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Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
Or maybe you're getting boring/stale as fuck, and everyone just sighs at your posts now, Ozzy Osbourne's skeleton.

Shit's still going down so sit back and watch, and learn something. Maybe one day you will actually post a reply without mentioning any private parts. Contain yourself from posting such, or you will get banned again.

...On second though, do it. Go back to your bookmarked gay porn site and post something here.
Look at you with proudly having BULLY's penis in your mouth. So everytime I harass your little ass spanking Comandeer you're going to come to his rescue like an low rank underling midget white knight? Of course you will. Rhetorical question. So Noyk, why didn't you commented on the facts I stated in my previous post? Like you sucking all the Jobbers thread for approval and still failing at it. You think I am going to let you get approval again, you fucking cum dumpster? I am going to bash it over everyone's head time and time again about your past. Just like I am doing to your fellow BULLY's penis afficionado Dualshock as well. It's a good thing that was mention in Rush thread. Because it needs to be heard.

And yes, it's only a matter of time before Dualshock gets noyk'd. Just like Annie is right now lolololol.

Oh and BULLY, you're not going after anything, you will stay put and watch me torment your little shit nuggets which you talked trash about in the chat rooms and watch as I eradicate your little anal orgy posse one by one. I want to think I am going to leave you for last. But seeing how soft you're getting, maybe it will be that homosexual RevolverSnake, or your little submissive gimp bitch geek RKO Peep, if RS doesn't have the balls to face me like he never does. wg

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