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Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
An argument where your levels of butthurt are blowing off the scale. Relax son, save the arteries.
Fighting back = butthurt? Furry muff.

I'm not even nearly angry about this. I still like both Bully and Cat, but that won't stop me giving them both barrels in this Rants feud. It's been more entertaining than Apcoalypto's constant stream of word vomit. Cat has her reasons which don't really stand up, as anyone who has paid attention to my posting around the forum will and have already testified. Bully is a pompous coat tail rider who doesn't really have anything to whinge about.

I've always said I love scrapping it out in Rants. I've joked about before saying my jimmies are in a state of perpetual rustlement. I haven't stepped up my level of response, Sexy, I'm just playing the game.

Truth is, the original accusations aren't even nearly true so I have every right to respond. I've got that stamina too so this could go on for some time.

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