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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Team Clay vs. Team Tensai - **** MOTN
Kaitlyn vs. Eve - **
Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth - **
Sheamus vs. Big Show - ***
Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler - **1/2
Cm Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena **3/4

Spoiler for DEM SPOILERS:
Very meh'ish show, with the unannounced match stealing it, by far. I loved the finishing stretch with all the faces getting their shit in. Primo and Titus surprised me a lot in this match, I thought they were both great. Shame about the Tensai/Clay botch, but whatever. Very impressed with Sin Cara as well, who has mightily improved since teaming up with Rey. Coincidence? I think not. Rey is awesome, full stop. I hope he sticks around as an agent/trainer when he retires, could realy help the younger guys. Great match, tbh.

Eve winning doesn't surprise me, and I actually liked the transition spot with the apron, real cool touch. Maybe Kaitlyn seemed a little bit weak coming out of this, simply due to the fact that she lost cleanly. The Aksana beat down should have done much more damage to Kaitlyn to somewhat protect her, but I'm not too fussed. I presume they're building up towards an Eve/AJ match at Mania. Aj will bury Tamina and Eve will continue going over Kaitlyn and Layla probably, heading in to a big clash in AJ's home town at Mania. Or I could maybe see Kaitlyn winning at the Rumble for the title, AJ defeating Tamina for the #1 contendership and then Eve envoking her rematch clause. Would make sense given the history between AJ/Kaitlyn as well. The divas division actually looks decent now, tbh. Needs more NATTIE though.

Cesaro and Truth blowed pretty hard, tbh, but that may just be because I hate k-Kwik and I hate Cesaro's finisher. Cesaro tried his best, but it wasn't anything amazing. The right guy won in an obvious filler feud. I hope they build someone up amazingly to challenge Cesaro at Wrestlemania. I was hoping for Swagger but I doubt it now. Nevermind.

Show/Sheamus was decent and it may go up slightly on a rewatch, but I was comparing it too much to their epic match at HIAC and I think that that's why it's so low. I understand the ending, it leaves a lot of room for their rubber match at TLC, probably, which with the right stipulation (NOT A LADDER MATCH) could be amazing.

Team Ziggles vs. Foley was fun, but wasn't high star worthy. The Miz and Ziggler proved that they belong in the main event scene, and everyone else played their part decently. Would have preferred Otunga to stay out, but they could have picked a worse replacement for Rhodes I guess. Nothing amazing, but was fun.

The main event was mediocre, but I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking heading in to the match anyway. I'm actually not that bothered about the ending at all. If it's Nexus v3. then I really can't be arsed for it and they picked two of the least suitable people for it, in Rollins and Ambrose. But whatever. The match it's self wasn't great and I wouldn't call it essential viewing, but whatever.

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