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Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
he stopped posting like that after this post. Ok. Not like I trademarked posting in bold italics.

When did people stop signing up to a wrestling board for reasons other than to discuss wrestling? That's what it feels like with all these new posters lately. They do such dumb shit trying to fit in and make themselves believe that they're relevant on a wrestling board. Who cares? What happened to just discussing common interests without all this shit like spending hours in front of a screen reading text and trying to embarrass other people. If someone needs putting in their place then it'll be done and everyone can quickly move on from it. Bragging about how many people you think you've "owned" counts for shit.
Not surprised. Maybe it's your admin status striking FEAR.

Pfft, I was thinking that too after I said the statement last night "well we all have to like wrestling. this is a wrestling forum". Then it dawned on me how many of these posters seem to NEVER discuss wrestling. I know Rants is here to rant on anything. As are the other forums to not discuss wrestling. I get that. But, who honestly goes online and searches for a forum that deals with wrestling and completely abstains from talking about it? I guess DualShock, but I liked to think the answer was purely hypothetical since the result of someone doing so is...well, dumb.

Anyways this rant has ran its course and then some. I got no preference here between the two arguing. Never really had much interaction with either Anark or BULLY. The argument is petty at the heart of it. And pretty juvenile to claim anyone has "owned" anyone on a wrestling forum. Lists included. Doesn't help that I thought BULLY was legit 14 years old when I first saw his posts. If I didn't see what he looks like, these posts would probably still make me think so.

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