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Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Time to leave that dark room, get some sun, and stop trying to "own" people on the internet, neckbeard.

I'm twice the man you could ever hope to be.
Winter beard actually, and it's coming on along nicely. As for being twice the man, you really haven't got a fucking clue so here we go again with your macho gibberish. You might have big muscles, Bully, but you pout like a teenage girl who's seen too many Nicki Minaj videos.

Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
Anarks heel turn is really spicing things up.

No heel turn. I am what I am and I always have been, always will.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
Shut the fuck up, I don't 'secretly' know anything about this shit other than you say it for months on end, and, when someone points out that you are so full of arrogance that it's dripping from your nose, you take a step back like a bitch and say it's 'just a joke'. You wear the title proudly because you have absolutely nothing else to hang on to, other than thinking people CAN'T RUN WITH YOU OH NOES.

Stop trying to turn the blame on Jupes. It's fine that he made a comment one day, but it isn't his fault that you took it and ran with it forever.

lol@people being stupid enough to defend the fact that you don't act the same outside of rants. I already explained why you don't. I don't act the same outside of rants, either. It's called keeping the bullshit where the bullshit belongs. I am not going to go to a wrestling thread and call someone a fucking phaggot and to come meet me in rants so I can bend their dick in half because of their opinion. I know I will get in shit for it. You have no reason whatsoever to carry on the same attitude outside of this section. It has nothing to do with the topics outside of this section.

I've made some pretty good threads outside of this section, yet I still get people whining UR A SHIT POSTER because of how I post in rants. I don't get a pass, so you definitely don't get a fucking pass.

You're high as fuck on yourself.

Just like Cerbs.

Two queers in a pod.
If I was so full of arrogance then I wouldn’t be able to contain it within Rants. It’s not even a full time ‘gimmick' in Rants, just an occasionally referred to in-joke. Make sense. I’ve blamed nothing on Jupes, just explained to DualShock why I mentioned that it originated with a better member than the like of you will ever be.

The people defending my behaviour outside of Rants are again far better posters than you or me, so school yourself, you nonsense-spouting knicker-twisted numpty.

High as fuck on myself, coming from the imbecile who thinks her shouty diatribes are actually worth reading.

You’re a skimmer at best. I skim through your angsty twaddle and it barely registers.

Two queers in a pod? If that's the best you got then wow. Seriously, just wow.

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post

Bully and I aren't a tag team. I am not entirely sure what happened between you two, and don't really care. It is just apparent you did something to make Bully dislike you.

I am still waiting to hear an explanation as to how posting quotes I found in your post history and responding directly to each post is 'telling lies'.

I’ve already explained it, so again we have more lies from you in an attempt to divert people’s attention away from the fact that YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on me. Like when you tell everybody you ‘owned’ kobra860 yet he incites walls of text from you with a simple sentence. You can’t stand it, it drives you fucking nuts to get beat in a debate.

In this way, you do differ from Bully, because whereas you just ignore explanations and carry on regardless of having nothing to carry on with, at least you’re consistent. Bully haas changed his story half a dozen times trying to impress the casuals.

I’ll be back around for a bit later tonight, so hopefully you will have come up with something better than Bully’s crap Paint skills allow. This is all jokes for me. You’re my entertainment, so entertain me some more.

Oh, and please do keep attacking my looks. I’ve never been one to complain if my opponents make it easy for me.

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