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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
That's just complete nonsense.

I didn't attack you or Cat, she went for me and told a load of lies in an attempt to reassure herself of her status. I stripped her OP down, broke it into tiny bits and all that was left was a load of jelly twaddle. I told you and RS to stop sucking each other off because you were posting cock-sucking posts to each other. It was a joke that you couldn't take.

You haven't served anyone. You're a status-obsessed muppet and you're only making it worse by scraping that barrel of bullshit.

So much butthurt and moronicness in this post/thread.

Who gives a fuck about getting yourself 'over' online. Fuck sake, it's just a place to post shit, discuss stuff and get on with life. Those who take it supermegamajorlyserious need their heads examined.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
You remind me of Cerbs. It's funny because I even commented on your first picture that you looked like Cerbs and your second picture was totally different. Spawned from the same shitheap.
Perhaps it's his red headed step brother?

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
Eh...I guess. This forum could really use Nitemare right about now thou.
He was banned before you arrived. #rejoiner

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
P.s. Here in Australia we don't bother with cup of tea, we drink beer. But unlike your fine self I don't carry on like a porkchop.
Speak for yourself - a brilliant cup of tea each morning does wonders. Mind you, knocking back beers in the arvo also does wonders.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
at an Aussie trying to educate an Irishman about beer. You guys can drink, but you're not educating the Irish about it.
Our beer is better, we can drink more, and we don't let it effect us to the point that our civilisation losing mass quantities of intelligence as a result.
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