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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
To be fair to myself, I don't actually go around bragging about owning people. There's been some cunts and wankers who I took issue with and I've taunted them with arrogant statements, yes, but it's not something I go around doing as a rule.

As for this whole saviour thing, I'm getting tired of saying it, but it is so obviously a joke. I've admitted/revealed this many times since Jupes' thread. I've taken the piss out of it so many times myself, both Bully and Cat secretly know this, especially Bully. How anyone can take think I'm serious is beyond me.

It's naff and never was anything else, but to claim I'm serious and actually believe it, which is what this whole Rant comes down to, is just dense. I suppose I believe I'm actually Mad Max as well. I don't take this place seriously at all. This section is a fuckabout place and I like to fuck about.

Surely most people have realised this by now.

Shut the fuck up, I don't 'secretly' know anything about this shit other than you say it for months on end, and, when someone points out that you are so full of arrogance that it's dripping from your nose, you take a step back like a bitch and say it's 'just a joke'. You wear the title proudly because you have absolutely nothing else to hang on to, other than thinking people CAN'T RUN WITH YOU OH NOES.

Stop trying to turn the blame on Jupes. It's fine that he made a comment one day, but it isn't his fault that you took it and ran with it forever.

lol@people being stupid enough to defend the fact that you don't act the same outside of rants. I already explained why you don't. I don't act the same outside of rants, either. It's called keeping the bullshit where the bullshit belongs. I am not going to go to a wrestling thread and call someone a fucking phaggot and to come meet me in rants so I can bend their dick in half because of their opinion. I know I will get in shit for it. You have no reason whatsoever to carry on the same attitude outside of this section. It has nothing to do with the topics outside of this section.

I've made some pretty good threads outside of this section, yet I still get people whining UR A SHIT POSTER because of how I post in rants. I don't get a pass, so you definitely don't get a fucking pass.

You're high as fuck on yourself.

Just like Cerbs.

Two queers in a pod.

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