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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by MTheBehemoth View Post
Never heard about it personally. I guess it was on Russo's Impact, which means it was short as hell.
Actually it was around the area of 10 minutes +.

You can try your luck on Dailymotion, JR. It might be on there, idk.

Yeah, Bully vs Aries ****1/2. Easy MOTY from TNA. Nothing else I've seen this year comes close.

Final Resolution 2009

1) TNA Tag Team Championship
British Invasion(c) (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus) vs Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) ~ **3/4

2) TNA Knockouts Championship
ODB(c) vs Tara ~ 1/4*

3) Feast or Fired Battle Royal
Samoa Joe vs Robert Roode vs James Storm vs Kevin Nash vs Eric Young vs Jay Lethal vs Consequences Creed vs Homicide vs Rob Terry vs Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Kiyoshi vs Cody Deaner ~ DUD

4) Elimination Tag
Team 3D, Rhino, & Jesse Neal vs Shawn Hernandez, Matt Morgan, D'Angelo Dinero, & Suicide ~ DUD

5) Last Man Standing
Scott Steiner vs Bobby Lashley ~ DUD

6) Foley's House of Fun
Mick Foley & Abyss vs Raven & Steven Richards ~ **

7) Three Degrees of Pain
Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolfe ~ ***

8) TNA World Championship
AJ Styles(c) vs Christopher Daniels ~ ***1/4

~ Opener had a REALLY hot crowd. Take note of that b/c you'll soon find out the baffling nature of that. Match was solid. Although it could have been better. Guns held the match together. It was virtually ALL them. Magnus was still really raw. He seemed out of place a few times. Williams, who is boss, didn't do much here either. Which was odd. Guns look awesome per usual. Fans died the moment British Invasion win.

~ Dull as fuck knockouts match. Nothing was good. Did enough to prevent it from being a DUD. It's close though. Crowd didn't care about it. And would go on to not care about anything else the rest of the PPV...

~ Feast or Fired is trash. It's always a random mess. Lol @ the talent that got jumbled into this match. Joe, Beer Money, Young riding the wave of his heel push? This match put a lot of focus on Bashir & Cody Deaner duking it out. So yeah. That combo makes anyone want to blow their fuckin head off.

~ Ugh. This elimination match is one example as to what I can dislike about TNA and wrestling in general. Just lazy & nonsensical. Another mess. Ref was so lost on what to call or count too many times that it left Taz & Tenay BAFFLED at the commentation station. Toss in the fact that it was 4 on 1 against Hernandez in the start for whatever reason. He gets his ass kicked and rolls up Rhino in a flash till his partners get there. No wonder Rhino left. This was easily one of the worst of the year for TNA in 2009. Can this show get any worse?

~ Yeah, this PPV got worse. Throw another DUD on the fire. God damn this is the worst streak of matches on a TNA PPV ever. I know some split the difference in quality, but damn this isn't even funny anymore. That dead crowd. These dead, poorly worked matches. Everything is on cruise control right now. Got nothing to say about this match other than Lashley learned how to sell a frankensteiner better.

~ Hardcore tag was fun. Figured it would be. Decent little brawl. Felt a little mild compared to stuff with the 4 on a normal basis. No complaints overall. Foley killing Richards owned.

~ Finally. A ray of sunshine. Good wrestling match. Main flaw was that it lacked heat. While I liked the submission fall the most, that's the part of the match where you go: this is pretty good stuff, but it falls flat overall due to there being no atmosphere. It's like these two were trading holds in a warehouse. I was indifferent about the cage not being able to come into play until the final fall. Really? I understand wanting to keep it hold for hold in the sense of how Turning Point was, but the feud was a bit intense enough to use the cage at least a bit during the other two falls. Imagine the cool psychology of Wolfe using the cage to pick apart Kurt's arm. Could have added something more. Wolfe carried the match again. I still prefer Turning Point overall.

~ MOTN. Good wrestling match. Once again, only problem was that it lacked heat. That really can suck the life out of matches. Even good ones like this and Angle/Wolfe. I like the spots Daniels used to ravage up Styles back. Although, even Taz was logical enough to point out one of the flaws when Daniels dropped Styles on the chair with the uranagi. "what ref you think the chair magically imploded?" haha. One little bit of whatever there doesn't matter. Daniels & Styles mesh well most of the time. It's been done to death, but they're good matches. This is no exception. Actually I was pro this match since it gave Daniels a main event for the World Championship. Too bad Hogan comes in a few weeks later and basically fires him on the spot. (months later, but really it was asap)

Blah PPV. last two matches weren't nearly enough to save it. We know who's to blame here. The workers who lazed it up and the crowd that went right along side them. You always hear about those "bad" Impact Zone crowds. Well this is the one that is used as the measuring stick. Crowd was so dead during Daniels entrance that you could hear his music 100% clearly. It made me learn that it had a brief bit of lyrics in the beginning. Why Tenay & Taz laid out during that point of the show is beyond me. They were the only people making noise.

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