, it's reality. You know this full well as we have joked about it and you even used the term the Autumn of Bully yourself. But you keep riding them coat tails.

I've also never said the words 'I'm a good poster outside of Rants'. Other people have said that. I have merely pointed out that the saviour jokes only happen in Rants. Again, you simply make up stuff but there's no substance to it.

As for calling me pompous, stealing my material again. Do you have nothing of your own?

And what happened to you always return fire whenever anyone takes aim at you? Massive plonker, 8.9 on the special bus scale, are just two of the recent comments that stripped you naked of all your bragging about owning people.

I note there's been no return fire at those comments. No one to back you up? No one to follow?

Keep dreaming you're big stuff around here, Bully. But the real big stuffs have commented in this thread and they weren't impressed by you or your claims.

I've concentrated my sights on you. You kept saying you wanted to "fight" me one on one so I came in here, the whole reason we didn't do this in the "jobbers" thread was because you were getting eaten alive in there. If you can't handle me one on one just say so. I don't need to "ride coattails"

You haven't addressed half of your detractors in this thread. In fact you couldn't even handle it and had to make a thread of your own. (which ended up getting closed lol)

I don't think I'm "big stuff" I don't go around bragging how tops I am every day. Apart from that one comment on owning people that you requested. I don't need to.

At the end of the day, none of this matters, stop taking it all super serial. Stop making such a dick of yourself and maybe we wouldn't have a problem. All this comes down to is your ego. We've spent hours discussing this shit, yet you still don't "get it"

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